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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Take a look at the Democratic Party winners across the country who won last night.

They reflect our American diversity -- which makes us a stronger country.

Congratulations to them all! 

Washington Post:


Ducky's here said...

Pick your favorite in Virginia.

Mine is the transgender women who beat the "chief homophobe" legislator a 13 TERM INCUMBENT .

"But something is happening here
And you don't know what it is
Do you, Mister Jones ?"

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes, Ducky, something is happening.

The Goopers don't believe it, though. They think that because the GOP won the presidency, holds Congress, and is the majority at the SCOTUS, that makes the party invincible.

HOWEVER, holding majorities in all 3 branches of government has delivered them ZERO legislative wins. #45 couldn't even deliver on his promise to repeal and replace the ACA, the Paris climate accord is still in place, as is the Iran nuclear deal. The wall hasn't been started, and #45 has been thwarted 3 times on his Muslim ban.

The only thing #45 claims as "wins" is the great economy and stock market he inherited from President Obama.