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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

R.I.P. Barbara Bush 1925 - 2018


Rational Nation USA said...

A remarkable women who defined the best in America.

Barbara Bush will be remembered for her character.

Dave Miller said...

A great FLOTUS...

FreeThinke said...

______ Barbara Bush (1925-2018) ______

Beloved source of character and strength.
An asset to her family and our nation
Refreshing for her lack of agitation.
Barbara lived a good life of great length.

A life patrician, gracious, down-to-earth
Regal, yet a quintessential mother
A fount of strong opinion like no other,
But muted, disciplined, and tinged with mirth.

Unusually poised in public life
She had a kind of beauty very rare
Happy to have prematurely aged
Resplendent in her crown of snow white hair
In no way mean, her mind always engaged
Proud, yet humble, and always the ideal wife.

~ FreeThinke

Rational Nation USA said...

Perhaps one of your best FreeThinke. My hat's off yo you on this one.

You obviously recognize Barbara Bush transcended politics and FULLY understood what is truly important.

Dave Miller said...

Free... nice tribute.