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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday is Trump Hump Day

Another in a series of why we love Scotland:

Donald Trump's campaign is in trouble financially.  Recently Trump claimed that he had raised $3 million with his first ever donation email.  But that was just another one of Trump’s many lies.

One of his sons, Donald Trump, Jr., went begging for donations to the Trumper's campaign chest, asking a number of Scottish politicians (which is probably illegal) for contributions. They turned him down, but one of them, MP Natalie McGarry of Glasgow East, also sent along a letter explaining her refusal to finance Don the Con's campaign.  

And it is a thing of beauty:

White supremacist Trump supporters:

ABC News:

Mirroring her rebound in the overall race for the White House, Clinton leads Trump by 50-39 percent in trust to handle terrorism in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates. 

That’s similar to the gap in March after a more closely divided view last month. This reflects Clinton’s superior marks for her response to Orlando. 

More think she did a better job than Trump responding to the attacks overall (by 18 points, 46-28 percent) and showed better temperament in her response (by 34 points, 59-25 percent). 

Looking forward, more say Clinton gave them confidence that she could handle a similar incident as president (+19 points vs. Trump, 53-34 percent). 

She also prevails, albeit more narrowly, in having better proposals for preventing future attacks (+9 points, 44-35 percent).


Dave Miller said...

I saw an article earlier this week speculating that Trump, once he sees he's gonna get crushed, will find some way to weasel out, pack up and go home, leaving the GOP without a candidate before the convention.

It stated perhaps before the convention, letting him say the part was not treating him with respect, so he was walking away.

It does almost seem as if he is trying to lose...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump has already claimed that the polls showing him double-digits behind Hillary are "rigged."

Trump doesn't like losers, but he's well on his way of becoming on of this country's biggest one.

Anonymous said...

The insanity of Trump:

Trump called TPP "rape," and is lining up convicted rapist, Mike Tyson, to speak at the GOP convention

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... regarding the polls, it's interesting.

When the extremists are behind in them they are rigged. And when they lose elections, those elections were stolen with fraud and subterfuge.

That crowd, the Tea Party folks and Trumpistas just can't seem to understand they are in a distinct minority and that a majority of Americans are just not that into them. There's no fraud at all. When you insult and call people whose vote you need names, it shouldn't take a genius to understand they aren't gonna vote for you.

But then a majority of that crowd is, at least according to the lying pollsters, undereducated.

Kevin Robbins said...

TPM has a good post up on Trump sending out e-mails to every pol in Australia, Iceland, oh the world, I believe. It's bizarre.

I want it known that I am the first to coin the word "spampaign."

Ducky's here said...

The Republican Party is in a bad place.

They have to find a way to distance themselves from Drumpf and still salvage
what they can down ticket.

He's going to make it impossible to present a coherent platform.

Ducky's here said...

In more good news, The Traditionalist Workers Party, a skinhead group, has vowed to "protect" Drumpf supporters at the convention.

This is the same group behind the recent political rumble in Sacramento.

I'm sure Drumpf is shocked that they aren't respectable white supremacists like David Duke.

Dave Miller said...

Ducky... the Mother Ship is imploding, stuck trying to justify support of Trump after years of slamming Dems for a lack of character.

Now that they have someone they admit has questionable character, they're lost.

Quite the side show..

Ducky's here said...

Oh I liked this, Dave ...

"Obama might as well have called Trump a Klan Leader ... "

Wonder what prompted the Klan reference.
David Duke?