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Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Senator Ted Cruz just voted against himself!

His 21 hours of performing a fake filibuster, reading Green Eggs and Ham, and vowing to fight Obamacare to the bitter end was nothing more than a Tedfoolery grandstanding ego maniacal show for one purpose only: 

To get people to look at him.  

Well we looked, and we laughed.  

Ted, you crazy bastid! What was all that promising to go until you dropped about? 

You dropped, all right!

Nothing quite embodies Tea Party Principles like a Cuban, Canadian born Anchor baby Ivy League educated elitist Lawyer who talks a big game and delivers NOTHING! 

Ted Cruz just voted against himself 

Senate votes 100-0 to avoid a partial govt shutdown There’s nothing more fun than watching a politician smack himself upside the head. 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TalksAlot) spent more than 21 straight hours raging against any government funding for Obamacare, and included a reading of Green Eggs and Ham, Duck Dynasty and Atlas Shrugged. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas joined the other 99 senators from both parties in voting Wednesday to move ahead on a spending plan to fund the government. 

Meaning, his ego-feeding speech was just an ego-feeding speech. partial government shutdown next week can be amended by Senate Democrats to restore funding for President Obama’s signature health care law, which had been eliminated last week by House Republicans. 

So the 42 times Republicans, and I’m including Cruz’s non-filibuster, to eradicate Obamacare, have simply been an immense waste of time and money. The AP reports, “The shutdown issue is a particularly haunting one for Republicans, some of whom were in Congress two decades ago when the GOP suffered politically as the result of a pair of government closures in the winter of 1995-1996.” 

To reiterate what’s happened since Cruz took to the Senate floor for his 21 hour fakeibuster, he said he would speak in opposition to Obamacare until he could not stand. 

An hour later, he took a break. His grandstanding efforts were simply a means to rail against President Obama, and in the end, he voted against himself.


Rational Nation USA said...

Ted the Crapman Cruz preparing himself for the future? 2016 perhaps? Louie the Stooge Gohmert his running mate maybe?

Whatever happened to the two party system when the parties had not only differences but both had substance as well?

All I will say is Oy Vey.

Anonymous said...

Americans have been swallowing this crap from Republicans for decades, and Cruz isn't the worst of them. Truly a case of, everything he says is a lie. Right down to the Hitler reference and the Ayn Rand delusion.
He has good company. The last filibusterer was Strom Thurmond. He spoke for a little over 24 hours against the Civil Rights Act. That bill passed, but the KKK guy stayed in office for 50 years. Newt was just as nutty and he was Speaker of the House. Jessee Helms topped them all.

Anonymous said...

" the end, he voted against himself."

A man of no principles! If he had any, he would not have voted against himself. What he is is a showman promoting himself and nothing more.

No principles; no courage.

Anonymous said...

Much Madness is divinest Sense --
To a discerning Eye --
Much Sense -- the starkest Madness --
’Tis the Majority
In this, as all, prevail --
Assent - and you are sane --
Demur - you’re straightway dangerous --
And handled with a Chain ––

Emily Dickinson

The fate of nations depends not on what is right, good and true, but on who the "majority" happens to be.

Is Truth merely like Beauty -- something that exists only in the mind of the beholder?

The Secret Sharer

Shaw Kenawe said...

"The fate of nations depends not on what is right, good and true, but on who the "majority" happens to be."

Who decides what is "right, good, and true?"

And why can't the GOP ever, ever accept the consequences of elections--especially when a Democrat wins them?

They've been throwing tantrums every since Mr. Obama won the presidency in 2008.

Does Anon@8:27 not believe in our system? The American people voted TWICE for Mr. Obama and HIS POLICIES--not the GOP and theirs.

When will the cons understand this? There was a referendum on universal health care--TWICE. Mr. Obama told this country what he envisioned for health care in the run-up to the 2008 election; the American people voted for him. Mr.Obama signed into law the ACA in his first term, the SCOTUS ruled it constitutional. Mr. Romeny PROMISED TO OVERTURN the ACA as soon as he was elected president.

The American people nevertheless voted to keep Mr. Obama in office and as our leader.

Why can't the GOP and its pols understand this simple fact:

They lost the fight on the ACA. It is law.

The GOP needs to grow up and accept this and to stop blackmailing this country because it can't get its way.

The "right, good, and true" people of this country have told the GOP not once, BUT TWICE, that Mr. Obama is the leader they want at this time.

LOL Anonymous said...

Poor Ted Cruz...his little self-serving display made him look like a first class doofus...with green eggs all over his

BB-Idaho said...

Voted against himself?
Well, he got one vote right.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Yes he did!

Re: the deleted comment from Anon:

Something very stinky was in here.

Sorry about that.

It's gone now.

Thank you for your patience.

okjimm said...

if Ted really wants to save the country from financial ruin....why does he not rail against the defense dept. Currently we are on line to buiold 10 NEW AIRCRAFT CARRIERS....the rest of the WORLD does not collectively have ten....we have not launched one yet....and the cost overruns are tremendous. And we have not even launched ONE yet. Cost is for ships them with aircraft, sailors....and then roughly calculate operating cost per day....and multiply that by years of service... sheesh.......if you want to fund health care.....drop a little of our DEATH CARE from the budget and we are home free. Sorry if this is a bit of topic...and other apologies if there are mus-sppellings. I am going blind and living on vapors....while assholes like Ted read children's books

Anonymous said...

Something worth passing along found at geeeeeZ. It was written by Impertinent.

When discussing the hope of defunding Obamacare very time someone asserts "Its the LAW OF THE LAND," remind them of these examples:

Once slavery was THE LAW OF THE LAND

Once women were not allowed to vote because IT WAS THE LAW OF THE LAND

Once being a Japanese American would get you put into an internment camp because IT WAS THE LAW OF THE LAND

Once owning gold coins was illegial because IT WAS THE LAW OF THE LAND

Once segregation by race was legal because IT WAS THE LAW OF THE LAND

Once the govt made it illegal to own, serve or enjoy alcohol because IT WAS THE LAW OF THE LAND.

Once it was illegal for a woman to have an abortion, because IT WAS THE LAW OF THE LAND.

Obamacare was forced through congress under cover of darkness by a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives who gave Republicans no chance to help craft the bill, or sufficient time to study it, so they might have a chance to offer intelligent amendments before it was rammed through the House almost by brute force.

The bill passed the House along strictly partisan lines. It received not a single Republican vote.

Nancy Pelosi lost her speakership in the next congressional election, and the Democrats were routed, and lost their majority, largely because of the emergence of an astonishing, spontaneous grass roots movement calling itself The Tea Party who responded eloquently the the American Public's collective outrage at have been bullied and bludgeoned by a bunch of willful, renegade elected representatives who arrogantly and steadfastly REFUSED to REPRESENT their CONSTITUENTS.

Is it any wonder Democrats have used every trick in the Marxian-Alinskyan playbooks to discredit, defame, denigrate, and if possible destroy that remarkable, uniquely American movement with a savage, unprincipled campaign of relentless lies, and libellous, slanderous assertions that have no basis in fact?

The position of the blog owner here seems to be that no one should ever dare to oppose a party who has won an election, and that it is despicable of a small group among an otherwise cowed and beaten Republican Party even to try to defeat initiatives of which they strongly disapprove on principled grounds.

THAT is absolutely un-American. Our system was deliberately designed to be adversarial, argumentative, confrontational, an unendingly disputatious. The idea behind that was that it should NOT be easy for any one faction -- or powerful, charismatic individual -- to grab and hold too dominant a share of political power for a protracted period of time.

We do not elect kings and aristocrats to rule over us by whim or caprice. Without a viable, healthy system of checks and balances we would quickly lapse into tyranny.

The Secret Sharer

Anonymous said...

In addition the blog owner asserts that Republican opposition to Democratic presidents is shameful, excessive, and illegitimate.

How conveniently she forgets the brutal treatment accorded Richard Nixon after he was elected for the second time by huge landslide. The people spoke, but the Democrats did NOT want to listen, and this began the most scurrilous campaign to unseat a popularly elected sitting president n the history of our republic.

I was there. I witnessed it all from beginning to end, and ever since the unholy victory of that vicious journalistic coup d'etat, ALL presidents ever since have been forced to play the role of National Dartboard.

The treatment given to Ronald Reagan by the Democrats was fierce. The same thing happened to the first President Bush. Republicans finally decided to get in the game to try to get back a little of their own, and went after The Boy Wonder, Bill Clinton, tooth and nail, but being rank amateurs at a game developed and perfected by their opponents long ago, their efforts backfired. The incessant assault on George W. Bush was feral, unprincipled, frankly indecent and bordered on treason, because we were at war. The intense effort to blame George W. Bush for the devastating effects of Katrina -- a WEATHER event -- was beyond the pale.

So, please let's not pretend that Democrats have always been saintly while Republicans have been consistently demonic, because I'm here to tell you it just ain't so.

The Secret Sharer

Duckys here said...

@RN USA -- Whatever happened to the two party system when the parties had not only differences but both had substance as well?

Well, if we look at the trashing of Larry Summers, Syria, the health care exchange roll outs and maybe Iran it seems that Obama is listening to a growing progressive voice in the party.

Meanwhile Cruz (R - Galt's Gulch) and Gohmert (R - Clown school) are driving the Republican team bus off the cliff. It's a tough time for reasoned conservatives.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Once slavery was THE LAW OF THE LAND"


Slavery and the ability to purchase reasonably priced health care are hardly the same thing. One was a brutal and inhumane treatment of people who were brought to this country against their will and who suffered, up until very recently, the results of that brutality.

The other is something that actually improves the lives of people.

The other points are just silly.

Every civilized nation on this planet offers some sort of universal health care.

Why don't you explain why this "civilized" country should not.

"In addition the blog owner asserts that Republican opposition to Democratic presidents is shameful, excessive, and illegitimate."

I never wrote that. And I don't pretend anything about the Republican presidents. This is a straw man argument and not worth answering.

Anonymous said...

Dismissal is not a proper substitute for reasoned argument, Madam, but I commend you for letting my remarks stand since they oppose your sentiments with considerable vigor.

The Secret Sharer

Two Faces said...

"Whatever happened to the two party system when the parties had not only differences but both had substance as well?"

Good question, but aren't you the one who thinks both parties should die a quick death, and be replaced by Ayn Rand thinking? Cruz is touting Rand and mentioned her in his oratory.

George Whyte said...

Frankly, I for one am sick and tired of those A-Holes at AOW's and GeeeeeZ's blogs calling YOU names!

The ugly faces of the screeching conservatives are at it again!

No wonder they're always sitting on the toilet.

Constipation of thought!

Rational Nation USA said...

Yes it is a good question. And neither truly party represents a consistent and reasoned approach to government. Nor does Cruz represent Rand accurately nor a real capitalism. But then who does anymore?

Rational Nation USA said...

Yeah George, life sure is a bitch isn't it. When you take it too seriously.

George Whyte said...

Shaw, be aware that someone @the conservative blogs is using my ID and avatar. I don't comment at those blogs, so why someone does this is crazy. If you link to my name you will see I started blogging in Aug. 2013 and it says so. The fake George Whyte link has blocked info to his profile.

If it happens here, check the name first.


Furry Cheeeez said...

Ted Cruz, The sugar in the gop's Dodge Dart's gas tank.