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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Really? Really.

The usual trolls from various far-right blogs came running here to complain about what Samanth Bee said about Ivanka Trump. 


Is this what we've been reduced to?  One side calling the other side stupid names? And then howling about it? 

Well. Yes. 

This is Trump's America. You can thank him for making it okay to insult, denigrate, and slander those we do not agree with. Trump set the tone, and he's responsible for the deplorable things we Tweet to each other. Trump made is a new American value, starting with calling Mexicans rapists and criminals and continuing with mocking POW John McCain.

We are where we are in our national dialog because a fish stinks from the head, and we have a real stinker of a fish as our Head of State.

And in case people have forgotten, Barr called Hillary Clinton the "c" word in 2016, and none of her supporters lost their minds as they've lost their minds over what Samantha Bee said.

Everyone needs to grow up and ignore the Stinky Fish of the U>S that is currently defiling America's White House

Guess which female comedian called a woman in politics a “cunt” & faced little if any backlash from her fans and the “liberal news media”—*side eyeing *? Hint: It’s not Samantha Bee.

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Rational Nation USA said...

tRump has reduced American political dialog to a level on par with grade school playgrounds. Wait... reconsidering. Correction, he has reduced dialogue to levels well below that of grade school playgrounds.

My apologies to grade school children everywhere across our fruited plains.

Only a narcissistic jackass could accomplish what tRump has in just over 2+ short years (starting with his campaign announcement).


Ducky's here said...

I wish Samantha Bee had chosen a different phrase but frankly I make an allowance for the context.

She was calling out the Trumps on the policy of "losing" children of detained migrants.
It wasn't simply a random dig at someone's race. The random vulgarities pitched at ethnic groups has been a mark of the coarse bum at the top for some time and the right needs to be aware of that although it isn't likely.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Samantha Bee needs to remember what Michelle Obama famously said: "When they go low; we go high."

Bee doesn't need to sink into the sewer where the Trumpistas dwell to get her point across.

Anonymous said...

Since you refuse to post any of the right wing comments, I can't believe you when you say that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To Anonymous @8:32 P M

Conservative points of view are published here (see skudrunner and RN) and others.

I don't publish trolls who do nothing but insult my commenters and me. Plus most of the "Anonymous" commenters are escapees from WYD who are cowards and don't let us see their blogging profiles. Not worth publishing.