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"I am proud to shut down the government for border security ... I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it." –Donald Trump

Friday, April 6, 2018


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Anonymous said...

Ms.Shaw, what nit will you pick next

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon, as long as President Spanky's in office, we will have a plethora of nits to pick.

Thanks for asking.

Dave Miller said...

Anon at 10:09pm... we don't need nits. There are plenty of big items to choose from.

I'm assuming you're a conservative. Are you okay with cabinet secretaries spending 3 million bucks for a security detail?

I'm sure you felt HRC was unqualified for office because she has lied in the past. Do you also feel DJT is unqualified for office for the same reason? Or do believe he has never lied to the American people?

I'm guessing you felt President Clinton sullied the office of the Presidency was/is a serial rapist and molested many women. Do you feel the same way about President Trump? Or are all the women who accused Clinton to be believed and all the women who have accused Trump liars?

Do you as a conservative, believe in free trade?

Lastly, do you believe that a president, when his or her party controls both the Senate and the House, has a right to expect the opposition party to work with him and his party for the good of the republic? Or should they obstruct him whenever possible, trying to make him a one term president?

I doubt we'll get a single simple answer on any of these questions, but know this... as Shaw said, there are indeed plenty of nits to pick with Trump. And if the polls are to be believed, a majority of the American agree.

Anonymous said...

Dave, 51% approval rating...I believe that's a majority. Seems you folks are the minority

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @2:23, that rating is for ONE POLL, Rassmussen which skews to the right. The aggregate polling shows Trump is still at a weak 42%. We feel your pain.

Rational Nation USA said...

For the delusional tRumpers all that is not complimentary of tRump is Fake News. Anonymous is a delusional tRumper.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ms.Shaw, we remember you quoting Rassmussen when they had Trump in the 30s. Trump gaining popularity must really upset you

Dave Miller said...

Cherry pick your polls Anon. I noticed you avoided even trying the questions.

I guess the black and white way conservatives draw questions alienates the extremists when the shoe is on the other foot...

Anonymous said...

To respond to Dave:

I think Pruitt should be fired

I think Hillary was a deceitful, nasty, crooked woman who rode her husbands coat tails while not actually accomplishing much. I think we will find out is Trump is qualified, agree or not,he was a successful businessman. Show me a politician who hasn't told a lie or two.

Trumps indecrestions were as a private citizen, Bubba was getting a BJ from a 20 year old intern in the oval office.

Of course I believe in free trade but I equally believe in fair trade. We should not have the trade imbalances we now have with China or Mexico.

As far as obstruction from an opposite party, that's been happening since America became america

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @3:21, you still can't understand that one poll doesn't put #45 at 50%. It puts him at 50% at that ONE POLL. You are so desperate to make a silk purse out of the sow's ear that Trump is. You need to internalize this: TRUMP IS THE MOST DISLIKED PRESIDENT IN MODERN AMERICAN HISTORY. HE NEVER EVEN BROKE 50% THE DAY AFTER HIS INAUGURATION.

Keep tryin to flog that dead horse of 50% by Rassmussen. Everyone but you understand how pathetic that is.

Anonynous @4:13 is excusing Trump's degenerate beavior because he didn't commit his adulteries while in the Oval Office. Isn't that cute? The modern Republican Party is a cesspool of equivocators who are willing to embrace one of the most currupt whoremongers we've had in office. Yes, that includes Clinton.

Your Hillary bashing is just another way of diverting attention from the creep in the White House that is hated in his country and around the world.

Ducky's here said...

It was a tough day on the mothership.

First, the queen bee put up a notorious internet hoax about a township refusing to ban pork in their school cafeteria and decided to take it down.

Second, they are having real trouble coping with the fact that the M√ľnster attacker wasn't muslim.
Next thing you know they'll be complaining about fake news.

No word about what the trade war is doing for them.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, that blog is suseptible to publishing hoaxes and false news. The owner doesn't check the veracity of her blast emails or much of anything else. Whatever agrees with their ideology gets published, and the sheep graze on it.

Infidel753 said...

Whatever agrees with their ideology gets published, and the sheep graze on it.

.....and the flies settle on it, I would have said.

If Trump ever goes to prison, Twitter should be made available to him there by special arrangement if necessary. The endless bitching and denunciations would be epically entertaining, since we wouldn't need to be afraid of him any more.

Dave Miller said...

Wow Duck, she took it down? In the past she's said even if it is untrue, the point is still valid. One of the posters tried to make that exact argument.

My favorite as the Trumpers implode is how they deal with Trump saying we are getting out of Syria very soon. They've noticed that when Obama said that they were aghast. Now with Trump, not so much.

A more intellectually inconsistent group you'll not find. No doubt we're flexible with here too, but we're beginners next to them.

Anonymous said...

Dave, just how are the "Trumpers" imploding?

Dave Miller said...

Oh gosh Anon... just a cursory trip across a variety of message boards, comment threads and right wing news sites will show you 2 things...

1. The Trumpistas want more of his insane actions.

2. They willfully choose not to see, or acknowledge the emptiness of their previously held views of Pres Obama now that Pres Trump is doing the same thing.

Across the board... they lamented the supposed falling standard of America under Obama. Now with Trump? Not so much. It was a practically a crime of treason for Pres Obama to announce a troop withdrawal ahead of time. Now when Trump does it? Not so much. They cheered their congressman for "telling the truth" and calling Pres. Obama a liar in the SOTU, but as Trump lies day after day on twitter and on television, it's not so bad.

It's remarkable how insular his support is becoming. It's literally killing the GOP. America is going to crush that party, leaving little in it's wake. Then it will be a matter of time before he is deposed.

He's caught in a vice on the Stormy Daniels case with few lawyers willing to represent him Since he knows nothing about her, his words, he can't be a party to his non disclosure agreement. That being the case, it opens him up to a defamation of character case. By law. Imagine a jury trial with Trump on trial. The only way he can make the agreement valid is admit he lied and he slept with her. And then defamed her.

The party of God, or morality will be forced to dump Trump ASAP once they realize he's killing their chances at reelection and survival.

And all around the party, there's panic. You've not seen any evidence of this?

Anonymous said...

You folks have been trumpeting the demise of the GOP for years, yet we continue to win elections. Stormy is a non-starter and other then the coastal elites and CNN viewers no one really cares about it. Rather then going to Mexico take a ride through Oklahoma,Kansas and Iowa, perhaps you'll find out what real Americans care about