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Friday, March 2, 2012

Two Presidents Support Georgetown Student Sandra Fluke and Denounce Mysogynistic GOP Spokesman, Rush Limbaugh

Because no one's dared to stand up to the bully, Limbaugh has gotten away with vilifying and slandering anyone he dislikes.  Because no one in the GOP has the cajones to denounce his outrageous attacks, like all bullies, Limbaugh felt encouraged to foreswear any restrains whatsoever in his personal  bigoted attacks on the president, his wife, and anyone who holds a different political viewpoint.  That's why he felt comfortable in calling Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke, a "slut" and a "prostitute" for appearing before a Congressional committe on women's health issues, and no one in the GOP would denounce him.

President of Georgetown University, John DeGioia and President of the United States, Barack Obama both called Ms. Fluke and told her they support her, and Mr. Obama said her parents should "be proud of her."

And it is understandable why President Obama would call and support this young woman.  President Obama is the father of two daughters.  It must have saddened and then angered him to hear the cowardly demagogue, Limbaugh, from the safety of a radio studio, attack this young woman and denounce her as a "slut" and "prostitute" to his millions of listeners.  Acting as any loving father would, Mr. Obama defended and thanked Ms. Fluke for her courage and dignity as she sustained three days of Limbaugh's filthy slanders.

No good will come of Limbaugh's spineless and dastardly attacks on this woman.  No man or woman that I respect will fail to see that Limbaugh's desperate and craven attempt to make the national debate about contraception about him is nothing more than a gutlessly cynical grab for headlines at the expense of a young woman's reputation.

Give a loud-mouthed bully enough rope, and hopefully, the miscreant will hang himself. 

I do believe, finally, the swine, Rush Limbaugh, has done so!


Anonymous said...

Limbaugh is a degenerate pig.

Sandra's supporter said...

Limbaugh is a degenerate pervert.

And that's being flattering to the skunk.

Anonymous said...

How dare he make those comments. Women take birth control for various reasons other than to protect them from getting pregnant. It prevents them from having painful menstral cycles, helps against acne, and can even prevent certain cancers.
Thinking that he is entitled to see tapes of her having sex because she takes the pill, is disgusting and sick.
The pill prevents a pregnancy, unlike Viagra, approved by insurance companies and promoted by men ( Bob Dole) to have sex.

Dave Dubya said...

Mr. Viaga-from-someone-else's -script is the slime of the Earth.

I will cheer the day Rush the Slut follows Breitbart to hell.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon I and II, Sandra's supporter, and Dave Dubya,

Rush has no honor. Remember. This is the coward who made his housemaid score illegal drugs for him.

He has no balls, and can only hide behind his wealth, which he earns by slandering liberals.

Never forget that the GOP made this wormbag an honorary member of Congress, and VP Cheney said he never misses his show.

Apparently swine attract swine.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ed Kilgore of Washington Monthly:

You never know with these things, but there are signs aborning that Rush Limbaugh’s two-day tirade against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke may have been a very serious mistake. When the President of the United States goes to the trouble of personally calling the victim of a media bully to comfort her, the bully is getting into the kind of danger zone usually reserved for nasty tinpot dictators and perpetrators of heinous crimes. And when the Speaker of the House representing the party you have lorded it over for many years finds it necessary to denounce your behavior, you might want to consider a vacation of a trip to rehab.

Limbaugh has already lost one major sponsor (Sleep Train), and there’s quite a campaign underway to gather petitions to all his sponsors suggesting that might find a better use of their advertising dollars. So far all Rush has been able to muster is some spluttering at Obama for his Super-PACs accepting a big contribution from Bill Maher, and a half-hearted effort to play the victim himself, a role for which he is singularly ill-equipped.

Probably the worst sign for Rush is that the right-wing blogosphere is not (so far) exactly springing to his defense. There’s a lot more stuff up on conservative sites continuing the mourning period for Andrew Breitbart than there is about Limbaugh, which gives you a sense of how far Rush has strayed over the line. Worse yet for him, the incident will give the whole wide world a fresh opportunity to reacquaint themselves with his overall corpus of work.

So at least until such time as he’s driven to his knees in abject humiliation, it’s a moment to savor. There’s nothing much more appealing to Americans’ old-fashioned sense of rough justice than watching a bully get pummeled.

LettucePrey said...

Which is more hilarious?

(1) A prescription drug addict whining about what insurance pays for.

(2) Still using the word "Feminazis" in the year 2012, like it's clever;

(3) the notion that having insurance coverage for birth control requires a woman to launch an involuntary porn career;

(4) The fact that people listen to these douchnozzles as anything other than intentionally offensive performance art.

All of them. If there were a pill that men could take daily that would make them shoot exclusively blanks, we "feminazis" would want insurance to cover that as well.

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