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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump Surrogate, Howie Carr, Insults Native Americans

(Is there any group that the Trumpistas haven't insulted?)

Howie Carr has been an obnoxious fixture on right wing rabid talk radio here in Boston for over 20 years. I stopped listening to his juvenile rot years ago, and I actually thought he had died. But there he was on Wednesday at a tRump rally in Maine, up to his old junior high school antics again.

I'm not surprised that he'd show up at a rally for tRump.  Little wankers are attracted to big wankers. Being around the biggies gives the little ones the feeling of power. And tRump probably patted the little guy on his head as a "thank-you" for insulting Native Americans.   

Howie, in fact, is the perfect supporter for tRump: a  juvenile, vindictive, greasy little rodent. He should be on tRump's "short" list for veep!

Howie Carr: Trump told me not to apologize for ‘war whoop’

"Shortly after mocking Sen. Elizabeth Warren with a “war whoop,” Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr said he got some advice from the master of controversy himself, Donald Trump."

Well good for you, Howie, you're learning from a master wanker.


Peter R. said...

That's all they've got. Making fun of people and insulting people. That'll make America great again Right? Idiots.

Dave Miller said...

As per your banner on the Amb's sister... many on the right have decided she was encouraged to speak up by a large "donation" to her personal bank account.

It is inconceivable to them that anyone could have a different view of what happened over from theirs.

As such, there must be another motive.

Remember remember the 5th of November, The gunpowder, treason and plot...

Pure conspiracy and plot theorists

Shaw Kenawe said...

Fact checking organizations are Liberal conspirators.

Ambassador Stevens' family were paid off.

Obama is a secret Muslim and is plotting to overthrow the United States.

The polls are rigged.

No matter what the facts are, if they don't conform to their world view, then they're rigged.

You can't deal with paranoid weirdos like that.

Meanwhile, President Obama is respected and admired throughout the world and here at home.

I wonder what they attribute that inconvenient truth to?

Dave Miller said...

They like him because he's weakened America and that makes them feel better...

I'm guessing anyways...

BTW... Your list was pretty good...

Ducky's here said...

It is starting to look like a campaign that's in a serious death spiral.

But I still worry.
Unless Ted Nugent is name as a convention speaker, they haven't hit bottom.

In the mean time, Shaw, take solace in the fringe right losing big time before Scotus this week.

ORIGINAL Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

Well here's how the far right wingers hope Trump will make it to the White House:

By keeping Americans ignorant on how much of an idiot Trump is. Also he freakin' broke the law by soliciting money from foreign governments! for his campaign. The desperately dumb right wingers think that if the American people don't find out, they'll glady vote for Trump as the POTUS, because he's just an honest politician and decent human being in everything else.

These people who think like the person below are what makes this country rotten:

I read these comments so you don't have to:

"It looks like Hillary Clinton’s win is a done deal. With the things Trump’s been doing and saying, how can he WIN? Imagine sending emails to British MPs for money? Most in England have expressed their dismay at his candidacy and he’s this tone deaf? I’m hoping Americans don’t hear too much about this."

What a patriot! Hoping Americans don't find out about Trump's ILLEGAL solictation of money from foreign governments.

But Hillary is crooked? Hell if she had done this they'd be out calling for her head on a pike. Again.

I'll be baaaaaaaaack!

The Wank Files said...

Trump does attract wankers doesn't he?

Dave Miller said...

It might be an interesting few weeks.

As Ducky notes, the GOP is headed down the drain. No one wants Trump but who knows if they have the spine to dump him. Doubtful.

But then we've got Hillary and her roguish husband who may have single handedly crashed her presidency by meeting with AG Lynch. Do appearances matter to this crowd? What were they thinking?

Biden looks stronger everyday...

Shaw Kenawe said...


That's because Trump's a very large Wanker -- a magnetic Wanker.

His own party can't stand him. Trump comes off as a petty, petulant, vindictive brat who bitterly clings to what he imagines as slights from his fellow Republicans. Can you imagine what a spiteful president he'd be? Every time Trump goes off the teleprompter, he screws himself and makes it easier for Hillary to trounce him in November. The best thing for the Democrats is for Trump to be Trump, that is let Trump be his self-destructive self. Go for it Donnie! Keep flapping your gums and driving people in your own party away from you.

‘The Stupidity Is Breathtaking’: Joe Scarborough Evaluates Trump

The people who support Trump must admire "breathtaking Stupidity."
He slammed Trump for still fussing about his defeated rivals.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave: "But then we've got Hillary and her roguish husband..."

The stupidity is breathtaking!