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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Virulent Left Wing Progressivism


A visitor to  a blog claimed that the once-sensible state of New Hampshire has been ruined by "Massholes" who've moved to NH and voted for more government and higher taxes.  These "Massholes," according to the writer, have "infested and infected" New Hampshire with their "virulent leftwing progressivism." 

Let's examine that claim to see how much truth there is to it, shall we?  And in doing so we can discover through evidence if New Hampshire has been "ruined" by former Massachusetts residents.

Massachusetts has an enviable record as one of the best states for quality of life markers in the United States when compared with conservative red states, whose records in quality of life are deplorable.  

"You get what you pay for." 

That saying applies to when you want to buy anything. You want to buy something on the cheap, you get cheap, shabby and, in the long run, worthless goods. Nice things cost money.  Cheap things don't.  The people who denigrate states like Massachusetts sneer, snark, stamp their little hooves, and say "Masshole!" as though that changes the reality that Massachusetts AND New Hampshire are excellent states in which to raise families, work, and spend leisure time. The facts will show that New Hampshire, where a great many Massachusetts residents have relocated, is also among the best states to live for many quality of life reasons, as is all of blue New England.

It's Mass. envy, and then some.  

The facts will show that liberal states, by and large, deliver better quality of life markers than do the conservative states.  This causes some folks cognitive dissonance, so they throw poop around, hoping that most of their readers will believe burying facts under crap will make the crap true.  Oh, it's true, alright, it's true horseshit.

We can start by looking at which states do the best in science education.  There is only ONE U.S. state that gets "best in the country," and guess which state that is? IT'S MASSHOLE!  The worst states?  They're what we traditionally see as conservative red states.  Is science education important to the survival of a country. What do you think?

States Ranked Best to Worst on Science Education

 Massachusetts leads the way in science and math education

"If Massachusetts were a nation, its eighth graders would rank sixth worldwide in mathematics and second in science, behind only Singapore."

Virulent Leftwing Progressivism at work.

Massachusetts's population is the best educated in America.

In Massachusetts, 39.1% of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree, more than 10 percentage points above the national rate of 28.5%. Additionally, 16.8% of adults have a graduate or professional degree, again the highest percentage in the nation. Although the median annual earnings of $53,765 for those with a bachelor’s degree is very high, adults with either a graduate or a professional degree earn far more. Their median earnings exceed $70,000. Academic success is not limited to adults, as nearly 97% of individuals between the ages of 16 and 19 are either enrolled in high school or have graduated — one of the country’s highest rates.

Most educated states.   Look at the chart and see which states are the best and worst.  Hint:  the worst are the states that consistently vote for conservative governments.  Is education important to the survival of a country?  

Massachusetts, the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, also has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country.  How's that for LIBERAL family values?  And the states with the highest divorce rates?  Take a look:

Massachusetts Has The Lowest Divorce Rate In The Nation

So "Masshole" has the best scores in the U.S. for math and science and it has the lowest divorce rate. Are you counting? That's THE BEST in important educational subjects AND family values! 

 But wait, there's more!

Massachusetts and New Hampshire, two lowest states in teen birth rates.  Highest states?  Guess. 

So the "Massholes" who relocated to New Hampshire brought their excellent family values along with them, bringing ruination to the Granite State! 

The 10 States with the Best Quality of Life 

BTW, Massachusettes is No. 7 on the list and No. 1?  New Hampshire!  All those "Massholes" who moved to New Hampshire? Look at what they've done to the state! Ruined it to the point where it's considered THE BEST QUALITY OF LIFE STATE IN AMERICA.

But wait!   There's even more!

Here's another list of best quality of life states in U.S., and Massachusetts is in the top ten with New Hampshire coming in at NUMBER ONE again!

More "Masshole" influence in New Hampshire!

Forbes Magazine lists Massachusetts in the top 20 states for business

Being a good state for business is so "Virulent Left Wing Progessivism!" Innit?


According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Massachusetts has the nation’s highest level of first-trimester prenatal care, and the third-lowest infant mortality rate (Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Missouri are about 50 percent higher). It also has the second-highest rate of child access to both medical and dental care, the nation’s lowest child mortality rate, and the lowest teen death rate.


It goes without saying that Massachusetts has the lowest percentage of uninsured residents—5 percent, compared to 16 percent nationally, and a whopping 25 percent in Texas. On life expectancy, Massachusetts ties for sixth-highest, about five years longer than the worst-performing states. In another political universe far, far away, you might describe a place like this as pro-life. A few other metrics of social well-being: The Bay State has the second-lowest teen birth rate, the fourth-lowest suicide rate, and the lowest traffic fatality rate. The birthplace of Dunkin’ Donuts has the sixth-lowest obesity rate.

Best Value in U.S. Health Insurance Is in Massachusetts

"A new report from U.S. News and World Report takes a crack at answering this thorny question by closely evaluating near 6,000 health insurance plans across the U.S. that sell "non-group" coverage to individuals and families. ... Bless USNWR, they also evaluated the value of plans state by state. We already know that Massachusetts has among the highest health insurance premiums in the nation. Surprise, surprise, though, U.S. News and World Reports concludes that Massachusetts health insurance plans "consistently offered broad coverage and protection against a potential flood of medical bills..."

(Did I mention the excellent championship sports teams this "Virulent Left Wing Progressivism" state has spawned?)

Oh wait!  Have a glass of our excellent water.

The most corrupt states?  Masshole isn't there.  But eight out of the ten most corrupt states are conservative.

Massachusetts makes the top 20 of America's happiest states, ahead of traditional southern conservative states.  Where does your state rank?

2014’s Safest States to Live In

"By safety, we’re not referring exclusively to protection from violence and crime. The term encompasses various categories, among them workplace safety, natural disasters, home and community stability, traffic safety and, of course, financial security. Choosing a new place to call home can be challenging. But knowing which states offer the safest environments and the biggest bang for the buck will be useful."

Massachusetts comes in at #1 and New Hampshire #2 for safest states to live in.  

Here's another study that confirms why Massachusetts is among the safest states to live in:


Study shows Massachusetts has third-lowest gun death rate in US

Massachusetts Ranked 5th Overall Best State in Nation

"New Hampshire comes out on top, followed by Vermont in 3rd, Massachusetts in 5th, and Connecticut rounding out the top in 10th. Maine follows at 14th while Rhode Island is stuck in 29th place. 

 Another separate report released last week by the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge showed something of a similar comparative picture in one key indicator: economic mobility. 

 A joint project of economists from Harvard University and University of California, Berkley, that working paper demonstrates states in the south have the worst social mobility in the nation. To determine relative odds for mobility, researchers measured how individuals' incomes stacked up against both their parents and peers. 

 The Great Plains region had the highest opportunity for advancement, followed by the West Coast and Northeast. Boston had the fourth highest opportunity for mobility, among the 50 largest metropolitan areas, while the bottom 10 cities were all located in either the Southeast or Rust Belt."

And Massachusetts doesn't even make the top 10 highest taxed states in the U.S.

I could go on and on about very liberal Massachusetts and all the excellent qualities of life that this liberal state has achieved to date, but I think you get the idea.   

People who write anti-Massachusetts statements obviously don't know what the hell they're talking about.  How could they if they believe that all the areas Massachusetts excels in are RUINING not just Massachusetts, but New Hampshire as well. People, obviously, blinded by an ideology that will never acknowledge how very well liberal states do--even LEAD THE NATION--in areas that are vitally important to the well being not only of states but of America.  

The people who call Massachusetts "Masshole" obviously do it out of ignorance or envy.  Massachusetts, a "virulent" left wing progressive state, has delivered to it citizens many indicators that make life worthwhile and enjoyable. America would be in far better shape if it followed the lead of Massachusetts.

After reviewing the facts, one would have to come to the conclusion that a person would have to be a real ***hole to call Massachusetts a "Masshole." And, as all the information shows, any American would be fortunate to live in a "Virulent Left Wing Progressive" state.




Infidel753 said...

Yeah, but Massachusetts has gay marriage! You can't claim you have a high quality of life if you interfere with my God-given right to stop gays from doing things that have no effect on me! And all that "education" is just indoctrination to get kids believing in evolution and math and stuff instead of in God.

[Teabagger mode off]

Interesting stuff. The education list is telling. The only traditionally "red" state in the top ten is Virginia, and that's probably due to the same spillover from DC that's turning the state politically purple.

I suspect education is ultimately at the root of the other differences. Since modern conservatism basically consists of creating a blizzard of cultural alarm signals to bamboozle working-class people into voting against their own economic interests, it figures that the least-educated regions (with people least adept at analyzing information to detect fallacies) would be the most susceptible to it, and vote accordingly.

Rational Nation USA said...

Reads like a sales pitch designed to convince an employee to take that promotion and relocate her/his family to New England.

Be careful Shaw, you might just bring a run of conservatives to Massachusetts, New Hamshire, or Vermont. ;-)

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, I think the trashing of Massachusetts as "Masshole" is a way of some conservatives to ignore uncomfortable facts for them. They've made a living out of trashing liberals and liberal policies, and the successes we have here in Massachusetts are too much for them to internalize--these successes are evidence that turn their assumptions about liberalism on their heads. So they NEED to believe that when Massachusetts exports its liberal policies to other states, those states are "infected" and "ruined," when in fact, those state do very, very well.

They can't handle the truth!

billy pilgrim said...

and let's not forget that progressivism has attracted excellent athletes to the pats, sox and broonz. they've all recently won championships.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, I've lived in other states, but I returned to Massachusetts. I'm well aware of the fact that this is not a perfect place, because anywhere humans are, imperfection abounds.

The purpose of my post is to set the record straight and to show the people who denigrate Massachusetts that they don't know what the hell they're talking about. They're ignorant of the facts, and the facts are that, all things considered, Massachusetts is most certainly NOT "Masshole."

Jealousy makes people act like dummies.

Anonymous said...

Well there's your fantasy=based TeaPublican Party for you. Don't like facts and evidence? Make up your own. They've been doing that for years, and the under-educated population has been voting for their fantasies, as shaw demonstrated in the TeaParty strong holds, while the rest of the country, most notably the Northeast use fact-based information. See where that gets a state? Compare and contrast. Good info, shaw.

Ducky's here said...

Was that the thread where I said I had contributed to Jeanne Shaheen's campaign?
Man, I didn't really expect that would turn into hitting the hornet's nest with a stick.

But I think you go at it all wrong, Shaw.
Bring up education and you just get an earful of "elites".
Bring up teen pregnancy and they'll say it's because teens are getting an abortion every year.

You can't make progress.

Exactly why Massachusetts is ground zero for their dislike confounds me. Maybe because most of them live in states where you can't get good cannoli? It's probably as good an explanation as any.

Or maybe as the poster pointed out it's just a matter of Scott Brown trying to restore some sanity to New Hampshire.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yeah, Ducky. Scott Brown, like a good little TPer will turn New Hampshire around from being a leader in quality of life and make it into a paradise, like West Virginia.

Shaw Kenawe said...

What will we do without Chara?

BB-Idaho said...

I am still steamed from seeing on a major news network a story describing Elisabeth Warren as
an "unapologetic liberal". Even
the dysfunctional Sara Palin is never referred to as unapologetic!
The right has managed, through talk radio and FoxNews to establish Orwellian black-white
in a significant part of the population.

Dervish Sanders said...

I think this country needs a LOT more "Virulent Left Wing Progressivism".

Ducky's here said...

Don't mention Chara.

I knew it was a bad move to let go of Johnny Boychuck.

Dave Miller said...

Duck... I did see that comment there...

Shaw, maybe the more conservative folks would like to see a state with a set of enviable stats like this one?

Here's a state where all the levers of government are held by the GOP...

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Statistics, metaphysics, ballistics! Maybe you have a Masshole problem but where I come from, we have a Basshole problem … large-mouth Bassholes. Here, education is available only to a few schools of fish; social services amount to little more than self-help kelp, the place is thicke with holier-than-thou mackerel; and everyone jumps the shark. Citizens are jumpy wherever the Pee Tardy is in charge.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: "Bring up education and you just get an earful of "elites".

Massachusetts students have done exceptionally well against other countries, not just other states. Do you suppose the TPers will blame godless elite liberal education for that success.

Ducky: "Bring up teen pregnancy and they'll say it's because teens are getting an abortion every year."

That won't fly because statistics show abortions are down by a large percentage since the SCOTUS ruled on Roe v. Wade.

Ducky: "Exactly why Massachusetts is ground zero for their dislike confounds me. Maybe because most of them live in states where you can't get good cannoli? It's probably as good an explanation as any."

The REAL explanation is that Massachusetts and the Northeast, bastions of liberal policies, do very well in education, health care, job opportunities, family values, etc., and that infuriates the TPers. Liberal isn't supposed to deliver anything of value, and when it demonstrably does, all they have to counter this uncomfortable fact is lies, sneers, and more lies.

Meanwhile, all we Massholes have to do is enjoy the good things we have and work harder to improve the things that need improving.

PS. Scott Brown? You mean ex-Senator McDreamy?

Shaw Kenawe said...

BB-Idaho, Senator Warren SHOULD be an unapologetic liberal. Compared with Palin, she's an Einstein.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dervish, Yes. So why do the TPers trash so much success in a liberal state?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, Oh Boy. Chuck.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, from the link you provided:

"What makes Mississippi typical among Medicaid-refusing states is that its health statistics are dismal. What makes it stand out is that its socio-economic statistics are the worst in the nation. Varney again: "It's hard to find a list where Mississippi doesn’t rank last."

Conservative policies and values at work. One of the most conservative states in America is also one of the most dismal.

Compare Mississippi's dreadful record of helping to lift its citizens out of poverty and despair to that of more progressive states.

You want cheap government, low taxes? You get what you pay for: poverty and despair.

Shaw Kenawe said...

(O)CT(O)PUS, I lived in Florida for 10 years.

I met a nice grouper people while there, but I'd have to mullet over before I even thought about moving back, because I consider its governor a great white grunt.

skudrunner said...

If you are one of the wealthy anywhere you live is good even Mass.

Mass is one of the costliest states to live so the poor do not fair well but the 1% do quite well.

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw, I know what the purpose of this post was. Notice my smile and wink at the end of my prior comment.

Just attempting to bring a bit of levity into the otherwise deary humdrum day.

I've lived in Washington State, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts. Other than the winters I'm good with New England. Although my favorite Washington for it's majestic beauty and Illinois for it's people, plus the folks there REALLY knew how to party!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Blogger skudrunner said...

"Mass is one of the costliest states to live so the poor do not fair well but the 1% do quite well."

Have you lived here in Massachusetts, skud?

I have, except for the years I lived in Florida and California. But the majority of my life has been here in Massachusetts, and I'm definitely NOT wealthy.

Did you not read that because of Romneycare, Mass. has the LOWEST number of uninsured in the country? Do you not understand what that means? It means that those who are not wealthy do not have to live in fear of losing what little they have to a catastrophic illness or accident.

We also have very affordable housing in many of our cities (including right in the heart of Boston where I live.) You don't have to live in a palace to be happy when you're surrounded by great sports teams, great educational institutions (where you can audit classes free if you're retired), where you can visit the best art museums FREE on certain days of the week, where you can attend free symphonic concerts at places like the great New England Conservatory, where you can ride on the "T" for relatively little money and go from the heart of the city to its suburbs for $2, where there are all sorts of resources to help those who need them.

So you're wrong. You don't have to be wealthy to live in Massachusetts, but there is a wealth of cultural, educational, and recreational activities well within one's reach.

You're obviously getting your information from the sort of people who call Massachusetts "Masshole," so it's just plain wrong.

I am not wealthy, I live in the heart of the city, and the cannoli are great.

Maria's Pastry Shop is the best.

Mike's Pastry? No.

Rational Nation USA said...

Yeah, Ducky. Scott Brown, like a good little TPer will turn New Hampshire around from being a leader in quality of life and make it into a paradise, like West Virginia.

Only if the good people of The Granite State allow it Shaw.

You really should have more faith in the people of New Hampshire.

Rational Nation USA said...

skudrunner said...
If you are one of the wealthy anywhere you live is good even Mass.

Mass is one of the costliest states to live so the poor do not fair well but the 1% do quite well.

October 29, 2014 at 4:37 PM

I think skudrunner is playing wit ya. Shaw.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... if Mass is all full of rich people, and few, if any poor folks, wouldn't that seem, based on their strong safety net, to prove the conservative meme that only poor folks vote the liberal ticket?

Here's what i don't get from the conservative side that argues that blacks, latinos and the economically disadvantaged only vote for the goodies, which you obliquely referenced...

These folks were voting against predatory conservative policies long before there were benefits coming their way... Why was that?

Rational Nation USA said...


In light of your post I thought this would be of interest.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Also, Dave, wealthy people generally vote Republican, and the not so wealthy generally vote Democratic. How does skud explain blue Massachusetts if it's such a wealthy state? Also, I think Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the country and that's a blue state as well.

I think it's EDUCATION that makes the distinction, not wealth. The more informed and educated one is, the likelier one is to vote Democratic.

That's not to say that lots of conservatives are not smart, they are, but it is true that the higher one's educational level is, one is more likely to vote Democratic ticket and also, curiously, one is not likely to be religious.

Silverfiddle said...

Such a firestorm touched off by one little word...

Had you really not heard it before? Some Mass natives who have moved here to Colorado wear the label as a bumper sticker on their cars, usually with a Red Sox logo.

Anyway, I was repeating what friends from NH had said, and it was no criticism on Massachusetts, but rather relaying their complaint of the invasion of people from your state. The migration north can be verified by researching the statistics, as can Massachussetts' below-average population growth and below average minority population.

All states have their good and bad, and I was not leveling a criticism at the bay state.

I am a known critic of all brands of progressivism promulgated by all parties. Rehashing that here would be futile.

Thank you and have a nice day.


BB-Idaho said...

We note again, that 6% of scientists admit to being Republican (PEW). GOP cuts to CDC, NIH, NSF, creationism, GW, healthcare, education, ad infinitum give us pause and we wonder at the high number of 6%.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Silverfiddle, you know me well enough to understand that I would defend unjust criticism of my home state.

Having said that, I have also admitted that although there are many things that are admirable about this progressive state, there are many things that are not.

I'm able to admit the weaknesses in all political ideology, and libralism is no exception.

But after reading about all the good things liberal Massachusetts has delivered to her citizens, most would have to agree that liberal policies are not all evil, and even acknowledging their weaknesses, we can see that, at least in this Commonwealth, those policies have made a positive impact in people's lives.

Even as I can admit to progressive faults and weaknesses, you should be able to see that all brands of progressivism are not detrimental to Americans.

Shaw Kenawe said...

BB-Idaho, 6%? I'm amazed it's that high.

okjimm said...

whoa...Octo...I like Basshole...the word, not the fish. Stuff, the only fishing I do is ordering either broiled or fried. But whatta I know....I am an Ale-hole. hehehe

skudrunner said...

Actually Ms Shaw my information came from an article on Yahoo. I would supply a link but someone would scold me because I didn't do it right, yet to take that computer class because too busy making a living.

I never said all people in Mass are rich but the rich live very well. Most of us don't have places by the water and shore homes to get away to.

Mass has excellent healthcare thanks to Romney but is also an expensive place to live, high taxes and cold weather.

I make it to Boston several times a year and really enjoy the history and of course the food. Other than that and not being among the privileged I would choose a less costly and much warmer place to live and make my own decisions on how I live.

Craig said...

Here in the upper midwest we have a real live Left v. Right experiment. In 2010 Minnesota, my state, elected Liberal Mark Dayton for governor and majority DFL legislature. Our neighbor Wisconsin elected Randian Koch sucker Scott Walker and a Republican legislature.

Dayton raised taxes on the top 10%, invested in education, infrastructure, expanded Medicare and set up a state ins. exchange. I think everyone knows what Walker did.

Guess which state is doing better economically. Analysis.

We have a budget surplus. Dayton's predecessor, Tim Pawlenty (R), balanced the budget by pushing deficits into the future and raiding the ed. fund. Like Mass., all's not perfect, but compare and contrast with Wis. and it's clear which state policies are working for their citizens.

BTW, MN ranks 2nd, right behind NH, in Forbes quality of life survey. I can't explain Jesse Ventura or Michele Bachmann. I do know a majority of residents in Michele's 6th district are missing a chromosome. We'll miss her.

Shaw Kenawe said...


"Mass has excellent healthcare thanks to Romney but is also an expensive place to live, high taxes and cold weather."

And Americans in general have better health care insurance, thanks to Romney/Obama care. Obamacare was fashioned on Romney's health care, which has Massachusetts as the leader in the U.S. for insured citizens.

skud: "I make it to Boston several times a year and really enjoy the history and of course the food. Other than that and not being among the privileged I would choose a less costly and much warmer place to live and make my own decisions on how I live."

There you go again with your "privileged" description. I'd love to have to come to my ESL classes where I work with immigrant adults learning English and have you tell these people who are waitresses, cooks, house cleaners, homecare workers, manicurists/pedicurists, and retired teachers that they live in the "privileged" towns and cities of East Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Dorchester.

If you really believe everyone who lives in Massachusetts is wealthy and "privileged," you know nothing about this state. We have a thriving community here in Boston's North End, in the heart of the city, of students (and everyone knows how wealthy they are), young married couples, immigrants, and retired people.

No one disputes the harsh winters we endure, but there are worse things in this world than being cold in the winter.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Craig, we've also seen what Sam Brownback has done to his state, and how his own party has turned against him for running it into the ground with his failed Tea Party policies.

My son worked for a company with its home office in Minnesota, and he traveled there often. He was very impressed with the state and the quality of life there.

Like Minnesota, Mass. invested in education and that has paid off.

I don't understand why people who live in states that are controlled by conservative governments can't see how poorly their states do when compared with blue states.

Mississippi is a perfect example of choosing to be last in every quality of life index. What an honor.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Such a firestorm touched off by one little word …

One little word is hardly the same as 8,000 words plagiarized by the same ethically challenged commenter.

Jerry Critter said...

It cost money, taxpayer money, to provide a higher quality of life to all state citizens. Massachusett citizens have decided the cost is worth it. Citizens of red states such as Mississippi have decided it is not worth it.

Put another way, liberal democrats share, conservative republicans do not. Liberal politics benefit all citizens, conservative politics benefit only the rich.

Equality or inequality. Take your pick.

Ducky's here said...

There you go again, Craig. Linking to an article from the house organ of the Democrat party.

Good article though. The fact that a populist movement rose in the north central part of America is overlooked and the article does a good job of pointing out the benefits to Minnesota for not abandoning that history.

As for Michele, well she may have been the best but we have Cruz and Gohmert to take up a lot of the slack. I'm kinda bummed that even though Michele is riding into the sunset we haven't heard much from her on Ebola.

Ducky's here said...

skud, I can understand why you might balk at the winters. A lot of folks do. If I were to pick the one negative for Boston it would be weather although it isn't as bad as some let on.

As for cost. Not so much a problem. I ride the T a lot and it has improved greatly in the last decade and it's cheap.
The arts scene is vibrant and pretty inexpensive. I can take in an exhibit and a concert at the Isabella Stuart Gardner for $17 with my membership.
Some Thursdays there's a jazz concert for free.

I live in a fairly run down part of town but there a a number of good inexpensive restaurants.

Lot of stuff within a reasonable drive.
It's a nice place to live. It may not be to everyone's taste and that's the way the world is but we are not "Massholes". Fact of the matter is that the Northeast is a good place to live.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

There is a saying in Florida:

The further south in Florida you go, the more likely you will meet northerners; the further north in Florida you go, the more likely you will meet southerners ... inbred southerners with six fingers, pickup trucks, and a flash of road rage.

Rational Nation USA said...

As for Michele, well she may have been the best but we have Cruz and Gohmert to take up a lot of the slack. I'm kinda bummed that even though Michele is riding into the sunset we haven't heard much from her on Ebola.

And I will add to that if I gotta look at Tea Party nutts I'd rather look at Bachmann than thoe two for sure.

Craig said...

There you go again, Craig. Linking to an article from the house organ of the Democrat party.

Good point. If it's not in WND, who's going to believe it?