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Thursday, January 28, 2016

An Interesting Study...

from 2014 finds that a large percentage of southern whites carry black African DNA.

The states in which this is the most predominant are South Carolina and Louisiana.

This would lead one to think that a good percentage of the KKK terrorists who tortured and killed American blacks just because they could were committing murder against their own kind. And it's a good bet that many of the bigots who mock President Obama and his family have a lot of the same DNA in their makeup as do the Obamas, which would be an embarrassment for the First Family -- sharing the same DNA with repulsive racists who are proud of their "redneck" heritage.

Study proves Southern white people have more black DNA than those in the rest of the U.S

 "Many people who consider themselves 'white' would be surprised to discover they have African ancestry — especially those in the South. 

In an ironic twist, a new study has found that some of the states with the most racial tension are also the ones where the most white people have black ancestors. 

The findings the American Journal of Human Genetics found that whites in the South were far more likely to have black ancestry than any other part of the country. 

 Researchers examined 145,000 DNA samples provided to genetic testing company 23andme for ancestry analysis. They have now determined that at least six million Americans who called themselves white had at least 1 percent African ancestry.

South Carolina and Louisiana ranked highest on the list. Researchers found that one in 20 people who called themselves white in those states had at least 2 percent African ancestry. And in a lot of the South, about 10 percent of people who identified as white turned out to have African DNA as well." 

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Flying Junior said...

I saw a microcosm of this phenomenon years ago on a daytime talk show like Jerry Springer. A prominent white supremacist agreed to a DNA test, 100% confident of the purity of his race. There was a nice, loud black lady on the stage with him ready to lead the cheers and laughter when the test revealed that he had black ancestry.

Reminds me of one of the funniest, if not sickest Dave Chappelle routines from a few years back, "Clayton Bigsby, Black White Supremacist." Video quality is not happening, but I dare you not to laugh. What a premise. A little blind boy raised in a home for the blind.