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Saturday, November 11, 2017

The U.S. Senate and the GOP's Accused Child Molester

PM Carpenter on the Roy Moore scandal in the Republican Party:

The Republican Party is already "associated" with a president who has unwittingly confessed to sexual predations, mocked the disabled, disrespected Gold Star families, repeatedly lied about his election results, confessed to obstruction of justice on national television, coddled and possibly conspired with a hostile foreign power, violated the constitution's emoluments clause, disparaged a terminally ailing senator, said that he would "date" his daughter if she weren't his daughter, and committed other abominations so numerous, they have by now simply melted away in one's memory banks. 

 Steve Bannon, with whom the dissolute president still consults, yesterday said "without offering evidence" that "the Post article was an opposition hit planted by Moore’s enemies." Added Bannon: "This is nothing less than the politics of personal destruction," which is like Sen. Joe McCarthy condemning the same. 

 "If Mr. Moore wins," continues the Times, "the party faces a potentially … untenable prospect: welcoming a child-molesting suspect into their ranks, a move that every Republican candidate would have to answer for.

So they're OK with the pussy-grabbing Trump, but Moore is just too much? Has he proudly confessed to sexual predations or mocked the disabled or copped to obstruction of justice on national television?"


Yesterday, McConnell recalled with personal fondness that he once "pushed to oust Senator Bob Packwood, Republican of Oregon, a long-serving and powerful figure, after a throng of women came forward to accuse Mr. Packwood of sexually harassing or abusing them." Said McConnell: "So character does count in America and in the United States Senate."

But obviously not in the office of the POTUS!

Max Boot/USA Today: 

 "Roy Moore response shows GOP deserves to die.  

In the final analysis, no indictment of their candidate will convince the faithful. As Trump once said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Or, more to the point, Roy Moore could molest a 14-year-old girl and not lose votes. Because for Republican partisans, their opponents are “the forces of evil,” and anything is preferable to that. Even Donald Trump. Even Roy Moore. So in ostensibly fighting evil, Republicans have become complicit in it. 

 This is a party that does not deserve to survive."


Ray Cranston said...

The Mother Ship is backing the accused pedophile Roy Moore because why not? They backed a serial adulter and sex predator who said he'd date his own daughter while drooling over her voluptuous body. So who's surprised that the good "Christians" on the M.S. defend Moore?

Here they are blaming the young girl victims and crying about the meanies who exposed Moore's dirty old man past:

Woman Says Roy Moore Initiated Sexual Encounter When She Was 14, He Was 32 IF this happened at all, it was THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO. Considering the TIMING of this supposed "revelation," is there any way you could see it PASSING the SMELL TEST? Judge Moore hs been extremely priminent in Alabama politics most of his life. IF this occurred THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO, why do you think it is JUST coming out NOW? This charming piece of information –– IF that's what it truly is –– came from the Opposition Research Department of the WASHINGTON POST –– the most most notorious, most virulent, anti-Conservative HIT SQUAD in the country. It almost doesn't matter if it's true or not. We live in a world heavily dominated by Cultural Marxists where the merest hint of an allegation of this sort is enough to derail and destroy a targeted candidate's chances of winning an election.

I have news for everyone: At 14, any girl would LOVE to have any attention from a 32 year old guy. Was it sex or was it a guy flirting to see the reaction of a cute 14 yr old? I don’t know the facts, there could be pictures of Moore’s having sex with teenagers for all I know, and if THAT IS THE CASE, he needs more penalty than just stopping his run for the senate!~ But, until we know for sure he’s guilty, why say he can’t run? The girls who are also attacking Moore say their 14 yr old friend ‘told them he assaulted her’….Ya, I’ll be no other 14 yr olds have ever bragged that a 32 yr old came on to her. Also, there are people asking “WHY WOULD THESE GIRLS SAY THIS IF IT WEREN’T TRUE?” Um…how about DEMOCRAT MONEY!? And, honestly, DOES THE TIMING OF THIS STINK OR IS IT JUST ME? On CNN yesterday, Gov Jennifer Granholm said “there are Republicans who are saying even if this is true, it’s no big deal” (I paraphrase, but that’s the gist). Could someone tell me who they are???

Howard Brazee said...

The GOP's primary accused child molester is in the White House.

Clearwater, Florida said...

"At 14, any girl would LOVE to have any attention from a 32 year old guy. Was it sex or was it a guy flirting to see the reaction of a cute 14 yr old?"

HOLY SHIT! Thaat is why this country is so f'ed up! How old is the person who wrote that swill? Does he or she have a 14 year old daughter and would that person exucse a 30+ year old man "flirting" with their young daughter? That statement is beyond disgusting -- it is an adult excusing predation by an adult male on a child. Whoever wrote it should have his or her ass kicked to the gutter where he or she belongs.

Free Dingleberries said...

OOPS! NEW EVIDENCE SHOWS WOMAN Who Accused Roy Moore of Sexual Misconduct Worked For Hillary Campaign…Supported His Democrat Opponent On Facebook

Rational Nation USA said...

The association is why the feel as though the must defend Judge Moore.

It seems reason has been replaced by hypocrisy aided by blind spots.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To the Dingleberry:

A Tone Deaf Attempt At Discrediting One Of Roy Moore’s Accusers

So what exactly did Deborah Wesson Gibson do for all these Democrats? Grassroots organizer? Phone banking? Fundraising?

She worked for Hillary?! Clearly, she must be some sort of nefarious Democrat plant, right? An eeeeeevil George Soros-funded operative who’s been plotting for years to bring down a stalwart conservative like Roy Moore?

So what exactly did she do for all these Democrats? Grassroots organizer? Phone banking? Fundraising?

From the Daily Caller story:

Deborah Gibson worked as a sign language interpreter for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, as well as previously working for Joe Biden through her company, “Signs of Excellence.”
Sign language interpreter? Huh. That’s a bit different.

So you Trumpers will bend over backward to excuse a pedophile, even if that means discrediting a person who does sign language?

Worse than pathetic, Dingleberry. It's moronic and sleazy. But very Trumpian.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, the Trumpistas debase themselves and their party because politics is more important to them than their so-called "Christian" values.

In the last year, we've seen them ignore the pussy-grabbing serial adulterer, lying, cheating, misogynistic creep in the White House, so it's no surprise to read that they think what Moore did years ago to children is NBD! That's how far into the sewer they've descended.

Americans are watching and making their own decisions. Last Tuesday was one of those decision-making days. The Trumpistas ignore that at their own peril.

Anonymous said...

It's Alabama -- what do you expect? It's the Christian Saudi Arabia.

Howard Brazee said...

The Right is no longer hiding what it is.

Dave Miller said...

Dingle... you were expecting a person to support the person who molested her? Of course she'd support a Dem who never fondled her...

Infidel753 said...

So far it looks like Breitbart and a lot of Alabama Republicans are standing firm with Roy Mo[lest]ore, while McConnell and the "establishment" are trying to push him out of the race, though not very forcefully.

The Bannonites and the establishment hate each other anyway, so this is just one more skirmish in a widening schism. But if Moore wins the election, the establishment will fold and accept him, just like they did for Trump. They're still the same cowards they were in 2016. All the fire and energy is with the Bannonites.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, Howard, Dave, Anon, RN, I've had some Trumpers leave comments in comment moderation saying that Hillary is hated mnore than trump; that Bernie is a Communist, and that Hillary is "going down."

Hillary won more votes than Trump, Melania's father, a former card-carrying member of the Communist Party, is living in the White House (and NO, not everyone in her town had to belong to the Communist Party, Mr. Knauss chose to join), and Hillary is not under investigation by the FBI for obstruction of justice or collusion with the Russians to influence the election.

None of those facts matter to the Trumpers. They're quite comfortable living in an alternate reality with their "alternate facts." SAD!

Clearwater, Florida said...

The Trumpies are also believing Moore over the women's accusations because they're of the generaation that blames the victims and believes the phony Bible-thumpers. Who can remember what happened 40 years ago? A victim who was molested by a creepy guy too old to be anywhere near a 14-year old, that's who. I believe the victims, not the phony Bible thumper who, don't forget says gay people should be illegal and no American of Muslim faith should serve in the US Congress. That's the creepy bigot they support.

Rational Nation USA said...

Yup Infidel, the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower is dying. Soon it will be dead.

Unfortunate but it is what it is.