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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

To all the faint-hearted pearl-clutchers who were scandalized by Michelle Wolf's WHCD routine:

Did you forget what your favorite amoral cretin said as a candidate? Far, far worse than anything Wolf said on Saturday night:


Anonymous said...

I'm adding this Letter to the Editor in today's Washington Post that I heartily agree with:

When Republicans complained about political correctness during the 2016 campaign, their endgame was always the kind of moment we arrived at with the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner [“For Wolf, a mixed bag of claps and clapbacks,” Style, April 30]. President Trump can mock Mika Brzezinski’s appearance, but a comedian can’t roast Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Trump supporters want to be able to overlook the litany of vile language coming from the man who occupies the Oval Office, but they also want to pretend to be outraged when a Democrat calls them out on it using the same vileness. So here we are, a nation without decency, because Republicans decided that decency didn’t matter and elected a man with no regard for it.

I don’t know how we get back to a nation that holds decency and civility in high regard. All I can think about is how Mr. Trump told us all he would fix it: “You know what solves it? When the economy crashes, when the country goes to total hell and everything is a disaster. Then you’ll have a, you know, you’ll have riots to go back to where we used to be when we were great.”

As the saying goes: When a man tells you his plans, believe him.

Lynne Hughes, Mount Lebanon, Pa.

While I never cared for that kind of humor (never liked Don Rickles either), when you are going to a Roast (and that is what these dinners have been, like, forever), you gotta have a thick skin. And I thought that "we" were the snowflakes?!

Shaw Kenawe said...

From my friend G.G.:

"Is anyone surprised to learn that the hilarious health assessment of Dr. Borowitz was dictated by the great dictator himself, Donald Trump? Sure, Trump is the healthiest man ever to be president and he's not really overweight. No collusion either. And Sarah Huckleberry Sandflea says sending goons to confiscate his records, illegal though it is, is "standard procedure" Well sure, but not here, not in the US. But does that really matter any more? Whatever the Führer wants, the Führer gets. And no collusion!"

Rational Nation USA said...

Where are the decent Republicans? Do they even exist anymore?

They still exist but in smaller numbers. The smart ones have turned independent.

Political parties tend to foster groupthink mentality. The republican party has excelled in groupthink.

tRump is attempting to break up the old republican groupthink and replace it with something sinister and chaotic.

His supporters haven't yet figured out just how dangerous this jackass really is. YET.

We await the Final Outcome as the wheels continue to grind slowly.