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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

To Quarantine or Not to Quarantine

Health officials say no.

Politicians say yes, then get schooled and say no.

via daily kos:

New York Times:

Chris Christie of New Jersey and Andrew Cuomo of New York — fed panic by imposing a new policy of mandatory quarantines for all health care workers returning from the Ebola-stricken countries of West Africa through John F. Kennedy and Newark Liberty international airports. There is absolutely no public health justification for mandatory quarantines. [...]

 Lost in this grandstanding was one essential point. The danger to the public in New York in the case of Dr. Craig Spencer, who had worked in Guinea for Doctors Without Borders, was close to nonexistent. Health experts are virtually unanimous in declaring that people infected with the virus do not become contagious until after they develop a fever or other symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, or severe headaches, at which time they need to be hospitalized and taken out of circulation.

The Washington Post:

The right answer is to protect the public without overreacting. Mistakes made in the Dallas hospital ought to be a warning and a lesson, and it seems to us that they are being taken as such. The decisions adopted by Maryland and Virginia on Monday — to screen and monitor those returning from the Ebola-stricken region of West Africa, and to ask some to stay home or away from public places — are prudent and reasonable. The experts have repeatedly explained that Ebola does not spread like the flu; transmission requires the transfer of bodily fluids. That’s the science. But emotions count, too.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer: 

The quarantines, while understandable, are likely to spread even more misinformation about the disease, which cannot be transmitted by anyone without symptoms. In New Jersey, the isolation was primitive and absurd -- a tent outside of a New Jersey hospital -- and the nurse who was quarantined, Kaci Hickox, who helped treat Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, rightly complained she had no symptoms. She has been released so that she can be monitored in Maine, her destination, which is the right response. [...] 

More here:

Cuomo and Christie Catch Ebola Flak

Political hacks who spread misinformation say: 

The left failed to contain the AIDS epidemic.

Political hacks and liars say:

The left is failing to contain the Ebola epidemic.

From Forbes:

The Ebola Number You Haven't Heard: 80% Of U.S. Ebola Patients Have Survived

No American who has contracted ebola in the U.S. has died.

But political hacks and liars say:

They are incapable AND incompetent when it comes to public health and safety.

For gross stupidity and idiotic hackery, this comment from a nincompoop takes the medal of dishonor:

"Wanna know why the Democrats don't care about the ebola epidemic? It mostly kills women!" 

Political hacks and liars turn a public health issue into a political one and stupidly place blame on a political faction.  Those are the tactics of incendiary agitators and political operatives.  They're meant to instill distrust, panic, and fear in the general population and keep people cowering under their beds.  

Suggestion:  Look at the facts, not their lies.   


Rational Nation USA said...

If only Americans had the will to stop the tit for tat politicizing every damn issue that comes our way. Even when it isn't politics at all in its essence. But we don't because it really is only about winning votes and vilification of your opponent works.

Having a truly honest discussion has become almost impossible. Some blogs even turn preparing Octopus, a delectable dish, into a political discussion. Freely dropping racial tidbits in all the fun.

BB-Idaho said...

NRA stooge Chaffetz demands the Surgeon General be put in charge. Oddly,
he is part of the opposition denying confirmation of a Surgeon General. Can we expect less from the Party of smoke & mirrors?

Jerry Critter said...

"Suggestion: Look at the facts, not their lies. "

Yes, facts. You know, those things that get in the way of political agendas.

Anonymous said...

"Some blogs even turn preparing Octopus, a delectable dish, into a political discussion. Freely dropping racial tidbits in all the fun."

...some pea-brains have nothing important to say...and behave like school octopus is smarter than the average blogger, and a fekken genius compared to the average bloggers who need to do stuff like that...oh well...whatever boils their water...harmless average idiots...

I'm Skippy's Mom said...

The idea is to blow this non-epidemic in the U.S. into a fake panic so that gullible voters will believe the fake information and with any bad luck we'll will get the same wackos to vote for more tea crazy party people.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Do these people ever suggest that people with flu be quarantined? Because we're more likely to catch that than catch ebola, and old people and very young children die of it every year.

Ducky's here said...

What is indicative of the fact that our fringe right brethren care less about the containment and treatment of Ebola is their attempt to link this with a meme that holds the left responsible for the AIDS spread in spite of the fact that they sat on their hands because it was only infecting gays and Africans.

The latest homage to Christy and Cuomo (both disgusting political opportunists) for treating a volunteer nurse like crap just seems beyond the pale. Rather than commenting positively on her sacrifice they kick her, nice.

The there's this tweet from Ted Cruz' chief of staff:
Before Obanmacare there had never been a confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S.

Not only are these people pathological but they aren't very bright either. The tribe that rubs poo in its hair.

I'm not a real big Obama supporter but I can certainly give him props for keeping his head when these freaking crazies are dominating the news cycle.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Notwithstanding the recipes posted by The Cringe Fringe, little do they do know that this cephalopod is inedible and indestructible. Why indestructible, you ask? Because this cephalopod is tough, toxic, and Platonic. Conceptual beyond mortal flesh, I am the closet thing to Cthulhu … and their worst nightmare. I hope this gives them a tummy ache.

dmarks said...

BB: Not familiar with Crooks and Liars. I see it is loaded with Newsmax links? Are they the same business?

Ducky's here said...

And now a message from the adult table:

WASHINGTON -- The United States shouldn't do anything to discourage health care workers from traveling to Ebola-stricken countries, President Barack Obama said Tuesday in remarks that contrasted sharply with the actions of governors who have sought to quarantine doctors and nurses returning from West Africa.

"We don't want to discourage our health care workers from going to the front lines and dealing with this in an effective way," Obama said. "We have to make sure that we continue to provide the support of health workers who are going overseas to deal with the disease where it really has been raging."

Obama also said he would meet Wednesday with health care workers en route to and returning from West Africa "not only to say thank you to them and give them encouragement, but to make sure we're getting input from them, based on the science, based on the facts, based experience, about how the battle to deal with Ebola is going and how our policies can support the incredible heroism that they are showing."

Dervish Sanders said...

Crooks and Liars is one of those "hyper-partisan opinion sites" that "doesn't work" as a source. Guess that means Jason Chaffetz didn't say the Surgeon General should be leading the Ebola response... despite the video.

okjimm said...

//cephalopod is tough, toxic, and Platonic. //


Anonymous said...

J.M.S. said...

F.T.'s blog has become an adolescent circle jerk. How low has he fallen. A man who believes he's above the ignorant riff-raff is now down in the gutter with them. Heh.

Rational Nation USA said...

I think "FreeThinke" is bi-polar and he has went off his meds. Poor soul. Rumor has it he broke all his mirrors too.

Srta. Pregunta said...

Is there somewhere we can quarantine conservative bloggers who support pornographers and men who enjoy humiliating women? I know where they are and it'd be great to quarantine them and keep them from infecting the rest of us.