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Thursday, September 29, 2011

President Obama's Support Still Excellent With Jewish Voters

According to a report published in Talking Points Memo, Mr. Obama is doing just fine with Jewish voters.  Despite the lies and disinformation found on rightwing blogs that falsely claim that the Jewish community is falling away from him, the truth is that Mr. Obama's support is solid and way ahead of anything the GOP candidates enjoy.

"It looks like a sweet start to the Jewish New Year for President Obama. According to a new poll by Democratic PPP, the recent panic over Obama’s standing with Jewish voters is little cause for concern in Florida, which has one of the largest Jewish populations in the nation.

Obama leads Rick Perry with Jewish voters 82-2 in a general election matchup and Romney 78-11, huge margins in line with Democrats’ traditional edge with one of their core demographics.

PPP notes that it’s a relatively small sample size, but all indications are still positive:

Obama’s approval rating among Jewish voters is 76/20 and 61/31 on his handling of Israel."


Infidel753 said...

One can hardly expect a minority with a long history of being savagely persecuted, to support a party which so openly inclines toward a theocracy based on the most hard-line and bigoted elements of the majority religion. As long as the Republican party is dominated by theocrats, most Jews, like me, will feel that they are simply not a viable option, no matter what other issues are on the table.

Truth 101 said...

Crappy turnout of pissed off democrats is what cost us the Weiner seat. Not the bullshit the right said about Jewss. That stuff is good at getting the idiots out to vote though. We gotta find a way to get the idiots to vote with us instead of the republicans.

If we could get all the bloggers to claim God spoke to us and other nonsense I bet that would bring the kooks to our side.

Rational Nation USA said...

With all due respect Truth the chance of your premise on how to bring the "kooks" to your side is flawed.

Why you ask... because all bloggers with conservative or libertarian leanings are not religious kooks.

The majority stand on what they view as proper constitutional principles.

Surprisingly not unlike a few rational progressive blogs that are out there.

Truth 101 said...

Probably should have said our media needs to appeal to the kooks and idiots the way the right wing media guys do.

Thanks for helping me out RN.

Dave Miller said...

RN Says "The majority stand on what they view as proper constitutional principles."

That's the problem isn't it RN, where ever someone stands is on proper constitutional principles, as they see it.

I look at words like "Promote the general welfare" and see a charge to look for common good.

The right completely disagrees with me on that.