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Monday, November 6, 2017

"I never knew we had so many countries." -- DJT, POTUS

Photo via Digby, Hullabaloo

The man-child quoted below is admired by 30% of the American voting public -- people who actually have the right to vote and who voted for this "f**king moron."*

*Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's description of Donald J. Trump

I present to you the GOP POTUS who managed to live for 71 years without knowing our planet had "so many countries":

“So my relationship with Shinzo got off to quite a rocky start because I never ran for office, and here I am,” Trump remarked. “But I never ran, so I wasn’t very experienced. And after I had won, everybody was calling me from all over the world. I never knew we had so many countries.”

Continuing in his astounding stupidity, #45 further embarrassed himself and America by making these imbecilic statements:

Trump tells Japan to build cars in US instead of shipping them over

"Trump called on Japan to build more cars in the U.S. during his stop in the country as part of his first official tour of Asia as president. "Try building your cars in the United States instead of shipping them over,” 

Trump said at an event with Japanese business executives, according to a pool report. “That's not rude?” he added. 

 Three out of every four Japanese brand cars sold in North America were manufactured on the continent, according to Columbus Business First. And Mazda and Toyota announced in August that they were investing $1.6 billion to start a new manufacturing plant in the U.S. that will create about 4,000 new jobs."


Ducky's here said...

He's not just vulgar, he's also stupid.

The Japanese press is probably too civil to point that out.
I bet Abe can't wait for this bozo to leave.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky,The Goopers think trump needs to be more dignified and then he'll be a successful president, as though anyone as stupid as #45 could possibly ever be " more dignified." To be "more dignified" implies there's some dignity in him already, when in fact, there is none.

He's vulgar and he's stupid.

Dave Miller said...

Who knew? I've never looked at a map before to know there were so many countries?

What? They already build cars in the US? And they're still called Toyota and Nissan? Really? 3 of 4 cars are built between the US, Canada and Mexico? In the NAFTA zone? Maybe we should repeal it and it will get to 100%.

In the words of Bugs Bunny... "what a maroon... what a ta ra ra goon de ay..."

skudrunner said...

How many countries are there? We all know the US has 57 states but I doubt most know how many countries there are in the world.

Dave, where did you get that 3 our of four cars are built in US, Canada and Mexico.

Can you just imagine a foreign leader hearing the Trump is going to visit, oh sh-- what do I do now. He is indeed toxic despite low unemployment, escalating stock market and rebounding economy after 10 years of no growth. Impeachment should be in the works due to his toxic personality and we can return to an obama like person who does nothing for the middle class but is politically correct.

Shaw Kenawe said...

You know, skud, your partisanship is toxic. For you to imply that we had no growth during the Obama administration is just plain b.s. -- the sort of b.s. that #45 slings at his supporters who don't know any better.

You can read how partisan and incorrect your statement is RIGHT HERE.

Your snarky "57 states" is pathetic. President Obama made a mistake and anyone with intelligence knows the difference between an educated man like Mr. Obama making a slip of the tongue vs. a moron like trump who demonstrates again and again that he knows next to nothing about anything except maybe on how to grab women's genitals and leer at half naked teenage beauty contestants. Never forget, skud, that #45's own Secretary of State called himn a "fking moron," because he's seen trump up close and knows what he's talking about.


skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw,
For the rich BHO was a great president. Your investment value increased significantly. For the working middle class BHO was not as generous. Stagnant wadges, attack on small business and successful middle class families by defining the rich as anyone who made $250,000 a year even if that was from a business. It shows how little BHO knew about financing and running any business. The poor even did worse than the middle class. Record food stamp increases, record black youth unemployment and record black on black murders many of them young people.

Yes BHO was tasked with fixing a disastrous economy but the truth is it took longer to recover and weaker recovery than any in history. After spending almost one trillion all we got was a few old cars and no permanent jobs.

It is easy to say I am partisan but you need to look inward because most people are partisan and you accept that BHO could do no wrong because you prospered. Have you ever heard of General McChrystal, tell the truth lose your job.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... regarding car building, it's been widely reported in the media, which of course for many conservatives, means fake media.

Seriously though... what's the deal on 57 states? you mention so frequently. Pres Obama made a mistake. Are you implying that since we call Obama's 57 state comment a mistake, that we should give grace to Trump? If that's the case with DJT, since these things happen every time he opens his mouth, is everything he says a mistake?

The right has focused on that one comment by Pres Obama for years. Is that because he had so few verbal gaffes, unlike the current resident of 1600?

One has to wonder.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "It is easy to say I am partisan but you need to look inward because most people are partisan and you accept that BHO could do no wrong..."

I, of course, never wrote that on this blog. Mr. Obama did many things wrong IMO, but one thing he always did right is that he was always, always, always a dignified, intelligent, decent human being, a loyal, loving husband and father, and he knew policy and the Constitution inside and out and never embarrassed America. He was and still is admired by our allies and people around the world. There is no question about that.

Trump is the opposite in all the important attributes that Mr. Obama possessed as a decent human being and president. Trump will never have the word "decent" attached to his name in American presidential history. Ever.

skudrunner said...

Trump is toxic and the recent elections proved that. Mid term will be a total shift in power and the next president will be a democrat until the next election and then it will be a republican and during that period of time nothing will change except the country will become more divided. Term limits and citizen legislators are the only way to insure representative government for the people instead of for themselves.

David, you are totally wrong on car building. Mexico makes 2.8% of cars produced, Canada 1.6% and the US 4.9%. So far there have been 66 million cars built and Mexico and Canada are a minor player.

If BHO makes a error in speech it is just a mistake. If a republican makes an error in speech it means he is stupid, got it thanks.

Grey One talks sass said...

Much has been made of former President Obama' misstatement of 57 states and his ACA claim (You can keep your plan - which is what he was told when briefed and when informed he was wrong he apologized, something adults do when they are found to be incorrect). Because Obama updated himself and didn't make the same mistake again I gave BHO a lie score of 1.5.

A quick Google search found several trump lie counters. I selected the Fact Checker at The Washington Post as their numbers were less reactionary than other sites. Per their article dated October 9, 2017 in the past 263 days, President Trump has made 1,318 false and misleading claims.

According to skudrunner 1.5 equals 1318 when comparing black to white. Good to know skud. Good to know.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass, thank you for those facts.

Our contrarian friend, skudrunner, has been hammering on tha "57 states" and "You can keep your doctor" quotes for years. What he never talks about is the avalanche of lies, misstatements, and deceits coming from #45 daily.

At this point, it really doesn't matter, since the record is clear, and only the most rabid trump supporters cling to the false notion that he's in his right mind.