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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Obama's Unexpectedly Good Week

The Democrats got whupped on November 4.  But soon after that, Mr. Obama made some impressive moves:

Nominated Loretta Lynch as the first African-American Attorney General

A climate change deal with China

Supported net neutrality

Said he would use his executive authority to prevent the deportation of countless undocumented immigrants

Here's John Cassidy of The New Yorker explaining why we shouldn't write off President Obama because of what happened on November 4.  He's still the POTUS, and there's still a lot he can accomplish.

NOVEMBER 13, 2014 
Obama’s Unexpectedly Good Week

Once upon a time—about six years ago, to be precise—Obama was a feted celebrity in Washington, too. These days, it’s not quite like that, of course, and the President, once he gets home, will be frequently and painfully reminded of what has changed. But perhaps it’s a bit early to write him off.

In the American system, Presidents don’t have very much power to act unilaterally—on the domestic side, anyway. But, as long as they are in office, practically everything that happens revolves around them, and that gives them the opportunity to shape events, if not dictate them. During his first week of living in reduced circumstances after the midterms, Obama showed that he is capable of exceeding expectations, and he isn’t done yet.

Sometime in the next month, he is expected to invoke his executive authority to prevent the deportation of countless undocumented immigrants. The Republicans won’t like that policy any more than they like net neutrality or tackling climate change, but it looks set to become the law of the land. 

It’s too early for Democrats to cast off their mourning garb, crack open the bubbly, and toast their embattled President. But he’s already earned a few more pieces of gum.

You should go HERE and read Green Eagle's analysis
on the November 4 election.  HINT:  it isn't the "mandate" the loonies think it is.  Those maps showing all that red territory isn't reality.  Read Green Eagle to understand why.  Then have a good chuckle every time you read or hear a Bagger brag about November 4 and the "mandate."  

"This is the wrong way to govern," Boehner told reporters Thursday. 

He needs to govern like we Republicans in the House do and Republicans in the Senate will, by obstructing President Obama, doing NOTHING, and then complaining that nothing gets done.


Infidel753 said...

As Cassidy adumbrates, these moves are just the kind of thing to set the teabagger crazies screeching and foaming at the mouth. Not that they were chosen for that purpose -- supporting net neutrality and making a climate-change deal with the world's other main greenhouse-gas polluter are the kind of things Obama must do, given the opportunity. But today's radical Republicans are practically at war with sanity itself. If these actions help bring out the reality of what they are and set a tone of flagrant right-wing derangement for the two years leading up to the 2016 election, so much the better.

Rusty Old Ford said...

Let's hope he leads and makes the f**kers follow.

Anonymous said...

Roh! Roh! Roh!

Craig said...

Can't help but wonder. What if he'd done this before the midterms?

And, all those chickenshit Dems in Congress had the Dem president's back for pushing Dem values?

And, I won the lottery?

Never mind.

Mr. Not Conservative said...

Remmember when the tea baggers predicted we're all gonna die of ebola?Here's what one of the crazier nutters predicted:

"With new cases of Ebola showing up and potentially infected people going on cruises, I would also predict a massive panic to hit the medical facilities (and us) as people start getting colds and the flu and rush in to get tested for Ebola, which may in itself help spread the thing. Needless to say many people will cease going to restaurants, food markets, etc. The economy is going to take a major hit if this plays out. (Investing in online ordering might be a good short term idea. Amazon for example.)

I also read an article today about some gents who discovered an air borne version of Ebola in the late 80′s that was restricted to chimps. They said this Ebola has little chance of mutating. You’d have to think that does have something greater than Zero probability. And who believes what anyone from the medical community says about this at this point anyway as it’s all been CYA BS so far.

It’s had to think this is just going to blow over.

That asshat was completely wrong, but at least he got a chance to advertise his rank stupidity.

skudrunner said...

I guess most who read misunderstood the "climate Change/Global warming" agreement with China. The US agrees to reduce carbon emissions by 26% below 2005 levels, China agrees to cap the emissions in 2030. That must have required all of presbo's skills to negotiate that agreement.

This falls right in line with Gruber's statement, you know the guy who was paid 4 million to consult on obamacare, that the American people are to stupid to understand and we had to lie to get it passed.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hmmm. Let's look at what Mr. Obama achieved vs. what the GOP Congress has achieved vis-a-vis climate policies:

Obama - 1

Congress - 0

As for calling the American people "stupid?"

That has been the T-GOP mantra since Mr. Obama was elected in 2008. So the GOP resoundly agrees with Mr. Gruber. Except they're just huge hypocrites about it.

NOw you can go back to the Porn Queen's blog and play with Lisa's degenerates.

skudrunner said...

I expected a better response from you. It appears you agree with a lot of what I posted by your non-reactive post.

Now the wonderful one is saying Gruber was not part of his team even though the presbo used him on his web site. Looks like there is chinks in the armor.