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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GOP-TPers Give Good Facepalm

Just when  I think FAUX NOOZ and the GOP-TP pols can't be any more dickish, more idiotic, more small minded, roiling in gallons of fetid bile and filled with more hate than a ballpark full of Yankee fans at a Red Sox game, they demonstrate to me that yes! Yes they can!

Let's examine the latest FOX fake outrage about President Obama's use of a clip to hold together his Jobs bill.  And no, I'm not kidding.  The meat-heads who pass themselves off as cable news reporters at that clown cable "news" station actually reported on this with indignation.  Is it possible that I have the misfortune to be living in an age of such  unimaginably  petty assholedness?  Well, the answer is yes.  I live in times that are not so much interesting as they are insane!  Do I have to draw a picture with my favorite crayolas to illustrate how deranged these people are? 

How about you just read this and then give yourself the hardest facepalm of your life.

"...Fox & Friends joined the New York Post in attacking President Obama for using a paper clip. Read that again: They attacked Obama for using a paper clip."

But wait, there's more. 

Rep. Steven King (Idiot-IA) wants President Obama's drunken uncle to testify before Congress.

What? Did I just type that incredibly stupid sentence?  Why yes, yes I did. 

"Onyango Obama, who allegedly does not have a valid visa, was arrested in Framingham, Massachusetts, on August 24 and charged in Framingham District Court with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. He is the half-brother of President Obama's father.

King suspects that Onyango Obama will get favorable deportation proceedings due to his relation to the President.

'We have to bring drunken 'Uncle Omar' in front of the House Judiciary Committee, drill down into this, and tell America what's going on,' the Iowa Republican told Fox News' Chris Stirewalt Monday."

Apparently Rep. King thinks Congress's time would be well spent, not in finding jobs for the American people, not in solving our financial crises, but in wasting tax payers' time and money on investigating some obscure half-uncle of President Obama's, because finding some way, any way, to embarrass or annoy the president is way more important than actually doing, y'know, his job.

Does anyone need anymore evidence of the complete mental and moral breakdown that has tragically overtaken the GOP-TP?  I don't think so.  This petty harrassment from the once great party of Lincoln is evidence of a party that has been overtaken by a rampaging group of racist ninnies hellbent on screwing over the president and not one bit interested in doing the right thing for America.


Sue said...

with each word written my BP soared! Those F and F jokers are the lamest of the lame. I can not believe Americans we know and love watch that hideous show with those hideously STOOPID people...

Shaw I just shake my head, but we must keep going...we have one more year to get thru then we can relax and enjoy the work of our president..YES??

okjimm said...

Fox just hit a new high on low blows......maybe if it was a gold plated paper clip from the Koch bros it would have been ok.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sue and okjimm,

When I read the item about FAUX NOOZ whining about the paper clip on the jobs bill, I thought I was reading something from The Onion.

FN and the idiot Rep. Steven King have lost their marbles and apparently don't care if the rest of the world knows it.

Infidel753 said...

Ah, but notice how a paper clip looks (very slightly) like two sixes folded around each other. 66 -- the Mark of Two-Thirds of the Beast! And "clip" begins with the same letter as "Communist"! How dare this Satanic Marxist usurper flaunt such subliminal messages of contempt for American values!

Yeesh, they haven't just sunk to the level of the Onion, they've dived way past it.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Okay, I'm going to interject some humor here, because I just NEED IT!

Was the paperclip a GOLD one??

That's the color I use at work and ya know, THEY are MORE expensive than the silver ones!!

**I just slapped my own forehead so none of you have to! :-)

Malcolm said...

Yet another example of Obama Derangement Syndrome. These are the same people who complain about the criticism directed at Bush. However, I challenge them to come up with an instance where a news organization criticized Bush over something this childish and petty. Appropriately when I think of most of the shows on Fox "News", circus music plays in my head. Anyone who takes their clownish antics seriously needs to seek mental attention.