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Friday, June 3, 2016

Speaker Paul Ryan Endorses Donald Trump


Disgusted Republican said...

Well there goes the one Republican I thought had some honor. Ryan has sold out to a man who would be a maximum leader -- an authoritarian strongman who has no respect for our constitution or our laws.

Ryan is a coward.

Dave Miller said...


(O)CT(O)PUS said...

So Ryan capitulates to Schlump, and Dole pineapples for Newt Ganggreen. All mouth but no morals, notice how unprincipled they are.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Frank Rich and Alex Carp from New York Magazine:

By any civilized standard, Trump has had about the worst week a presidential candidate could have. He was caught trying to cheat America’s veterans out of the $6 million he had promised them. He nastily assailed the press for daring to question his bogus philanthropy. He not only attacked the legitimacy of the U.S. district judge presiding over the Trump University case, but tried to denigrate him as “Mexican.” (The judge, Gonzalo Curiel, was born in Indiana.) Then there’s Trump U itself: a scam worthy of Bernie Madoff that preyed on victims far more vulnerable than most of Madoff’s clients. And the week is not over. There’s still time for more Trump outrage. Maybe he’ll slap a baby instead of kissing one at a campaign event.

The question remains, however, whether any of it matters to those voters who see Trump as their champion and have stood steadfastly by him even after he previously insulted one of America’s most famous veterans, mocked a disabled member of the press, slimed Mexicans as rapists, and all the rest. We won’t know until November, I’m afraid, if anything will shake their loyalty.

Donald Trump is a gilded fraud, interested only in enriching himself at the expense of others and further gilding his now tarnished "golden" image.

Pam said...

Hillary Clinton demolished the wimpy wailing thin-skinned draft-dodging America hater, Donald Trump yesterday. What a visual difference between her measured and spot on assessment of Donald the Lying Liar. She is more experienced, more presidential, and more honest (fact) than the fraudster Trump. Go Hillary!

skudrunner said...

"Hillary Clinton demolished Donald Trump yesterday". You wouldn't know it until you woke up from her put you to sleep speech. She really needs to develop some inflection in her voice to keep people engaged. Maybe her hubby can assist.
Can you to site a few examples of her accomplishments in congress and as SS. Her first lady accomplishments are well known but the rest not so much.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, it may have put you to sleep, but it aroused the interest of those people who have been sleeping through Trump's rise in the Republican Party. She laid out in no uncertain terms how dangerous Trump would be to America and the world. He has suggested we give Saudi Arabia and Japan nuclear weapons, he's suggested that we pull out of NATO, he's insulted and slandered major segments of the American population as well as the Republican Party's own rising Latina FEMALE star in one of his more idiotic attacks. But, see Gov. Martinez is a woman, and Trump doesn't care if she's a GOPer, he trashes all women unless they're beauty queens -- that's all, i n his cramped little mind, women are good for. He's even lusted after his own daughter.

As I've said before, Hillary has problems with her credibility, but she comes out looking like George Washington compared with the lying liar Donald Trump who has been fact-checked and lie-checked six ways to Sunday and found to be the most dishonest candidate to have ever run for the presidency. Trump University? Trump scamming the poor and the vulnerable to take their money? And the newest revelation:

Trump is in debt to Deutsche Bank for hundreds of millions of dollars. He's the only candidate in the history of this nation to be seeking the presidency while in debt to a foreign bank to that extravagant amount of money.

I'll let the Wall Street Journal explain this to you.

Whether you vote for him or not, Donald Trump is now the representative of the Republican Party and all it stands for now: Mendacity, Greed, bigotry, and buffoonery, all wrapped in in the man they think is competent to lead our country and the world.

But you're complaining about the way Hillary delivers a speech? Youy remind me of the people on the Titanic straightening out the lounge chairs while it sinks.

Shaw Kenawe said...

BTW,the conservatives backing Trump are pooping not just their diapers today, but their neighbors' diapers as well. I've never had the number of comments in my moderation folder touting how wonderful he is and what a crook Hillary is as I've had over the past 2 days.

Desperation isn't a strong enough word to describe Trump supporters. The country and the world is seeing the fraud for what he is. Finally.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From CityData:

One of Donald Trump’s closest allies on Wall Street is a now-struggling German bank.

While many big banks have shunned him, (at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., bankers “know better than to pitch” a Trump-related deal), Deutsche Bank AG has been a steadfast financial backer of the Republican presidential candidate’s business interests.

But the relations at times have been rocky. Deutsche Bank’s giant investment-banking unit stopped working with Mr. Trump after an acrimonious legal spat, even as another arm of the company continued to loan him money.

“I figured it was the bank’s problem, not mine,” Mr. Trump wrote, according to the lawsuit. “What the hell did I care? I actually told one bank, ‘I told you you shouldn’t have loaned me that money. I told you that goddamn deal was no good.’”

Trump Has a Conflict-of-Interest Problem No Other White House Candidate Ever Had

Trump Has a Conflict-of-Interest Problem No Other White House Candidate Ever Had
He owes at least $100 million to a foreign bank that's battled with US regulators.

Should Trump move into the White House, four blocks away from his under-construction hotel, he would be its first inhabitant to owe so much to any bank. And in recent years, Deutsche Bank has repeatedly clashed with US regulators. So might it be awkward—if not pose a conflict of interest—for Trump to have to deal with policy matters that could affect this financial behemoth?

What are the implications of the chief executive of the US government being in hock for $100 million (or more) to a foreign entity that has tried to evade laws aimed at curtailing risky financial shenanigans, that was recently caught manipulating markets around the world, and that attempts to influence the US government?There have been wealthy presidents and vice presidents, Painter notes, pointing to John Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, and Nelson Rockefeller, but none were as heavily leveraged as Trump. "They had large assets and usually diversified assets. They weren't in a situation where someone could put pressure on them to do what they want,"

Jerry Critter said...

If we are lucky, all the House members that endorse Trump will be voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, you are so delusional that you thought Ryan wouldn't endorse Trump.

skudrunner said...

I don't know about how wonderful trump is but as to -H- being a crook, that is a proven fact.
As to -H- speech, look back a few years at the speech carter gave about Reagan. It was as close to plagiarism as you could get and look at the outcome.
Trump is a business man and as such will have debt. I don't see where that would be as big an issue as selling favors for charitable contributions and spending 10% of those contributions on the people it is suppose to help. As Willy said, we have to live.
The dems should talk to their paid anti trump demonstrators and get them to fly an American flag and not Mexican. They are just aiding trump.

Kevin Robbins said...

Shaw, methinks your skudrunner is a Hannity listener. Sean the Shill runs with that line "what are Hillary's accomplishments" everyday over and over. Here's one thing she has not accomplished:

How many major-party Presidential front-runners have faced trial on “financial elder abuse” charges as they rolled toward the nomination?

But don't stop there. Trump was encouraging suckers to get more credit cards and raise the limits so they could charge the classes. Encouraging them to raid their retirement accounts to pay for classes. Is that responsible financial advice?

Yes, I know the response to this is some made-up Hillary "scandal."

I don't envy you your trolls, Shaw.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin, would you like one of my trolls? I seem to be attracting an inordinate amount of them today. My theory is that they've seen their hero tRump and all his ugly flaws finally getting national attention, and they know he will not be president, and Hillary probably will.

Their worst nightmares are coming true, and they think by coming here and spewing their incoherent blather that will stop what is inevitable.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Anonymous said...
It's funny, you are so delusional that you thought Ryan wouldn't endorse Trump.

June 3, 2016 at 11:27 AM Delete"

No. Not delusional, just thought Ryan had moral courage. Like the rest of the TGOP that's jumped on the tRump Wagon, they have no integrity or moral courage.

Plenty of other top Republicans, the two Bush presidents, John McCain, and Mitt Romney will not attend the tRump RNC convention in Cleveland. They have moral courage.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Jerry Critter said...
If we are lucky, all the House members that endorse Trump will be voted out of office."

Lots of people are thinking that the House and Senate will be in play because of tRump.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"(O)CT(O)PUS said...
So Ryan capitulates to Schlump, and Dole pineapples for Newt Ganggreen. All mouth but no morals, notice how unprincipled they are."

Not all Republicans are without principles. Two former Republican presidents plus two who ran for the presidency and lost will not support Trump. But Sarah Palin is all in for him, so there's that. Oh, and Ted Nugent and the KKK!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Pm Carpenter nails it. Love this guy:

[Hillary's]speech itself was at least tinged with the general's (Patton) authentic prediction of going through the enemy like "crap through a goose, like shit through a tin horn…. We're not going to just shoot the son-of-a-bitch, we're going to rip out his living goddamned guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks. We're going to murder the lousy Scots-Hun cocksucker by the bushel-fucking-basket. Politics is a bloody, killing business. We've got to spill his blood, or he will spill ours."

And spill Trump's blood she did, using his own weapons — his own bloody, self-killing words."

Rational Nation USA said...

Plenty of other top Republicans, the two Bush presidents, John McCain, and Mitt Romney will not attend the tRump RNC convention in Cleveland. They have moral courage.

Regardless of what anyone may think of these individuals regarding their public record your statement here is true Shaw. It's good you pointed it out.

Anonymous said...

So the Rand cultist Ryan has no moral courage?

Jerry Critter said...

The list of republicans not supporting Trump is more important than the list that are.

Rational Nation USA said...

Do you? Apparently not always hiding behind the Anonymous label.

Flying Junior said...

Anonymous 8:55 p.m.


Why would he need any moral courage at all to do what he has done so far in our government?

Screw the little guy to make out better for the 0.1%?

Pay down the national debt no matter who gets hurt?

I guess he just proved he has no courage whatsoever.

What do you think that he has done so far that shows any courage? That doesn't include unmitigated gall or bravado.

It doesn't take courage to attempt to deny people their fair share of the pie. That's what Louis XVI attempted to do.

Rational Nation USA said...

Instead of denying the observable realities of capitalism in its end phase shouldn't we (all of us conservative and liberal alike) be preparing to move to a different system that will address the realities of present and evolving mechanization, technology, and the developing AI. The implications for society are great.

Ahab said...

Ryan will regret this. He's made the biggest mistake of his political career by endorsing that buffoon.