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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Light posting while enjoying sunshine, palm trees, and beaches


The Fire and the Fury
The Last Tudor
A Year in the Village of Eternity


Jimmy Buffett
Bob Marley
Jimmy Cliff
Beach Boys
The Gypsy Kings


Dave Miller said...

Enjoy the break.

I'm in one of those "shithole" countries, as Pres Trump likes to call places from where non white people hail. I'll be spending the next few weeks enjoying lige helping people here get quality health care, clean drinking water, and an understanding of how a real Christian looks at life, faith and serving others.

Peace Shaw...

You deserve it...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump is reading something someone wrote for him to honor Dr. Martin Luther King. It is devoid of any feeling or sincerity. A robot would have delivered it better than the Racist-in-Chief.

I don't believe a word of his horrible reading because we know what Trump really thinks about other races and the countries they come from. As you know, I teach ESOL classes, and several of my students come from Haiti and African countries. Every one of my students are worth 50 of that awful, creep who occupies the White House. Imagine how my students must feel after hearing the POTUS call their countries "shitholes".

This so- called honoring of MLK is a rotten disgusting lie from the racist who lives in the people's house. We know what he really thinks of people of color.

Anonymous said...

The usual conservative half-wits, low-life's and racists ("Moslem vermin") are praising Trump for his racist remarks, a And who's surprised? They agree with Trumps "shithole" remark because they're degenerate, racists Like him. No wonder they celebrate that bloated bag of rotting flesh. The con bloggers are made of the same filth.

Granny Squares said...

Wall Street Journal reported Trumps adulterous affair in 2006 with a porn star (he married Melania in2005). Trump paid her $150,000 to keep her mouth shut. This will really make the Evangelical Christians love Donald even more. And what. pious Evangelical Christian wouldn't love an American president calling countries and continents "shitholes" and learning how often he commits adultery?

He's a man those good Christians continue to support because of his good Christian values!!!

dmarks said...

Enjoy the break. Relax always knowing the Trumpfoons are in the minority.

dmarks said...

And enjoy this too:

The mouth on the first critter (lamprey) resembles the mouth on the third critter.

EGG. Zactly said...

The real shithole of the world: Donald Trump's mouth.

Glinda said...

BIG NEWS IN HEADLINES TODAY: Other Presidents volunteered on MLK Jr day…Trump is PLAYING GOLF!

Man….let the guy relax! Yes, he did slam Obama BIG TIME, for playing about half the golf he’s played this year, but LET HIM ALONE! We Trump cultists love his rank hypocrisy and I ESPECIALLY LOVE IT WHEN HE TALKS SHIT TO ME. Trumps just a dreamy, delicious shit- talker. And I love him.