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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mitt, They're Just Not Into You

Santorum wins Mississippi and Alabama.    Romney came in third by a handful of votes, so not a "debacle" in extremely religiously conservative AL and MS.

Gingrich is still hanging in the race by a delusional hair.

Romney is still ahead in the delegate count, but Santorum is breathing down his grits.

And there's Ron Paul.

"It was a big night for Santorum. He proved he can win in primary elections — not caucuses — in the heart of the conservative base for the GOP,” said John Stineman, a Republican consultant ... 'No one else can legitimately claim to be the chief rival to Governor Romney.'

But Santorum remains in a mathematical vise thanks to what many analysts consider Romney’s nearly insurmountable delegate lead.

'He would need to really start hammering Romney to make up the deficit,' said Kyle Kondik, a political analyst with the University of Virginia Center for Politics
'Mitt Romney is still an 80 percent or more favorite to win this nomination,' Kondik said. “'omney seems to be the only one who can actually get to 1,144 delegates, especially because one would expect most of the party leader superdelegates to go his way.'

The Southern contests were more about the speed at which the Republican nomination will be wrapped up rather than who the actual nominee will be, said Republican strategist David Polyansky of New York, who worked for Mike Huckabee’s campaign four years ago.

'At the end of the day, it is almost a certainty that Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee regardless of tonight’s results,' Polyansky said."

The tragedy of anti-science, anti-education that is rampant in the south:

From BussFlash

Bring Out the Dinosaurs: 66 Percent of Likely Mississippi GOP Primary Voters Are Creationists

These are the folks who voted for Rick Santorum.


Darth Beacon said...

Romney will get a nomination. he's the next president. cont on it!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa, you're not welcome here.

Why you bother to visit is a mystery to me.

Your pals over at your blog have vilified me, attacked me, and called me despicable, disgusting names, which you've happily allowed.

And now you come here and expect me to treat you with respect and answer your comments?

Shame on you and your cowardly inability to show any decency.

I was under the very mistaken impression that you had some humanity in you.

I know better.

You don't.

Darth Bacon and Radical Redneck are two bullying creeps and it is your choice to pal around with them.

Lie down with fleas, Lisa, and the next thing you know, they're crawling all over you.

Your comments will be deleted. As will those by your demented friends.

cwhiatt said...

The sad thing is that, Constitutionally speaking, it shouldn't matter one iota if Obama is a Muslim or not.

Shaw Kenawe said...

[Lisa left a smarmy comment about Mr. Obama and Allah.]

It's true, Chris. But "Muslim" is the new "Commie" in this country.

For my part, I wish everyone would go back to practicing his/her religion in their churches and homes and stop trying to outdo one another with their super religiosity.

I don't care if people worship ham sandwiches.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This is just ONE example of what Lisa allowed on her blog about me:

"But the lefty vermin like Chaw Kenawe expect conservatives to take their BS and remain silent. Well it's not going to happen, and the noise from the right about this is not going away.. No matter how many post this screwball progressive loose cannon Chaw Kenawe writes, or how many dumb names she gives to ALL the republican candidates.
She can attack attack Limbaugh and conservatism all she wants to, but two can play that game as well as she and the leftist progressive insulting, condescending, IDIOTS that surround her. Rush is entitled to his opinions no matter that these bunch of hypocrite say or want. This is the Russian, or Cuban media, this is still the United States of America.'

She left that and more in her comment section.

She completely lacks human decency; and by allowing such attacks on me on her blog, she condones them.

That is why I do not welcome her here.

billy pilgrim said...

for the longest time i was amused watching the republican circus but now that santorum is winning some of the contests i can't stand to watch anymore. it's been an very long time since someone could make my skin crawl like little ricky.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

The part I don't understand is that nobody, none of us to be sure in any comment, has denied Rush Limbaugh the RIGHT to say whatever it is he likes.

In fact, Shaw, I know you and I personally have repeated it several times that he's free to do/say what he likes.

Of course, this means taking that good old 'conservative individual responsibility' and reaping the consequences of his actions.

I think the Right doesn't get that part.

Nobody's stopping him, but if he makes his bed he has to lay in it.

That's what my daddy always said.

Leslie Parsley said...

As the South goes, so goes the nation? Let us hope not.

Lisa and Co. demonstrate the huge difference between what it is to be conservative and what it is to be right-wing extremists. The former are not necessarily ignorant and thuggish. The latter are all that and more, none of it very admirable.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I share your loathing. I hope to be able to divert myself from what's happening here by reading about the tomatoes you'll be planting this year.


The commenter who calls himself DB [and probably RR], hasn't the intelligence to understand the difference between making comments on public people like Rush Limbaugh and attacking individuals like me. As we all know, the rightwing blogs he enjoys commenting on always denigrate the president and other liberals they do not like. DB isn't capable of understanding that there is a difference. Plus he's a misogynistic bully of the same stripe as Rush Limbaugh. IOW, a feckless coward.

What is it with these insecure and frightened men who are intimidated by women with strong opinions and the ability to express them? They must have very small, um, self-esteem, because they are unable to deal with us.

Leslie, the nation will NOT go the way of the south. Keep in mind that both Mississippi and Alabama are two states with the highest rate of high school dropouts. They don't exactly distinguish themselves in educational achievements.

BB-Idaho said...

Regarding "Mississippi and Alabama are two states with the highest rate of high school dropouts. They don't exactly distinguish themselves in educational achievements." The kindest thing
I can say is that explains why
66% of them are creationists.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"The kindest thing
I can say is that explains why
66% of them are creationists."

There are a lot of wonderful people in Mississippi and Alabama. I've had the pleasure to visit and stay in both states.

Unfortunately, a majority of them seem to have an aversion to education and the 21st century.

But not the wonderful people I was fortunate to meet.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

Here's a real and honest question I have, and I'm going to also pose it on my blog (not like many people read it, thanks BB)... when people say things like 'Obama has been the worst president in history', what exactly is it they're referring to? Seriously. What exactly has the man done that merits such a #1 position? I'm not seeing it.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

And Shaw: it doesn't matter who really Rush wants to spout off about.. his 1st Amend rights aren't violated in any way by a boycott. I don't understand why people keep trying to make this into something about Rush's free speech, which is just as protected today as it will be the next time he says something vile.

This has never been about Rush Limbaugh's free speech. It's been about him taking the consequences of said free speech.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Saty, what you've written is true. But unfortunately people don't look at facts, they FEEL EMOTION.

I have repeated more than once that I don't want Rush off the air.

However, if so many people are this p.o.'d with Rush and are letting their opinions about what he did be known to his sponsors, then he will feel the consequences of his free speech.

As for Mr. Obama being the worst of worst, every time I've asked for facts to back that up, I've received crickets.

Rational Nation USA said...

Unintended consequences is all the boycotts amount to. Nothing to do with 1'st amendment freedom of speech.

Businesses have the right to advertise where and with whom they believe in their best interest. Rush didn't see it coming, and apparently doesn't care.

What is wrong are efforts by individual like G. Allred to try by force of law to silence Limbaugh. But we all know G.A. is a joke. Don't we?

Satyavati devi dasi said...

As a private citizen, I would think that Sandra Fluke has a pretty good shot at a slander lawsuit.

Testifying at a government hearing does not turn a private citizen into a public one, and having one's character impugned on commercial radio in the way it was done, with the resultant mass publicity and damage to her reputation should make for a fairly easy case to win. An apology doesn't quite fix the problem.

Winning the case almost definitely wouldn't shut him down, but it could result in reparation for damages, which in my opinion would be just as good.

If nothing else, it would show that while your FA rights are protected, the consequences of your actions are still yours to deal with.