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Wednesday, April 4, 2018



R.D. said...

Here is what you need to know about Amazon's deal with the Post Office:

1. The Post Office does not lose money on the Amazon account. In fact without that account USPS losses would almost double.

2. It is against the law for the PO to offer services to anyone at a loss, and the Postal Regulatory Commision very closely monitors USPS contracts.

3. Trumps attacks on Amazon have absolutely nothing to do with the Post Office. It is not just a coincidence that Trump's attacks on Amazon directly impact CEO Jeff Bazos. Who just happens to own the Washington Post. Trump is deliberately driving Amazon's stock down, and will try to use that lost valuation to leverage a less critical look by the Post into Trump's affairs.

No president in American history has behaved in such a way as to attack one of America's thriving big businesses because that president was jealous of the success of that American business.

Trump is a effing menace to America.

Dave Miller said...

And... Trump says he is sending the military to the border for enforcement reasons. No word on whether he knows anything about the Posse Comitatus law that prohibits the military from operating on US soil.

Does this guy research or think about anything before his mouth opens?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, "Does this guy research or think about anything before his mouth opens."

It's sadly obvious that he doesn't. He know nothing about foreign or domestic issues.

Infidel753 said...

Thank goodness Trump didn't try to send the military to stop Amazon from mailing packages.

Of course he doesn't know anything about the Postal Service and didn't bother to find out. He doesn't know anything about anything. At least while he's ranting about this, he's not applying his dazzling comprehension skills to the Korean crisis or the Syrian civil war.

Anonymous said...

Dave, the National Guard is military and they can support the border

Rational Nation USA said...

tRump is likely incapable of successful OJT as well. IOW it is probably a sure bet he will remain blissfully ignorant throughout his term.

Shaw Kenawe said...

R.D., thank you for posting that info. You know more about the USPS than President Spanky.

Dave & Anon if President Spanky meant the National Guard, why didn't he say so? Another instance of his astonishing ignorance.

Infidel753,The people who support #45 choose to ignore President Spanky's ignorance on just about everything except how little money he can pay out in keeping his stable full of mistresses quiet about his affaires with them. Come to think of it, Stormy proves he sucks at that too!

RN, #45's has learned nothing, and his recent firings of the people who held some knowledge of how government works will keep him stupider than ever.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw & Anon... now we’re hearing the National Guard. Looks like he got the memo. I wonder what they’ll be doing?

Look, I’ve advocated use of the military on the border before, as part of a comprehensive approach to immigration reform, but that is not what Trump is doing.

This is eye candy for his base, meant to help them all feel good about how tough he is. It has nothing, like many of his ideas or policies, to do with actually providing good governance.

Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio this morning that both GWBush and Obama sent the National Guard to the Mexican border at different times in their administration. BUT, the National Guard can only be there in a supportive capacity, as look-outs and administrative. They cannot be on the front lines and "catch and detain" anyone. At least that is what I heard.


skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, On your front page you have a statement by djt that says he pays the least amount of taxes allowed by law and then you quote his saying Amazon doesn't pay enough. Who pays more in taxes then is legally required, do you?

I like ordering from Amazon because I don't get charged sales tax but is it fair, probably not. Most other on-line retailers charge tax but Amazon does not. For someone who supports higher taxes I am surprised you would object to his position.
I would like to see him do away with all charitable tax incentives as well because so much of the contributions are used to support massive salaries and promotion.

Reverend Dave, even the Mexican Ambassador said Mexico supports tougher border security and since congress is against it, what would you suggest we do. I am not for the use of our military but something needs to be done. The use of our military could be warranted because we are being invaded and isn't that what the military is for?

Dave Miller said...

Skud... the problem with immigration cannot and will not be solved by taking all the parts apart and trying to solve them in a vacuum. There are a lot of things, and tons of nuance if we’re truly seeking a solution, as opposed to winning points.

I’m on my phone today and unable to provide those snappy links, but you can read my ideas on immigration here...

skudrunner said...

You mention of the 11 million illegals 5 million are from countries other than Mexico. What you failed to mention is the majority of the 5 million came through Mexico but may not be Mexican. We need comprehensive immigration reform but the political fallout is to great for prior presidents. Why are we chastised for trying to control illegal immigration but it is fine for other countries, including Mexico. Sneak across the border going south and see how well you are treated.

Why not demand congress to come up with a reform bill instead of granting sanctuary to people who are breaking the law. Why do we permit illegals to populate our schools and deprive our own children because our financial resources are being drained.

This is a can that has been kicked down the road for to long and a solution needs to be found. I realize that politicians are only worried about keeping their job and they are not the brightest but someone can find a solution we just need to demand it. Continuing on with allowing illegals to remain is a solution for no one.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... let’s not forget we had a reform bill but the extremists in the country killed it. It dealt with the border, got more enforcement, and took care of the dreamers. It was the gang of 8 bill. A bi partisan solution.

But because it allowed ppl to stay, could not be accepted.

I noticed you quibbled over a small point in my article.

Here’s what I know regarding border security. No one in Mexico, and I’ve sat with high government officials and had this discussion, object or will argue with the US right to control her borders. It’s an absolute given. Period.

The problem is how one party talks about it and the ppl of Mexico. Calling ppl thieves and rapists is not how friends talk about friends. You do not publically humiliate allies. You do not say they have calves like cantaloupes. You do not say they are all criminals. You do not say they are invading the US. You do not say they are taking jobs from ppl when it is not true.

It’s less about the border issue and more about how many in the GOP and Trump are dissing Mexico.

The chickens will come home to roost on this. When AMLO is elected in Mexico, partly in reaction to Trump, the US will suffer mightily for our attitude towards Mexico.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"...the US will suffer mightily for our attitude towards Mexico." --Dave Miller

The US will suffer because of Trump's attitude twoards Mexico.

I teach ESOL, and many of my students are from Mexico and Central America. They are intelligent enough to know that Trump does not represent a majority of Americans and also that he will not be president for long. It is the individual people who work to make immigrants welcome and appreciated that represent what America is, not small minded bigots like Trump.

skudrunner said...

David, Mexico has been under corrupt rulers for decades if not centuries and that doesn't seem to change in the future. I have never said that it one party who refuses to pass comprehensive reform. Bush tried and the republicans stopped him, Clinton tried and same result although because of republican support he passed NAFTA, Obama did nothing except to order a temporary order called DACA and never went further. He and nancy were far to busy shoving obamacare down everyone's throats to be concerned about immigration reform. Why didn't he do something when he had the majority, because some Mexicans aren't allowed to vote.

This is not a republican or democrat issue. It is in the U.S. best interest to have immigration reform which includes a path to citizenship.

How is the US going to suffer when another corrupt leader is elected in Mexico?
There is truth in some about what was said about the illegals coming into this country. Many are criminals and gang members but most want to just live a good life and provide for their families. We need the labor force in this country that Mexicans provide because able bodied welfare recipients aren't going to work. Mexicans are hard working and many are very skilled. If there was reform they would not be subject to gross mistreatment that occurs now. As long as there is no cooperation among parties there will be no solution.

Dave Miller said...

Not just Trump Shaw... many in the GOP share his sentiments and manner of speaking, thinking it makes the US look tough.

In truth, it makes us look like idiots. And the world sees it.

Anonymous said...

Skid hit it right on he head. Dave tries to paint Mexico as a paradise and it's not. Seeing little kids on each corner begging by selling chicklets gum is more then sad.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @2:51, have you ever visited Appalachia or just outside of New Orleans? I've seen just as bad in both places. Didn't a black man in New York get killed while he was selling individual cigaretts?

Anonymous said...

Of course America has problem areas but Mexico, on a whole is a corrupt s**t hole. No middle class to speak of with violent drug cartels and well over half the population living in poverty.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous@3:44 PM 4/5

We're the richest country on the planet and yet we have an infant mortality rate worse than Cuba's. Mississippi, with its 9.6 deaths, per 1,000, would be somewhere between Botswana and Bahrain. The U.S. has a higher crude death rate per 1,000 than Mexico. The U.S. spends the most money on healthcare as a percentage of GDP than any other country on the planet, but its crude mortality rate shows how ineffective that expenditure is. Mexico's poverty rate ranks #90 out of 228 countries -- better than China's, Costa Rica's, Brazil's, and other Central and South American countries. This information is from the CIA's World Fact Book, 2017 estimate.

With the highest death rate in the world from firearms and the most firearms in circulation than any other country in the world, you should be careful about calling other countries "s**tholes.

You appear to be infected with the same problem our disliked and ignorant preznit has: Poor information and bigotry with an impulse to advertise it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From the CIA's World Factbook on drug producing and trafficking countries:

MEXICO: major drug-producing and transit nation; Mexico is estimated to be the world's third largest producer of opium with poppy cultivation in 2015 estimated to be 28,000 hectares yielding a potential production of 475 metric tons of raw opium; government conducts the largest independent illicit-crop eradication program in the world; continues as the primary transshipment country for US-bound cocaine from South America, with an estimated 95% of annual cocaine movements toward the US stopping in Mexico; major drug syndicates control the majority of drug trafficking throughout the country; producer and distributor of ecstasy; significant money-laundering center; major supplier of heroin and largest foreign supplier of marijuana and methamphetamine to the US market.

UNITED STATES:: World's largest consumer of cocaine (shipped from Colombia through Mexico and the Caribbean), Colombian heroin, and Mexican heroin and marijuana; major consumer of ecstasy and Mexican methamphetamine; minor consumer of high-quality Southeast Asian heroin; illicit producer of cannabis, marijuana, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and methamphetamine; money-laundering center.

It's a matter of supply and demand. The U.S. is the world's largest consumer of certain drugs, and it's poorer neighbors to the south have found that supplying the biggest consumers of those drugs very profitable.

Maybe if the U.S. changed some of its laws and habits, the profitablility in drug trafficking would decline.

Dave Miller said...

Anon seems a like Pres Trump and other extremists.

There's a lot of talk about Mexico from people who have little or no experience there and who know very little factual information about the country.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, the decline of critical thinking skills is the nunber 1 reason Trump is in the White House. Anonymous above, like Trump, parrots whatever he/she hears on the far right blogs, news sites, and FAUX NOOZ.

Lazy thinking.