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Monday, January 18, 2016

Yes, the U.S. Government Gave Away FREE STUFF!...

to white Americans.

How many times have the ignoranti -- people who know little to nothing about U.S. history -- accused African-Americans of wanting and getting "free stuff" from the U.S. government?  

The trouble with what the ignoranti claim is that they don't know about or fail to acknowledge the millions and millions of dollars of "free stuff" white people got from the government.  I would say that it's white privilege that allows white people to accuse African-Americans of seeking hand-outs from their government while completely ignoring the enormous hand-outs their forebears received that helped them get a head start in creating wealth for their future generations.  

Economic Justice

"As he states in the rare 1968 footage below, after listing a slew of subsidies and handouts white people have lavished upon themselves since the United States was founded, from the land itself to the means of cultivating that land, Dr. King was organizing the Poor People’s Campaign to march to Washington. “We’re coming to get our check,” King says."


Dave Miller said...

Shaw, I've had this conversation with conservatives. They don't view tax subsidies, tax breaks or any type of financial help connected to taxes as a handout. It's returning what you've already paid.

It's a ridiculous argument, but nonetheless...

I love how terms get redefined...

Rational Nation USA said...

Many conservatives and libertarians would phrase it as the government returning money that was stolen from them at the point of a gun; the state of course being the gun.