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Monday, February 16, 2015

Here's some Stupid for breakfast...

Written by a Trog:

"Boston is buried in Glowball Wormening.. "

Einstein once observed, that stupidity may be infinite. The above quote confirms it. The poor Trog doesn't know the difference between climate and weather, and he's proud of his ignorance.  But when that's all you've got, why not show off your fatuity?

"Trends of a Changing ClimateWeather is the day-to-day mix of atmospheric phenomena you experience — a warm sunny day, a biting cold snap, a sudden storm, or even crazy dust devil. 

Climate is the long-term weather patterns for an entire region — the tropics are warm and wet, deserts are dry, and the Pacific Northwest is perpetually overcast. Occasional abnormal weather can be inconvenient and even damaging, but shifts in climate far more alarming.  

Bombogenesis is a delightfully fun word to say, but is substantially less fun to experience. 

The 2013 climate analysis report produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s National Climactic Data Center and the year-end summary published by NASA's Earth Observatory spell out the difference in distressing detail. 

Every year since 1976 has been above-average temperatures. Anyone 37 or younger has never experienced an average year."

Stupids of the world, UNITE!  The Pit of Dumbassness Awaits You!


Rational Nation USA said...

Deep thinkers of the Stench Trench are copying and pasting again. Bats in their attic I say.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

One need not be a climate scientist to know that global warming is real. Just ask any migratory bird or nesting marine turtle. Migratory birds now start their journeys south a month later on average than a few decades ago … and return to northern climes about a month earlier. Marine turtles emerge from the sea to lay their eggs above the high tide line about three weeks earlier than a decade ago.

Migratory birds and marine turtles know something about climate change; and this makes them much smarter than Republicans. Vegetables are smarter than Republicans too. Plant zones are also moving northward – zone six plants now grow in zone five, and zone five plants in zone 4, etc. etc.

Yup, much smarter: Birds, turtles, and vegetables compared to Republicans!

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Deep thinkers of the Stench Trench are copying and pasting again. Bats in their attic I say"

One of their sock puppets copies and pastes everything I write here. One of their resident idiots has taken to talking to the sock puppet and pretends he's talking to me. A symptom of true mental deficiency.

(The following does not apply to you or Ducky:)

I think Lisa's Skank Tank is the most extraordinary collection of bottom-feeding half-wits that has ever assembled on a blog, with the possible exception of when Sarah Palin dined alone at Alaska's state house.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Birds, amphibians and vegetables: All smarter than climate change deniers!

Yes. One would become more informed byt having a conversation with a turnip than with the Trogs, Derps, and Droogs who populate certain Tea-Pee-er blogs.

Butterfly said...

I'm off to an elusive event!

Ray Cranston said...

Don't be so hard on them, Shaw. They're simple folk and can't grasp these complicated concepts.

They're good, however, at eating paste and licking frozen lamp posts.

The Tooth Seeker said...

There are many in the US who are not looking forward to seeing Israeli PM Nuttyahoo sneak into Congress.

Our Congress represses the American people, this President, and their political panties.

We don't want to know what Bibi Nuttyahoo has to say.

Why can't we get Jon Stewart to speak to Congress? At least we know we'll hear the tooth when he speaks!

skudrunner said...

The one thing all can agree on with climate change/global warming or whatever it is called this week. There is a ton of money to be made by supporting the theory. Just ask Algore and his buddy Leo who have made millions.

As legs says, look to the animals because you can't trust the politicians. I just paraphrased what you said legs hope you don't mind.

Rational Nation USA said...
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Ducky's here said...

Skud, you don't believe there is a massive amount of money to be made pumping hydrocarbons?
Gore made millions? ExxonMobil considers that walking around tip money.
Please, stop.

Climat change/global warming, they are linked in theory.

skudrunner said...

Thanks RN

Theory is the optimum word.
Guess Boston would be better off without those damn oil companies and coal fired power plants. Who needs snow plows and oil for furnaces.

Rational Nation USA said...

Skud, you're a genius.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skid, do you not know what a scientific theory is? I don't think you do.

skudrunner said...

Shaw, That hurt.

Theory is not scientific fact but a substantiated explanation.

That said climate change is a fact because the climate is constantly changing but global warming is a theory because it is not based on irrefutable fact.

BTW, pollution is a fact and that is where the billions should be spent. We would rather support the two biggest offenders than try to change them. Of course everyone shops at Walmart so public support would be hard to find.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To people like skud, NASA and NOAA and 97% of climatologist don't know what they're talking about, but 3% of weather reporters funded by Exxon/Mobil do?

It is no wonder these same folks think that Sarah Palin was an excellent candidate for the vice presidency of the United States, that Evolution is "only a theory," and that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Consensus: 97% of climate scientists agree