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Sunday, March 18, 2012

President Awesome

Yeah, I know.  It's over the top.  But after a week of dealing with bottom-feeding trolls and angry rightwing bloggers, not to mention watching the GOP's continuing war on women and its efforts to control their bodies, I thought I'd post this positive message about President Awesome's record.

Steve Benen writes:

"[T]he name of the film, "The Road We've Traveled," is clearly intended to communicate a specific message: look less at where we are and more at what where were and what we've been through. When the narration tells viewers, "Not since the days of Franklin Roosevelt had so much fallen on the shoulders of one president," that's not hyperbole. Given that FDR "only" had to deal with the Great Depression, and Obama inherited a financial crisis and two wars, Michael Beschloss has argued that Obama's job was actually harder than anything any incoming president had to deal with in modern American history.

Put it this way: Obama entered the cockpit of a plane that was crashing, and managed to gain altitude, slowly but surely. As easy as it is to complain about the ongoing turbulence, the point of videos like these is to remind folks that the nose isn't pointed down anymore."

I will give this president credit and praise for what he's accomplished, but with the knowledge that he isn't perfect and has made mistakes. 

That said, very few presidents in the history of this country have ever been flawless in the job.  But considering what Mr. Obama faced when he took office, it is astoundingly impressive that he's managed to accomplish so many good things with so many bad people demonizing and obstructing him.

Talking Points Memo's Five Big Take-Aways from the Obama documentary.


Rational Nation USA said...

President Awesome, over the top? Fer sure!

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Good Lord . Why don't you just wrap yourself in saran wrap and have yourself delivered to the White House with a cad signed "with love to Mr Perfect?" He is so perfect and is squeaky clean not a blemish on him.
He who has the biggest microphone drives the story

Jerry Critter said...

Well I guess when your commenters can't dispute what you say, they have to try ridiculing you.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa, I'm going to let your ridiculous comment stay to show everyone your wretched reading skills, and to also expose you for the annoying troll that you are:

My post:

"I will give this president credit and praise for what he's accomplished, but with the knowledge that he isn't perfect and has made mistakes."

Apparently, you flunked reading in the first grade, and you also have no control over your impulses, which obviously compel you to come here and continue to deposit your inanities.


Poor Lisa has her own blog where she can bash the president and encourage her visitors to do so as well. But she's obsessed with me and my opinions about the president to a very, very unhealthy degree.

Anonymous said...

maybe your troll is secretly in love with O and comes to your blog to look at the pictures?

Lisa said...

Shaw you know you go around to conservative blogs trying to defend Obama at every turn.
Where is the negatives in that Mockumentary?
Poor Tom Hanks no good role coming up?
I was looking for the part where he lied abut the cost of the health care bill but couldn't seem to find it in that 17 minute infomercial.
Oh and remember what he said "We are the ones you've been waiting for" SO he knew what he was inheriting so give me a break.
This puff piece isn't' going to change anyone's mind who is made up already.
I love how these enlightened Hollywood billionaires continue to enlighten the rest of us.

Shaw Kenawe said...

When George Bush was president and was asked at a presser if he had made any mistakes, Bush's answer was "no" he hadn't.

IOW, Bush told the country then that he had been a perfect president.

I don't know what planet you live on, but on this one, when an incumbent is running for re-election, he/she emphasizes his/her successes. That's politics.

That you come whining here and pissing and moaning because that is exactly what this video is about shows your naïveté on presidential politics.

Plus you obviously have trouble reading and comprehending. I hesitate to say this, but that may be the paramount reason you are such an ardent Tea Bagger.

I notice that you keep coming back here, Lisa, even when I've asked you not to.

Do you ever examine yourself to try to understand why that is?

dmarks said...

RN said: "President Awesome, over the top? Fer sure!"

And it fits perfectly with tomorrow's blog post which I completed before coming over here.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN and dmarks,

When have either of you EVER witnessed a presidential campaign when the incumbent speaks about his mistakes?


Is there some underlying reason you both don't like the fact that Mr. Obama's team has done exactly what every other president does when he's running for re-election?

Seriously,your annoyance is quite suspect.

IIRC, some Hollywood guy produced a film that ran in theaters about Sarah Palin called "The Undefeated," (when she actually has to defeats: one big one in 2008 as well as a race for lt. governor in Alaska, 2002), and I didn't hear a peep from people like Lisa, dmarks, or RN about the over-the top adulation contained in that film.

What the Obama video does is completely normal for an incumbent, and it will probably be shown during the Democratic convention.

dmarks said...

Shaw: I'm not annoyed by it, actually. I was referring to RN's mention of "awesomeness".

Rational Nation USA said...

"Is there some underlying reason you both don't like the fact that Mr. Obama's team has done exactly what every other president does when he's running for re-election?"

Shaw, Was I making any reference to the fact that in general all politicians spin their records so as to positively benefit themselves?

I was simply stating the Obama's campaign overstatement(s) is in fact over the top. I stand by those beliefs.

Do I agree past presidential candidates have been guilty of the same? Of course. To do otherwise acknowledges one has their head buried in the sand.

Dave Miller said...

Lisa, here's at least where I stand on all of this.

I am a supporter of Barack Obama, and his presidency.

Am I completely happy with some of the decisions he has made the last three years?

No I am not. And I can say for sure that neither is Shaw.

Yes we read other blogs that are critical of President Obama. Do we defend him? Yes we do... especially when the criticisms are not backed up by facts, links, or any real evidence.

But that get dismissed by many conservative bloggers in our circle because it does not fit their narrative.

Let me give you an example.

The right is very pissed off about the 800 billion stimulus bill. But few of those that are pissed off are willing to admit that of the bills cost, more than 30% of the stimulus was in the form of tax cuts for businesses and individuals. Isn't that something conservatives are always calling for?

The bailout of GM was started by President Bush and completed by President Obama. How come we never hear from the right that President Bush was a socialist for taking over a private company?

It is because your side is unwilling, or unable to acknowledge that the auto bailout, which has saved millions of jobs, was a good idea.

The style of the right, which you have exhibited here time and time again, is to not answer facts with facts, but with unsubstantiated charges.

The style of the right, exhibited by President Bush, is to maintain that you are never wrong because admitting that is seen as a sign of weakness.

We on the left see introspection which leads us to admit when we are wrong, as exhibited by President Obama, as a strength.

Lisa, you are right... the Obama video will not change anyone who has already made up their mind. And that was not its purpose. It was made to inspire base, and maybe convert some of the undecided.

I am sure that once the GOP has a nominee, we will see a similar video touting that person's strengths and glossing over any shortcomings.

Will you be calling that a puff piece too and being derisive?

Lisa, you should answer Shaw's question. She has asked you not to comment here because of your style.

She does not ban conservative voices as evidenced by people such as Pam, RN, and DMarks.

You however choose to never answer followup questions, provide links, evidence or anything else to support your view.

Please tell us why that is?

Here's the link on the stimulus issue...

Here's a link where Santorum actually says the bailouts started with Bush...

Jolly Roger said...

I swear, anyone who reads Lisa's comments finds himself an instant misogynist. If Lisa is an example of the "conservative" woman of today, no wonder the right wing men want to chain them up in the kitchen.

Rational Nation USA said...

Jolly Roger - I assure you my friend Lisa is not "TYPICAL" of conservative women. At least those who understand real conservatism. If I held the views Lisa espouses my intelligent, gorgeous, and sexy wife would have cut my proverbial b**ls off long ago.

Malcolm said...

Just like Shaw and Dave, I am an Obama supporter who can admit that I feel he's made some mistakes during his presidency. However, I am pleased with the job he has done overall. Especially when I think of the shitty hand he was dealt.

The problem I've noticed with many right-wingers is that they will criticize President Obama no matter what he does. They also often try to pass of their opinions as facts with nothing to back up their claims (for example, "Obama hates this country"). When their sauce is that weak, it's easy to debate them.

Dave Miller said...

Malcolm, let's not forget that as reflexively as they criticize all that Obama does, they loved all that Bush did... until he left office that is...

Rational Nation USA said...

"... they loved all that Bush did... until he left office that is..."

Anhd that is hyperbolic BS.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by hyperbolic b.s., but the fact is that I've never heard any of the candidates for the GOP presidential nomination mention George W. Bush or anything his administration did in any of the debates.

No one wants to be associated with him or his disasterous 8 years.

So. Where's the hyperbolic b.s.?

It seems that Dave is correct.


I'm in agreement, as you know. I don't believe Mr. Obama is a god. And I know he's done things I don't agree with.

But givent he choice between him and the people who are hoping to win the GOP nomination, why would anyone with a functioning intellect want the GOP to regain control of the presidency?

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw - Of course...

Dave Miller said...

RN, can you cite any GOP leaders, or commentators who, while critical of Bush now, were openly against his policies when he was in office?

It became SOP for GOP candidates to be critical of Bush and his policies after he left office saying stuff like "I never agreed with that" or we made a mistake... much like candidate Santorum has done lately...

Dave Miller said...

As you know RN, Bernie Sanders among elected folks and liberal comedian Bill Maher have both been very critical of Obama and his policies...

Rational Nation USA said...

Ron Paul.