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Sunday, March 4, 2012


ProFlowers pulled its spot from Limbaugh's radio show, making it 7 sponsors so far to do so. 

"ProFlowers said Sunday on its Facebook page that it has suspended advertising on Limbaugh’s program because his comments about Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke 'went beyond political discourse to a personal attack and do not reflect our values as a company.' ”

And on the Sunday talk circuit conservative pundits were not bashful in criticizing Limbaugh's disgusting, anti-woman behavior:

The [Limbaugh/Fluke] controversy was a hot topic of political conversation on Sunday. Speaking on ABC News' "This Week," Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan called Limbaugh's remarks "crude, rude, even piggish," and "deeply destructive and unhelpful."

Panelist George Will went further, blasting Republicans for what he said was an inadequate response to the controversy. He said that House Speaker John Boehner's use of the word "inappropriate" to describe Limbaugh's language was more fitting for "using the salad fork for your entrée."

"And it was depressing because what it indicates is that the Republican leaders are afraid of Rush Limbaugh," Will alleged. "They want to bomb Iran, but they're afraid of Rush Limbaugh."

ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd agreed. He alleged that Republican leaders lacked the guts to stand up to Limbaugh because of a "myth" that the radio personality influences a large segment of conservative voters.

"I think the problem is the Republican leaders, Mitt Romney and the other candidates, don't have the courage to say what they say in quiet, which, they think Rush Limbaugh is a buffoon," Dowd theorized. "They think he is like a clown coming out of a small car at a circus. It's great he is entertaining and all that. But nobody takes him seriously."

But not everyone in the conservative blogsphere believes that Limbaugh went too far.  Limbaugh still has his admirers there who see fit to either ignore the whole controversy, or to stick up for the woman-bashing creep and continue to degrade and denigrate Ms. Fluke or to contort their reasoning in trying to make what Limbaugh did the same as what Ed Schultz did in his slur on Laura Ingraham and what Bill Maher says in his comedy monologues:

" Limbaugh should not have called that woman a slut. Moocher is a more apt description.March 4, 2012 2:17 PM
Yet you lefties stand and cheer when your liberal boys call conservative women vulgarities. Classless. You have no high ground to stand on.

Pardon me while I laugh my ass off at your phony outrage..."

And pardon us for vomiting as we watch rightwing bloggers fall all over themselves to try to find equivalency in this.  There is none, no matter how far into the swill hole that is rightwing shock radio they dig to find one.

And this:

"Bill Maher is a spokesperson for the democrats whether it's once a week or once a month.

Limbaugh does what he does to stir up the masses and it just goes to show how utterly overly sensitive the left is. I used to think Limbaugh was a sexist until I actually listened to him and got the humor it really is just satire,unlike Maher who just comes off as arrogant and nasty. Anyone who knows who Limbaugh really is knows what he does on the air is just for the purpose of getting the left in a tizzy. His political views are what he truly believes but the other stuff is not who he really is ,but Maher used to be funny now he's just another holier than thou liberal who thinks he knows best.

Who cares who's doing it? The thing about the left is you have comedians and actors getting free air time to call people anything they want but because it's 'what they do' you get a free pass.
And it just so happened the president called this girl in the Green Room of MSNBC just before her interview there.

A 30 year old needs a phone call to tell how 'proud her parents must be' from the president? Are you kidding me?"

Bill Maher a "spokesperson" for the Democrats?  This person obviously never watches him, since he's been one of Mr. Obama's loudest critics on the left.  But forget this total ignorance on this winger's part.  No one in the real world ever, ever calls Maher a "spokesperson" for the Left.   Just another "false fact" to fit their false reality.

Another ray of sunshine is the fact that Limbaugh is one of the most disliked radio personalities in America:

 "...three of the 26 news personalities are America's least favorite, almost half say Rush Limbaugh (46%).
Three in ten say Bill O'Reilly (31%)
and almost one-quarter say their least favorite is Nancy Grace (23%).

Rounding out the top ten least favorite news personalities are:

Sean Hannity (14%),
Katie Couric (10%),
Piers Morgan (10%),
Barbara Walters (10%),
Chris Matthews (10%),
Rachel Maddow (7%) 
Wolf Blitzer (7%).


Dave Dubya said...

Last I heard, FOX(R) is foisted on all cable and satellite customers, while Maher on HBO must be requested.

FOX(R) calls itself news. Maher is comedy and commentary, featuring conservative voices.

How many liberals are on FOX(R)? How many liberals are guests on Limbaugh?

No comparison by any standard. There never is when it comes to the propagandists of the radical Right.

Infidel753 said...

When all else fails, they change the subject. Even if Maher had ever said anything as disgusting as Limbaugh's sleaze, that would not reduce the iniquity of the latter.

Well, they can dodge and make excuses all they want, but I hope and believe that decent people will remember this when the time comes to vote.

Decent People said...

We will!

Anonymous said...

We got a real good look into the dark and depraved inner life of El Rushbo, and it is roiling with mysogynistic fury.

But the person to be pitied most after this deeply sordid affair is not the dignified and luminous Ms. Fluke, but El Rushbo’s 4th “wife.”

She has to live with that thing; and no matter how much she’s been paid to do so, it can’t be enough to make up for the horror that she must endure day after day after day in being "Mrs. El Rushbo."

Rational Nation USA said...

Did anybody doubt this? Oh yeah, I forgot. I've essentially been saying this right along in so many words. Bit somehow my comments seem to disappear. Perhaps liberals are just desirous of getting all the credit.

The important thing is El Rusbo's descent into obscurity is hastened by his own absurd rhetoric.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave D., A lot of conservatives are scrambling to make what Limbaugh said the equivalent of what Schultz said. There is none. And they know it, therefore, their desperate attempt to make it the same thing. Schultz's apology was immediate, personal, and unequivocal. And he was off the air, without pay, for a week.

Infidel753, they have no defense for what Limbaugh did, except to try to make it about Maher. Ha!

DP and Anon, Amen.

RN, are you talking about disappearing comments here? I checked my comment section, and it appears all you comments here have been published.

Anyway, bullies like Rush eventually end up destroying themselves.

Rush Limbaugh humiliated 12-year old girl, Chelsea Clinton, on his teevee show, comparing her to a dog! When I witnessed that, I knew that he was a miserable cad, and though it would take some time, eventually, he would crash and burn.

A man who would attack and humiliate a little girl has some severe psychological problems, apparently he never had them treated, and we saw the result of that last week in his newst attack on Ms. Fluke.

Shame on the conservative bloggers who are defending the coward.

S.W. Anderson said...

". . .it was depressing because what it indicates is that the Republican leaders are afraid of Rush Limbaugh."

Given repeated instances of this being demonstrated in recent years, why did it take Limbaugh's demeaning, libeling and slandering a private citizen, using complete lies and utter distortions, for three days running, for Will to speak up about the cowardice of Republican leaders?

dmarks said...

Infidel said: "When all else fails, they change the subject. Even if Maher had ever said anything as disgusting as Limbaugh's sleaze"

Maher has said something far worse. Check into his rant which declared that handicapped children had no worth as human beings. This is the kind of logic that others have used in preparations for campaigns to kill lots of people.

But that is a separate issue from what Limbaugh said.

Anonymous said...

Squelch free speech, that's this liberal blogger message.
Typical liberal hypocrite

dmarks said...

Anon: Where's the "smoking gun" here about squelching free speech? While I have seen liberals in the past call for censoring Limbaugh and broadcast media in general ("Fairness Doctrine"), in this current issue I have yet to see such a call from the Left in Shaw's discussions here. Or elsewhere.

Malcolm said...

I think the GOP is going to pay (at least in the short term) for this latest Rush controversy. It's their own fault though because they allowed him to gain political power while rarely (if ever) calling him out for the many vile statements he's made over the years.

Shaw, in regards to when Limbaugh compared Chelsea Clinton to a dog, you mean you didn't buy his excuse that it was an accident and that without his permission some technician had put up the picture of Chelsea? :-)

Anonymous said...

Shaw writes: "Rush Limbaugh humiliated 12-year old girl, Chelsea Clinton, on his teevee show, comparing her to a dog! When I witnessed that"

You witnessed nothing. You saw this inaccurate description of events somewhere on the internet, assumed it was true, and invented this falsehood about witnessing it yourself. There was a chelsea/dog incident that indeed occurred on his tv show, but not the way you describe it, nor the way you think it happened. And you're not the first phony to claim have seen this false version of events. I saw one guy on a blog claim that he was in the live audience when it happened. And to try to bolster his lie, he added a few details about the show that only an audience member or show staffer would know. Problem was that those few details he added served only to expose him for the phony he was. He got quite a few things wrong in his description and those who had been audience members replied, pointing out his inaccuracies. He didn't respond.