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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trump's Numbers Are Getting Worse. Good. Americans Are Waking Up.

Worse approval rating for any newly elected modern American president!

A majority (67%) of Americans do NOT like this clown.


skudrunner said...

It does all depend on if you want in a president. Do you want one who the majority like, or at least over 50%, and gets nothing done for the majority of the American people or a president who is disliked but has the working taxpayer in mind and is actually doing something.

The party of elitist better defined as democrats hate the fact that Trump is actually doing what he said. Is he a liar, yes, are his lies as significant as BHO's, no. The head of the Boy Scouts called me versus you can keep your insurance company, doctor and your rates will go down $2500 a year. We didn't pay bribes to Iran, oops, the killings were because of a youtube video, oops. The russia mania will go nowhere but it does give the MSM something to focus on instead of what the administration is accomplishing. A middle class tax cut, how outrages. Providing actual healthcare people can afford, how can they.

Unfortunately DJT is a person with temperament issues but he did the country a huge service by keeping -H- out of office forever. The biggest problem is we had little choice in the election since the DNC promised -H- the nomination in 2008 and drove bernie to quit.

Jerry Critter said...

His "governing" is so bad that an argument can be made that the military, specifically McMaster and Kelly, have had to step in and take control of the White House.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, that comment is pathetic. You are making excuses for one of the worst presidents this nation ever had to suffer through. That you continue to denigrate Mr. Obama despite the clear evidence that he was a damn good president only confirms that you have no intention of looking at Trump objectively.

"The party of elitist better defined as democrats hate the fact that Trump is actually doing what he said."

Like the degenerate man in the White House, you are a distorter of truth or just plain lying.

Trump promised he would repeal and replace Obamacare with something beautiful that would cover everyone and would be cheaper. Did he do that? His first biggest promise to his base? NO! NO! NO! He and the GOP Congress showed their colossal incompetence.

Mr. Obama got his health care bill DONE! with just the Dems support. Trump couldn't do it with BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS.

Has he built the wall and made Mexico pay for it? NO1 NO! NO! That will not happen!

He recertified the Iran Deal -- the deal he said was the worst in the history of America and that he promised he would tear up the day he got in office. He just RECERTIFIED that deal.

You come here and praise a certifiable maniac and pathalogical liar because he had an "R" after his name. He's down diddly squat except to diminish the America in the eyes of the world, making us a laughing stock worldwide.

Your comments are taling points straight out of Sarah Huckabee's dissembling mouth.

Just a reminder: Trump is down to 33% approval. That means the American people are finally waking up to the despicable fraud, huckster, liar, and con that's now in what Trump calls "The Dump," -- our American White House.

That all seems to be okay with you and the other 30 percenters. you are not in the majority and the rest of the country and the world think you and Trump are not normal.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry it would seem to be true, but that's not a good thing. Our Founding Fathers never wanted the military to take over our government, but because Trump is so colossally incompetent and crazy, that may be our only salvation.

Check out skudrunner's comment and understand why America is in such peril. There are lots of people like skud who actually think Trump is doing a good job and who still denigrate Mr. Obama. How can this country survive those type of delusional people?

G.G. said...

"More whites without a college degree now disapprove of Trump than approve of him, according to new data from Quinnipiac. Overall his support seems to be about 33%. I know we really aren't a true representative Democracy, and I know that statements that begin with "if the trend continues" are no more than conjecture, but elections are coming - hurrah, hurrah. Can we hang on and resist that long?"

Shaw Kenawe said...

G.G., This is the creep skudrunner and his WYD, and the other far right bloggers admire:

From PM Carpenter's blog:

The transcripts to Trump's first-week-in-office calls to the Mexican president and Australian prime minister were, as the Washington Post diplomatically puts it, just now "produced by White House staff." In plainer language, the transcripts were leaked by appalled WH personnel to further reveal the lowlife contemptibility of their boss.

"You cannot say that to the press," Trump said repeatedly … [to] Mexican President Enrique Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 9.39.14 AMPeƱa Nieto…. "If you are going to say that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall, then I do not want to meet with you guys anymore because I cannot live with that."

He described the wall as "the least important thing we are talking about, but politically this might be the most important."

In other words, Trump conceded that his big, beautiful wall was nothing but a scam inflicted on the nativist rubes.

His call to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was almost comically perverse.

"I have had it," Trump erupted after the two argued about an agreement on refugees. "I have been making these calls all day, and this is the most unpleasant call all day."

Before ending the call, Trump noted that at least one of his conversations that day had gone far more smoothly. "Putin was a pleasant call."

One laughs, but Trump's lowlife contemptibility is serious business. Isn't it?

They refuse to see Trump in reality. They all live in an alternate reality that allows them to think Trump is actually sane. Tribalism is poison, and it's infected the far right -- the 30 percenters like skud.

Jerry Critter said...

I have come to disregard most of what skud says. He continually says Trump is accomplishing what he said he would do, but never gives any examples when questioned about it. Skud is a good example of the 30%ers.

Dervish Sanders said...

Shaw: In other words, Trump conceded that his big, beautiful wall was nothing but a scam inflicted on the nativist rubes.

Trump is a scam artist. He lies as easily as he breathes. Some people recognized that from the get go. Others bought into his lies. Of those, some are now realizing they were lied to. Others will NEVER admit (to others or to themselves) that Trump is a pathological dissembler. They only believe what Trump tells them to believe. Anything that disagrees with Trump's "alternative facts" is fake news (a HUGE conspiracy which involves virtually the entirety of the "liberal media"). The really do live in an alternate reality. #sad.

Kevin Robbins said...

Skudrunner is hilarious. Where did you find him? He sounds like he'll still be with Trump when the approval goes south of 20%.

Loving the transcripts of Trump's Great conversations with Nieto and Turnbull. Begging Nieto to stop talking about not paying for the wall and telling Turnbull how unpleasant it was to talk to him. "Oh, but that nice Mr. Putin he was so pleasant and told me how great I am."

skudrunner said...

Shaw, It is not disappointing the the republicans will not lock step behind a horrible program like obamacare. Weak as they are they at least have some independent thoughts.
I assume you have read where obamacare premiums are going to rise significantly and I still haven't heard back as to why so great a program is only covering 30% of the people it was designed for. That makes obamacare a bigger failure than the lies it took to get it passed. That is what happened when you can't read something before you vote for it.

I didn't and don't praise DJT. All say is he is doing more for the middle income American than the previous administration and he kept -H- out of the office. Eight years of sub 3% growth is great, right. BHO was a great president as long as you were part of the upper or lower 1% or if you were a minority. For the remaining he was not so good and for the middle class taxpayer and especially small business he was a train wreck.

JC, Thanks for the praise and FJ, and I thought wiretaps were illegal. Can you just imagine the outrage if any other presidents phone conversations were reported but anything is acceptable against DJT.

Rational Nation USA said...

skudrunner - I didn't and don't praise DJT. All say is he is doing more for the middle income American than the previous administration...

Can you provide definitive empirical data that supports your claim? A link would be great!

I'll give ya just a bit of help skudrunner, cause I like ya!.

Kevin Robbins said...

None of it's worth bothering with. But what wiretaps? Are you talking about the conversations with Nieto and Turnbull? Wow! Really? He was wiretapped?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, do you actually think the transcripts of Trump's phone conversations with Nieto and Turnbull were wiretapped???? Seriously? Do you not know how conversations between heads of state are handled at the White House? (Oops, I mean "The Dump.")

Also, skud, should we believe the jobs numbers? Just less than a year ago when the jobs numbers came out during the Obama administration, Trump called them FAKE! Are those numbers real now that Lord Dampnut is preznit?

Do you not see what a ridiculously repulsive man the far right is supporting?

skudrunner said...

I meant to say reported conversations between two heads of state not wiretapped.
The jobs numbers are good regardless of what DJT said in the past about fake reports. Like most reports there will be revisions.
Again eight years of below 3% GDP growth, is that really what we should accept. I believe the far right is supporting the president of the US. I guess they should shout racism against yellow hair as their comeback for doing a horrible job. Seems like another presidents supporters had that as his defense in all 56 states.

RN look at the jobs report, look at the taxpayers money saved by pulling out of the feel good accord, look at the factory expansion. At least he is trying to bring jobs to this country instead of being part of the world economy and nothing special. If you believe the US and American people are not special that sorry because I do.

Rational Nation USA said...

Did you bother to read the article? Talking points are great, but, backing them up with factual data is better.

Maybe you ought to spend a tad less time at the wingnuttery mills. Just a suggestion from a friend in blogistanlandia.

skudrunner said...

Les, I have been told by a vary famous blogger that she doesn't have time to prove her point and I should look it up myself. If you can't find a jobs report maybe I can provide assistance. I am sure you are familiar with DJT pulling out of the costly to the US and feel good paris accord that has no compliance enforcement. That is like saying a city saying if you force me to obey the law I will sue you. Some how the mayor of the US murder capital has his priorities messed up.