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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where is the GOP's public rebuke of the booing of an active duty American soldier?

Frequent commenter here on PE, Dave Miller, left this insightful comment about the audience members at the last GOP debate who booed the soldier serving in Iraq:

BloggerDave Miller said...

We have watched over the years as many conservative pundits and politicians have tarred and feathered Muslims for their faith.

We have been told that in the absence of any public rebuke of extremist Muslim views, that we can safely view the entire religion as extremist.

We have been told that at least 10% of the Muslim people are terrorists.

And we have been told that we, as Americans, have a right to look suspect on an entire people group.

Why? For two reasons.

One, a relatively small number of the followers of Islam have gone off the deep end and believe in terrorism.

And two, the apparent lack of Muslim leaders who will publicly say that the actions of that relatively small number of terrorists are wrong and have no place in civilized societies.

It is time that those that advocate this type of stance, step forward and accept their due.

Unless and until we see national leaders from the Republican Party stand up and disavow the words and attitudes of people like Mr. Santorum and the crowds that cheered the death penalty, said "yeah, let him die" and then booed a gay serviceman, it is safe to assume that these views are representative of the entire party.

Where are the national GOP leaders that will say these people do not represent our party?

Where is one elected GOP congressional leader who will publicly state that what we have been watching the last three weeks is wrong?

Republicans, this is your dancing in the streets Palestinian moment. Your masses are booing US Servicemen, celebrating the death penalty, and saying let 'em die to your fellow citizens.

In the absence of any leaders stepping forward, why should we not tar your entire party with the same brush you have used for years to tar Muslims?

(NOTE:  Rick Santorum condemned the booing by the audience of the active duty soldier, but a day later--he claimed he didn't hear the booing.)


"Jon-John Huntsman, who said it was "totally unfortunate and unnecessary when someone in uniform asks a question of a panelist in this case, the first response should be thanking the soldier for his or her service," and New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson who said, "That’s not the Republican Party that I belong to,” said Johnson. “I’m embarrassed by someone who serves in the military and can’t express their sexuality. I am representing the Republican Party that is tolerant. And to me that shows an intolerance that I’m not a part of in any way whatsoever. ”Johnson added that he could hear the boos from the stage and believes that the other candidates – despite Santorum’s denial – could as well." (ABC)


THUS, conscience does make cowards of them all:

"Businessman Herman Cain declined to go into detail about the incident saying only, “If you don’t have time to explain your whole position on that, you can very easily be taken out of context so I don’t even want to comment on that.”

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s spokeswoman Alice Stewart said in an email to ABC News, “There was booing and cheering throughout the debate – Michele didn’t comment on any of it.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also declined to comment, and Ron Paul’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Spokespeople from Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign did not return requests for comment, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign had no comment either."


Infidel753 said...

A cogent point. It's especially striking that not one of the candidates on stage reacted against the booing at the time. To criticize it later, when it's become clear that it's an issue, is much less impressive. And apparently Cain, Bachmann, and Gingrich still can't even do that. Their need to stay on the good side of the troglodytes is what "does make cowards of them all".

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, I have never in my lifetime seen such coarse (see my upper right sidebar on the comment by Coulter about the chairwoman of the DNC), and dishonorable behavior by a group of politicians.

They are cowards.

They are afraid of standing up to the base--actually the basEST of their supporters. By not doing so, they encourage normal Americans to perceive the entire GOP as anti-compassion, anti-justice, and now, unbelievably anti-military.

okjimm said...

YA, what infidel said..... if they have no courage..... now.... to do the right thing... what will they do later? The whole GOP candidate field is bogus.... cheap hookers, all of them.

Malcolm said...

The booing followed by the silence by many in the GOP is shameful and embarrassing. Despite that vulgar display at the debate, many conservatives claim it's the liberals who don't support the troops. Yeah, right.

Dave Miller said...

This just in, all of the GOP candidates are having their hearing checked so they will be prepared to hear everything at the next debate...