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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Governor Nikki Haley...

exposes her ignorance.

Her STotU rebuttal was better than the other past T-GOP rebuttals but then WHOOPS! while being interviewed shortly after that, she let loose with this whooper:

Nikki Haley: America Has Never 'Passed Any Laws Based on Race or Religion'

Speaking about Donald Trump:

I don't think she intentionally lied, she's just grossly ignorant of American history, which is damning in itself.  She's the governor of South Carolina, FFS! How could she not know about the Jim Crow laws? the Lynching laws of the south?   Her clueless statement that America has never passed any laws or done anything based on race or religion confirms what many people already know -- that the present T-GOP lives in a bubble filled with half-truths, delusions, and outright lies, which they eagerly swallow as long as those half-truths, delusions, and lies conform to their version of American history.

Meanwhile, we suggest Governor Haley read some American history so that she won't make a fool of herself the next time she comments on race or anything else that the T-GOP receives as "truth."






In the United States, seven state constitutions include religious tests that would effectively prevent atheists from holding public office, and in some cases being a juror/witness, though these have not generally been enforced since the early twentieth century:

Governor Haley doesn't know what her own state constitution says:

South Carolina:

South Carolina: Article 17, Section 4 "No person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office under this Constitution."

Governor Haley is seen as a rising star in the T-GOP, and she was courageous when she ordered the take-down of the Confederate flag in the state capital.  But she is woefully uninformed on important American history (history that all my foreign friends know).  If she's the best and brightest the T-GOP can offer, that only shows how wedded to ignorance the party is.


Anonymous said...

If it didn't happen in their lifetime, then it isn't important. But it's a disgrace that Haley doesn't even know what's in her state's constitution -- it's discrimination against atheists -- just proves how shallow politicians are.

Dave Miller said...

As to your banner, of course Marco Rubio is already on record condemning the release even though he says he does not know the specifics. If you do not know the specifics, then be quiet.

He said it was wrong for their release to have come as part of a prisoner exchange as that emboldens enemies to take US nationals captive.

I wonder if he felt it was wrong all those other times in US history, especially dealing with East Germany and the USSR when we also did this?

Does Nikki Haley know her history? Why bother when the supposed sharpest foreign policy tack in the GOP Presidential candidate bunch apparently doesn't know his...

Ducky's here said...

Come on Dave. Rubio's on top of this.

"Rubio on release of U.S. prisoners by Iran: 'They should never have been' in jail."
I guess that means we should not have negotiated. Myself, I think Rubio is just not very bright.

Ducky's here said...

Does Nikki Haley know her history?

History begins in 2008 for Republicans.
Even with that said I can't be sure of an answer to your question.

Stupid things Conservatives say said...

Speaking of dumbass conservatives:

"It is useful to remember that Flint, like Detroit, was destroyed by generations of Democrat "leadership," done in by the crony troika of big biz-big labor-big government."

It's useful to remember that Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, etc., ENTIRELY southern RED STATES run by Rethuglicans are at the bottom of every important measurement for human development and achievement. Mississippi is the absolute worst because it comes in last in every category: education, health care, child development and anything else that makes life worth living. The Rethuglicans and their failed policies have made the solid red south a desolate place for humans to thrive and do their best.

But you won't read a dumbass conservative own that. No. Flint, they claim, is all the Democrat fault, because the chief executive didn't know anything? Weasels and liars.

Dave Miller said...

Stupid... you make a good point about the south...

I am not sure though there really is much difference in places like Detroit and Flint, and the south. Both places, with their respective leadership teams, the GOP in the south and Dems in Michigan, have seen years of issues like poverty.

It seems to me the issue runs much deeper than just whatever political party holds sway at any particular time, at least in those regions.

What it is, I am not sure. It does seem to look, at least to me, like there are problems abound that go beyond our ability to respond within a partisan paradigm.

The Wank Files said...

Shaw when are you going to learn that whenever there's a f**kup it's always the fault of the "Democrat" party or "Obongo?" The Goopers are always right, they represent all that is blessed and holy and 'Merikan in this country and the Dems are ruining everything, even when Obama brings home hostages, get sailors home safely and kills bn Laden. The crazies in the GOP are walking, talking bundles of seething hatred for anything that isn't them. I'd rather sleep with a nest of vipers than break bread with them. The vipers are friendly fellows compared to the Goopers.

Howard Brazee said...

I'd like to see some one holding public office in her state deny the existence of Zeus (who is "a supreme being"). Or Diana Ross.

Or Jehovah. And see what happens.