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Thursday, January 21, 2016


On the anniversary (plus one) of President Obama's inauguration, a compilation of how wrong pundits can be: 

 Oct. 27, 2006: "[Obama] should run in '08. He will lose in '08. And the loss will put him irrevocably on a path to the presidency." For him to win in '08 would require a "miracle." -- Charles Krauthammer Dec. 17, 2006: 

"Barack Obama is not going to beat Hillary Clinton in a single Democratic primary. I'll predict that right now." -- William Kristol Dec. 22, 2006: 

"Obama's shot at the top will be short lived.... Hillary Inc. will grind up and spit out any Democratic challenger that gets in its way." -- Joe Scarborough Mar. 19, 2007: 

"The right knows Obama is unelectable except perhaps against Attila the Hun." -- Mark Penn Sep. 24, 2007: 

"Sen. Obama cannot possibly believe, and doesn't even act as if he believes, that he can be elected president of the United States next year." -- Christopher Hitchens Dec. 24, 2007: 

"A Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can't Win." -- title of book by Shelby Steele Jan. 26, 2008: 

"The 'could we beat Obama?' conversation is purely academic. It's over. The Clintons have defeated him already, because he is leaving South Carolina as 'the black candidate.' He won't win another state." -- Michael Graham, National Review May 7, 2008: 

"[Obama] has shown he cannot get the votes Democrats need to win -- blue-collar, working class people. He can get effete snobs, he can get wealthy academics, he can get the young, and he can get the black vote, but Democrats do not win with that.... He will lose big." -- Rush Limbaugh June 3, 2008: 

"Obama can't possibly be elected." -- Dick Morris Aug. 4, 2008: 

"The Molten Core of Barack: Why Obama Can't Win." -- Alex Castellanos Aug. 11, 2008: 

"As I wrote last December, '[t]he pundits can talk until they are blue in the face about Obama's charisma and eloquence and cross-racial appeal. The fact of the matter is that Obama has no chance of being elected president in 2008.' I am more convinced of this conclusion than ever." -- Steven M. Warshawsky, The American Thinker Aug. 15, 2008: 

"Most people think Sen. Obama has this election in the bag, but in reality he stands very little chance of reaching the presidency because of the simple fact that he is far too liberal for America." -- Russ Duenow, Aug. 31, 2008: 

"Mr. Obama is doomed to defeat.... Mr. McCain will win - and win big - in November." -- Jeffrey Kuhner, The Washington Times Sep. 22, 2008: 

"John McCain will win the presidential election, Kellyanne Conway, one of the country's most respected Republican pollsters, tells Newsmax." -- Ronald Kessler Oct. 9, 2008: 

"I have received numerous emails from Republicans and Democrats alike, asking whether I still think Obama will lose the election. Yes, I do. But what about the polls, they ask? The polls show that Obama is winning. No, they don't, as I will explain." -- Steven M. Warshawsky Oct. 25, 2008: 

"[T]here are real signs pointing to a McCain victory this year, whether or not the mainstream media wants to acknowledge them." -- Steven M. Warshawsky Oct. 28, 2008: 

"The Seven Reasons McCain-Palin Are a Lock to Win." -- Dan Perrin Nov. 2, 2008: 

Obama will win the popular vote but lose the election -- Fred Barnes Nov. 3, 2008: 

"I think John McCain will win a squeaker over Barack Obama." -- Ed Morrissey Nov. 3, 2008: 

"Throw out the polls. All of them.... The fact is that no pollster truly knows what is going on this election cycle, because this election is unlike any other in the nation's recent history.... The final Electoral Vote tally will be 275-263 for McCain." -- Mark Impomeni, Politics Daily Nov. 3, 2008: 

"The media could be the real mid-wife of the November 4th victory by Senator McCain and Governor Palin." -- Dan Perrin


Clingin' bitter said...

Funniest prediction of all:

"The media could be the real mid-wife of the November 4th victory by Senator McCain and Governor Palin."

Shaw Kenawe said...

From REd State:

Rather than a warrior for conservative principle, we now see the oh-so shallow pool of [Sarah Palin's] conservatism. She could have endorsed literally ANYBODY else running, but she threw her full-throated support behind a man who has said he identifies as a Democrat, has backed single payer healthcare, eminent domain, abortion, and a progressive tax on the wealthy. He has attacked real conservatives, shows a glaring lack of knowledge on most every important issue facing our nation, and covers it all with a gross layer of incivility and arrogance towards any who question him or hold him to task. He is all these things and will be the death of the GOP, or any chance of growing conservatism in this nation, again, if he is not stopped.

Make no mistake. Palin isn’t alone in this betrayal of the ideology she once rode to prominence. Talking heads from Hannity to Levin to Limbaugh have cut the throats of the entire conservative movement, all for the ratings a sideshow freak like Trump brings. Palin’s move, as well as the past few months of fawning, slack-jawed devotion to all things Trump that those who (formerly) enjoyed conservative talk radio have had to endure shows those of us who still value principle over celebrity just how unreliable and self-serving those who would be our “voice” truly are.

Ducky's here said...

"Talking heads from Hannity to Levin to Limbaugh have cut the throats of the entire conservative movement ..."

Can't believe rabies radio has deserted Cruz. He seems like the ideal candidate.

I would still like to know what kind of a deal Trump worked out with Moose Girl.
She doesn't do anything for free.

What ever happened to Ben Carson? He was a lot of fun.
Less than ten days till Iowa. The clown car should really start to empty.


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Kevin Robbins said...

That's a great collection. Thanks Shaw.