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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vladimir Putin, TeaPublican Hero, Implicated in Murder

Vlad the Darling of the American Tea Party!

TeaPublicans practically French kissed Russian strongman and former head of the Communist KGB, Vladimir Putin. They positively swooned over bare-chested photos of him riding his horsey. 

"Putin's a REAL leader," they claimed. A man they'd be proud of if he were the head of the United States government, "instead of that wimp, Obummer!"

This is the man they admire over our American POTUS. 

Vladimir Putin Probably Approved Killing Of Ex-Agent Alexander Litvinenko, UK Judge Says

LONDON (AP) — President Vladimir Putin probably approved a plan by Russia's FSB security service to kill former agent Alexander Litvinenko, who died three weeks after drinking tea laced with poison at a London hotel, a British judge said Thursday. 

 In a lengthy report, Judge Robert Owen said that he is certain Litvinenko was given tea with a fatal dose of polonium-210, a radioactive isotope that is deadly if ingested even in tiny quantities, in November 2006. 

 He said there is a "strong probability" that the FSB, successor to the Soviet spy agency the KGB, directed the killing, and the operation was "probably approved" by Putin. 

 Before he died, Litvinenko accused Putin of ordering his killing, but this appears to be the first time anyone has officially linked Putin to it.

Putin implicated in fatal poisoning of former KGB spy at posh London hotel

 LONDON — Russian President Vladimir Putin was likely personally responsible for approving the fatal poisoning at a posh London hotel of a former KGB operative-turned-U.K. intelligence agent, according to the findings of a highly anticipated British inquiry released Thursday. 

 The conclusion, which comes nearly a decade after Alexander Litvinenko succumbed to the effects of the radioactive polonium slipped into his cup of green tea at London’s Millennium Hotel, is sure to raise tensions between London and Moscow. Litvinenko's widow called Thursday for Britain to expel Russian intelligence officials and enact new sanctions in retaliation for the killing.

Jon Stewart showed how insane the TeaPublicans' hero-worshipping of the Russian dictator is:

During the first segment of The Daily Show..., Jon Stewart took Republicans and conservatives to school by highlighting their apparent crush on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. 

In typical Stewart fashion, he used their own words against them to point out how they are showing cognitive dissonance by praising Putin for basically being a dictator and doing whatever he wants on the international stage, even though they’ve spent years complaining about how President Obama is acting like a dictator king and is using authoritarian rule in America.


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Anonymous said...

Have the wacko wing of the Republican Party ever been smart on anything? They also "swooned" over Sarah "I Can See Russia From My House" Palin, and now they loves themselves a demagogue, Trump. But their love and admiration for a dictator is the strangest as Stewart points out, they hate Obama for the very things they love in Putin.

Titan you're famous! said...

Have the Tea Party wackos started making valentines for their favorite commie yet?