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Friday, February 28, 2014



Conservatives, Progressives, and other bloggers:

There's a new fake commenter trolling conservative blogs and "she" calls herself "Frieda Van Wiener."

"Frieda" has taken an image of Karin Dorrepaal from the internet and used it as "her" avatar attached to "her" name:

This faker, Freida Van Weiner" has also commented on conservative blogs under the name "Just Joanna," "Right Klik," and "Hildegard Hammerasshat"(or something like that).  

The guy pretending to be "Freida Van Weiner" is a troll and probably a person who's been doing this for years: Stealing photos from the internet for his profile pictures and using a fake name.

Here's what the troll left on a conservative's blog:

Frieda Van Wiener said...

All the person has to do is claim "a sincerely held religious belief", and as the law is written it doesn't even need to be dogma within a major religion - it is the individuals belief. From the law ""Exercise of religion" means the practice or observance of religion, including the ability to act or refusal to act in a manner substantially motivated by a religious belief, whether or not the exercise is compulsory or central to a larger system of religious belief." And Service can be refused to races, religions, interracial couples, service can be refused basically to anyone.
And here is where the stupid troll copied and pasted that from:

It's interesting that today on a conservative blog, the discussion is about trolls.  And today we have another newly hatched little reptile of a troll making a fake debut.

Welcome to blogging troll "Freida!"  Now everyone knows you're a fraud!


NEWS FLASH!  Freida the Weiner made a long, boring explanation for "her" trollology on "her"  blog, talking about her exquisite sense of humor and how progressives don't get it, blah, blah, blah.  "She" then changed "her" avatar to this:

Hmmmmmm.  Why didn't Freida's highly developed sense of humor and all-around knee-slapping hilarity tell "her" to use the "wiener joke" image in the first place instead of using Karin Dorrepaal's photo?  I'll make a stab at the answer.  It's because "Freida" is a fraud and got caught at "her" deception.  And if anyone believes "her real name" is "Joanna," I've got a bridge in New Jersey I'd like to sell you.

PS.  The faker never addressed why "she" copies and pastes other people's comments from U.S. Message Board as "her" own.  

Let's review:  "Frieda" stole a woman's image from the internet; "Frieda" stole someone's comments from the internet.  

That's the fake "Frieda the Wiener!"

Hot Dog! 


okjimm said...

my take? I have no time for junk ficktion. truly.

I can no longer read books...myu friends gave me a lap top with an adjusted black background and enhanced white lettering.

I still can only read so longe, inches from a screen, before the headaches begin. I have no time for trolls and flagrant bullshit.

by mid April, with good luck, things may change for the better and even then...I have a whole library of stuff to catch up on.

Screw the fakes...they are neither entertaining nor factual.

nor friendly.

so.. in closing, Why did the Chicken cross the road?

Robert Frost relates: To reach the sidewalk less travelled by.

BB-Idaho said...

The Salon article on the psychology of trolls looked familiar: I had linked it a week or so back on some blog (which I
cannot recall) [senior moment]

Anonymous said...

Freida Van Weiner has a long, long explanation up on "her" blog. If you have to explain, you've lost.

Freida is a guy. Don't believe any of "her" lies.

Rational Nation USA said...

Did Frieda the Weiner change it's avatar.

Rational Nation USA said...

Frieda forgot the mustard.

Wiener Van Schnitzel said...

There is so much arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity in the minds of today’s conservatives that I simply cannot comprehend the extent of it. . It seems to me that where reason once prevailed in the days of the former Repubican party of Eisenhower and Eisenhower, insanity now reigns. I personally don’t care why, but this is proof that you really can’t fix stupid. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Nothing can be so amusingly arrogant as a Hot Dog that just doesn't have a sense of humor. It seems to me that the TeaPublicans are at war with America.

Shaw Kenawe said...

okjimm, you have a way of cutting through all the b.s. and getting to the truth. Who knew that the chicken wanted the Road Less Traveled?

BB-Idaho, I've had to go to comment moderation because of trolls (all conservative, btw) who have left pornographic links and comments. I tried getting off of comment moderation a couple of times, but the pig-mouths always return. They are mentally disturbed creatures whose mission in life is to harass liberal bloggers then blame us for not having a blog that allows a "free flow of ideas."

Anonymous@8:15 2/28

Frieda the Wiener is a "woman" just like RuPaul is a woman.

RN, yes. Frieda the Wiener changed his avatar after being exposed as a jerk, then he protested his innocence as just trying to be humorous--if he had used a "wiener" as his avatar in the first place, he would have had some credibility. Plus he never explained why he plagiarizes other people's comments without attribution. He's a pompous fool posing as a "she."

Wiener Van Schnitzel?

Now THAT'S funny. Thank you, and thank you for the email.

Anonymous said...

They're gullible and willing to believe anything that matches their Fox-fed ideas, like climate change is a hoax. That's why so many of them are fooled into thinking those fakes are real bloggers.

The Absolute Harpist said...

I would never even DREAM of making fun of troglodyte conservatives!

Rational Nation USA said...

I just LOVE the comments like the ones from Anonomous and The Absolute Harpist. They're just SO stereotypical, childish. Yet they do provide insight into the minds of the progressive ideologues.

Dervish Sanders said...

RN: I just LOVE the comments like the ones from Anonymous and The Absolute Harpist.

I love them too, but for different reasons. I followed the link provided by the "Absolute Harpist" and LIKED and FOLLOWED his Facebook page.

Anyway, I didn't think anyone ever impersonated me, until I found this thread on the "Geeeeez" blog. Although, when I found it all the comments from the person impersonating me had been deleted (here, here and here).

Back when I first found the impersonation clicking on "Dervish Sanders" brought up the profile page for "Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus"... but now the profile page says "Shaw Kenawe".

Blogger ID No: 11272539624912197484.

Shaw Kenawe said...

You're right, Dervish. The asshat who impersonated you has been a faker all over conservative blogs, (and has impersonated me), also they, the conservative bloggers, haven't a clue they've been had. What does that say about them?

They'll believe any shithead who conforms to their prejudices.

They've all been had by their own idiots!

Dervish Sanders said...

Very few people are aware (or suspect), but I actually have my own parody blog. Although, it should be noted that I'm not impersonating anyone. The parody is of a generic Conservative. I don't know if it rises to the level of parody which is "very funny when handled by someone with a sharp wit and intelligence"... maybe some here would be interested in checking it out and letting me know? Although I might end up regretting posting this link as all I may get are insults.