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Friday, June 24, 2016

Trump: Loon and Liar

 "DON the CON Trump is in Scotland today having a bagpipe tribute to himself for being so great and beautiful. 

Down the road the Prime Minister of England is resigning, the European stock market is crashing while England divorces from Europe. 

When asked, the Trumpster said this is "fantastic." 

The republican leader who wants to be President is a certified LOON." -- Mike N.

"Donald Trump landed in Scotland on Friday to take care of some golf business, and immediately upon landing, he offered his endorsement of the UK vote to leave the European Union... Scotland actually voted against the Brexit, 62 percent to 38 percent, and the referendum results increase the chance that Scottish voters will eventually choose the EU over the UK." --Peter Weber  

On Trump's lie-filled harangue about Hillary Clinton, where he told lie after lie:

Trump quickly backtracks on Clinton’s emails: ‘I think I read that and I heard it’

When asked by NBC news host, Lester Holt,  where he got that information, Trump couldn't answer -- the guy who's bragged to America and the world that he has the best memory didn't know where he read that Secretary Clinton's emails were hacked. And that's because there is no proof that happened. In fact Trump failed to show any evidence for any of the claims he made about Clinton on the email controversy and BENGHAZI!  

Hearing rumors is not evidence. Neither is reading for accurate information. Only folks who believe in "false facts" would fall for Trump's ridiculously amateur attempt to smear Secretary Clinton.  There are other ways a competent, smart politician could go after her for her mistakes, but Trump is not up to that task, since he's shown to be averse to facts and truth. Also, he's a buffoon.

Trump is the most dishonest candidate that fact-checking organizations have fact-checked in modern times.

Hillary Clinton is far and away more honest than Trump.


Shaw Kenawe said...

The Scots don't like Don the Con one little bit. Donnie got it wrong again.:

"Protestors greeted Donald Trump with Swastika-emblazoned golf balls at the opening of his golf course in Scotland."

Trump also faced a backlash after tweeting that people in Scotland were “going wild” following the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.

Many Scots are angry at his tweet because most actually voted to remain inside the EU.

All 32 council areas and a total 62 percent of Scots backed the UK to remain in the EU, according to the BBC. It was in contrast to the U.K. as a whole, which voted 52 percent to 48 percent for “leave.”

Dozens of Twitter users branded Trump a “moron,” “weapons-grade plum” and “idiot” — including British pop star Lily Allen, TV presenter Sue Perkins and comedian Peter Serafinowicz.

Scotland has delivered a strong, unequivocal vote to remain in the EU, and I welcome that endorsement of our European status,” said Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. She added that a second independence referendum for her nation was now “highly likely.”

Peter R. said...

God what an idiot. Does this jerkoff know anything?

Donald J. TrumpVerified account
Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!

IMHO said...

It blows my mind how dumb tRump is, along with his followers. A tRump administration would be so utterly incompetent that the media would have to cover up all the shit tRump would create. It's got to be a joke, his candidacy for president, to thinking people, in fact tRump is probably, must be laughing his ass off. The right wingnutS are so wrapped up in the tRump cult of personality they actually believed the assclown has a chance to win in November? In fact tRump's most likely to go down in history as the biggest LOSER!


Shaw Kenawe said...

Peter R., Trump is a dunce. A few days ago he didn't even know what Brexit meant, and today he has a press conference in Scotland about the vote and congratulates the Scots for leaving the EU!

What a YUUUUUUUUUUUGE international embarrassment! Trump's too lazy and too self-absorbed to learn anything unless it's about him.


You're correct. His followers are cultists.

Dave Miller said...

Sadly, people are not taking in account how angry a lot of people are. Brexit proved it. And now we are seeing this sentiment across all of Europe. Government has not done a good job of protecting its' citizenry from what are seen as outside global forces.

There is a general feeling that the financial woes of citizens can be traced, at least to some degree, to large influxes of "outsiders."

I think, as one who has lived in CA for many years of my life, that any objective person would have to say that state spends a lot of money on undocumented aliens. When the left refuses to even acknowledge this fact, and accept that if we were not spending those amounts, our economy would be better, we are not being honest.

I am scared that what for some is a snarkiness [yes, well deserved] towards Trump and his message, may in fact give us a President Trump.

Ducky's here said...

His golf club is quite the success.

Hasn't hosted a significant tournament (he promised it would) and it's losing millions.
His kid is in charge but I guess dad is there to lend his name and give junior a boost.
Should be as successful as his casinos.

On a more serious note, how much of a push does Brexit give his campaign?
And is Boris Johnson his long lost twin?

Ducky's here said...

Did DimBulb really congratulate the Scots for leaving?

The vote in Scotland was heavily "Stay"?
What a jerk. He does know that after Brexit there's talk of another
Scottish secession vote, I assume.

I didn't catch his speech.
All I saw was the protester being escorted off camera after hawking the new Drumpf golf
balls with the swastika logo.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes, Ducky, the idiot Trump thought Scotland voted to leave the EU. And he offered them congratulations.

He's now talking above of his pay level about the situation. A few days ago, when asked by a U.S. cable news station what he thought about Brexit, he said "Huh?" he didn't know what the journalist was talking about.

He appeals to the low-information voter because he himself is a low-information candidate.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: "On a more serious note, how much of a push does Brexit give his campaign?"

From what I've been able to gather from news reports from Britain, the people who voted for leaving the EU are overwhelmingly older Brits and a great number of those who voted are poorly educated. The young people were for staying, as was Scotland.

To give us an idea of how this went over in the U.S. financial markets, we're down over 600 points.

Thanks Britain.

Dave Miller said...

Ducky... Boris must be a related cousin... notice he's a birther of sort too...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, even in this critical time, Trump showed how unprepared he is to lead. As I said above, a few days ago a U.S. cable news journalist stumped Trump when the journalist asked Trump's opinion on Brexit. Trump didn't know what he meant until the journalist told him.

Does that mean anything to people? Should they hand over the levers of power to a complete ignoramus just because they're angry and fearful? Do people think giving someone as awful as Trump enormous power will solve the problems they're angry over?

IMHO, the way to solve those type of complex problems is to look to someone who has a knowledge of them and a grasp of the complexities, not a loud-mouth narcissistic baboon.

Every time Trump is tested (Orlando shooting and England leaving the EU) he fails to understand what is happening.

Scotland did NOT vote in favor of leaving the EU, yet Trump stupidly congratulated them for doing so. He shoots off his mouth before he's loaded his mind with facts. A really, really, awful habit for a world leader.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's the link on Trump's cluelessness on Brexit.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave: "Ducky... Boris must be a related cousin... notice he's a birther of sort too..."

The majority of the people who voted to Leave the EU are, by and large, the same sort of people supporting Trump. Looks like the Brits cut off their noses to spite their faces. Many of them are regretting their votes.

Dave Miller said...

Related to the "leavers"...

Older, whiter, less educated...

Anyone see a trend?

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... how hard is it to stump a guy like Trump who when pressed for his source as to whether Hillary's e-mail was hacked responds "I think I read that, and I heard it, and somebody also gave me that information."

Yep, that's the kind of mind we want with a tiny finger on the button...