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Wednesday, January 5, 2011



The winners of the caption contest have been chosen.  I asked the artist to choose, since it is his cartoon, and he doesn't know any of the people who submitted the captions.  Thank you all for participating. IMHO all the entries were hilarious and worthy.    This was fun, and I think I'll ask my BiL to do another cartoon caption contest in the future.

Here are the first, second, and third place winners:

First Place:  Sue:  "Oh Honey I wish I could do it too...Here, let me hold it for you."

Second Place:  The J Mopper:  "Perhaps THIS trickle-down effect can help him get a job"

Third Place:  Malcolm:  "Honey, you are such a whiz!"

You now have the privilege of being the first three inducted into the Progressive Eruptions Hall of Extreme Excellence and Fame.

Congratulations to everyone!

Now that the GOP has taken over the House of Representatives, I thought we'd have a bit of fun with them.

My brother-in-law, an artist and cartoonist, showed me his latest creation over the holidays.  He thought it would be fun if I asked my readers to offer a caption for the cartoon, which depicts a veddy, veddy wealthy couple standing in front of a poor blind chap while a golden liquid, coming from the Daddy Big Bucks guy, is streaming into the beggar's cup, and it is the veddy, veddy rich lady speaking.

My brother-in-law came up with two very good captions:

"I know it's just a metaphor, but I love it!" and "It's so grand to be a Republican!"

The reward for the best caption?  A place in "Progressive and Constitutional Eruptions'" Hall of Extreme Excellence and Fame."

BTW, as you may have noticed, I've temporarily changed the name of this blog to reflect this country's--well the incoming GOP's-- extreme devotion to and fetishizing of the Constitution.  I think we all need to get on board and show the blogsphere who loves the Constitution more. [/sarcasm/]

(One wonders where these GOP Constitution worshippers were during the 8 years of GWB's administration.  I guess the GOPers worry about the USC only when a Democrat is in office, because they sure as hell didn't care about the Constitution when GWB and the Republicans were the party in power for SIX long years--y'know, when we attacked a country that didn't attack us and Tom DeLay was committing felonies while he was the House Majority Leader. )

One final thing:  please take note of the message from the venerable Thomas Jefferson under PaCE's title.  Interesting, wot?

Here's the cartoon.  Have fun!


Anonymous said...


You wonder why they're called "Piss Poor"

mary b

Shaw Kenawe said...

mary b,

ZOMG! Very, very good, in fact hilarious! Thank you!

The J Mopper said...

"Perhaps THIS trickle-down effect can help him get a job"

Shaw Kenawe said...


LOL! Another really good one!

Octopus said...

"Enough, dear. His cup runneth over."

cjg said...

"We REAL Americans are starting to fight back."

The J Mopper said...

"Poor dear lost his mind maintaining all of those fake blogs...enjoy the kool-aid!"

Malcolm said...

Caption: Honey, you are such a whiz!

Dave Miller said...

Looks like you can tell Governor Barbour not to pardon anyone. Your kidneys seem to be working fine.

Anonymous said...

"How clever honey!!! a little porta-potty! Where do u put the quarter?"


Anonymous said...

"Daaaahling, why do people say the poor don't have a pot to pee in?"

TRUTH 101 said...

"Not too much dahling. You don't want to spoil him. He'll be on welfare forever."

Infidel753 said...

"So that's why the lower orders of society are called 'peons'!"


The J Mopper said...

"Once you're done filling up Beck's cup save some for Rush - looks like he needs something to wash down those Oxycontin pills."

Sue said...

"Oh Honey I wish I could do it too...Here, let me hold it for you"

Shaw I have to admit, when I saw this cartoon it made me cringe with the reality of it all. Rich, greedy, cold, mean bastards....

Rational Nation USA said...

I find it interesting that none bother to consider the charitable contributions the "very wealthy" make, or the jobs the "wealthy" business owner provides.

More class warfare and disingenuous pandering.

It strikes me as hilarious that many of the very wealthy are in fact progressives that shelter their wealth every bit as much as the wealthy conservatives.

Tired old tactic, and boring as well. But if nothing else it continues the debate and I guess that is good.

Shaw Kenawe said...


When I surf conservative blogs and see a post I dont like, I don't bother to comment. I just leave.

For example this is from one of your recent posts on Howard Dean:

RN-USA: "I, as well as most Americans ain't bying your crap."

"Here is what the hot headed icon of the irrational left..."

"Howard Dean is, in the final analysis, a member of the Wilsonian liberal progressive generation that knows it is dying....But they will keep trying, and preaching their crap in hopes of convincing the rest of us."

And finally, your review and praise of Jonah Goldberg's book that labels Liberals as fascists.

I didn't visit your blog to scold you on your choice of a blog subject, nor did I call it class warfare and disingenuous of you to cheerlead a book that denigrates liberals as fascists.

You apparently give yourself a pass on painting liberals with a very broad "fascist" and "crap" brush, but feel injured over this cartoon?


Shaw Kenawe said...

I remembered this quote from Anatole France; and though it wouldn't be a very funny caption for the cartoon, I thought it expressed the underlying theme:

"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw - I deal in movements, in other words the philosophy of particular political "classes or groups if you will.

I do not paint all liberal the same as there are liberals who in my opinion have great merit and common sense.

Neither Dean, nor what constitutes the modern liberal philosophy has a great deal of merit in my judgment.

That does not mean all liberals have no merit or are crap.

There is such a thing as liberal fascism, whether anyone wished to acknowledge it or not is up to them.

As the birthplace of independent conservative RN USA has no problems with divergent views. In fact welcomes them. But no one should think that comments won't be questioned or push back won't exist.

If you prefer I will visit your site and leave no comment should I have a different view or wish to make a different point.

The J Mopper said...

RN said "I find it interesting that none bother to consider the charitable contributions the "very wealthy" make, or the jobs the "wealthy" business owner provides."

Talk about sweeping generalizations. If you must know, I did consider what you posted yet decided to post my entries.

Lighten up, the post headline states this is a Cartoon Caption Contest.

Sue said...

when the corporations stop taking their business overseas in order to make huge profits while paying slave wages..... when they purposely take jobs from hard working dedicated Americans and give them to Bosnians because they can pay them half what the Americans made.... when they start putting the American worker first, pay him a living wage... then and only then will I feel differently towards the rich fat cat business owners. Charity contributions are tax write offs, right?? Oh yes, from the goodness of their dear hearts....

Sue said...

WTF!!!!!!!!! MOI????? THANK YOU, I threw that one out never thinking it was even slightly funny! Wow I'm a winner, who woulda guessed...:-)

dmarks said...

"Now all you have to do is drop a photo of Christ into the cup and you can get a $20,000 federal arts grant"

dmarks said...

And Sue, I'm sure that Bosnians (who merely get jobs by being better at them) strongly resent any of your claim that they are slaves. But of course the worst kind of arrogant condescension upon foreigners is a big part of the mindset of those who oppose free-and-fair trade. I read this kind of thing in many Pat Buchanan columns.