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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday is Trump Hump Day: "I'm angry! So I'm voting for Donald Trump!"

Andrew Klavan describes the typical Donald Trump supporter:



Anonymous said...

Free, I think that Shaw is on to you, due to Dave Miller's squealing.

Rational Nation USA said...


Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, that's not squealing, it's called "having a friend's back." My blog is subject to right wing trolls every day by people who call themselves "Anonymous." It's helpful to know who some of the "Anonymous" people are.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This NYTimes article details the sleazy tactics of Trump University. Trump loves to brag about what a GREAT businessman he is, and his followers lap it up. Now we know the truth: He and his fraudulent Trump University was nothing more than a cheap scheme to take money from the poor and the undereducated.

You Friend and Mine said...

We have heard it over and over again, there is nobody worse that Hillary Clinton, a corrupt shrew who lies with impunity, but is it possible that Donald Trump is actually worse or even more dangerous than Hillary Clinton?

Trump appears to lack American values, and I refuse to even watch im whenever he’s on TV, (and that’s all the time)!
As a matter of fact, I no long watch no longer watch Fox New, . Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, or Bill O’Reilly Neither of these phonies have little or no credibility at all.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I disagree on your characterization of Megyn Kelly. She's shown some credibility, but then slipped a bit when she had her little love-fest recently with Trump.

Hillary Clinton certainly has her flaws and credibility problems, but compared with Trump, she's a veritable angel! She has be scrupulously fact-checked this presidential race cycle and has come out far, far ahead of Trump in the honesty department.

Trump has a miserable record for telling the truth, but his supporters don't seem to care. They're angry and out of their minds, willing to elect a proven pathological liar and bully as the leader of the free world to soothe their grievances against the very class that Trump himself belongs to.

Silverlady said...

I heard Gary Johnson speak on TV this morning .wow. was he a disaster. He has the Ted Cruz appeal factor, meaning ZERO. Positively creepy. But, that’s just my “woman’s intuition…”

And unless I’ve just awakened from a “gender reassignment” operation, that I wasn’t aware of, believe me, it’s NOT just “woman’s intuition”. If you ask me he has all of the charisma of a Vampire bat!

Shaw Kenawe said...


The subject of this post is Trump, not Gary Johnson.

Free Twinkies said...

Trump is a fraud, and people are finally waking up to that fact. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or even a can of soup would make a better president then Trump.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Can anyone imagine if Hillary Clinton had pulled a scam like this:

"Trump said he’d raised $6 million for veterans, but that wasn’t true. He later claimed he never used the $6 million figure, but that wasn’t true. His campaign insisted Trump had contributed $1 million himself, but that wasn’t true. Trump said he “didn’t want to have credit” for the fundraising efforts, but that wasn’t true. He said he and his team were vetting groups they’d never heard of four months after the fact, but that wasn’t true.

And as of yesterday, all of this, the Republican candidate insisted, is the media’s fault. Indeed, Trump thinks journalists should be “ashamed” of themselves for scrutinizing his claims that turned out to be wrong.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but in a normal year, in a normal party, with a normal candidate, this is the sort of controversy that could end a campaign. Legitimate presidential hopefuls can get away with some dissembling and the occasional whopper, but Trump was caught telling obvious falsehoods about support for veterans’ charities.

If this happened to Hillary Clinton, is there any doubt it would be the #1 issue in the presidential race between now and Election Day? That every pundit in America would use this as Exhibit A in their takes on why Americans just can’t trust the Democrat?"

Trump used veterans to make himself a hero -- a guy who screwed around with women instead of fighting for his country during the Vietnam war, and then made a joke about it, saying dating was as difficult as fighting in a war. Yeah, the disgusting worm said that. I wonder if my cousin, a U.S. Marine who fought in Vietnam, would agree with pretty boy Trump -- that screwing around with women was as bad as fighting in Vietnam.

How can anyone in good conscience vote for this despicable fraud? The rabid righties savaged John Kerry --a purple heart recipient in the Vietnam war, but have nothing to say about Donald Trump's contempt for our veterans -- a worm who used our veterans.

The TGOPers who support Trump have nor core values and are moral cowards, IMO.

A Proud Conservative said...

Not all Republicans are dishonorable, Shaw. While I won't go so far as to vote for Hillary, I will NOT vote for Trump. I may vote for Johnson.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I'm guessing that "Silverlady" who has posted here and who left a second comment is a sock puppet from the Daddy blog. Silverlady will not be published here again. Get lost.

skudrunner said...

So lets all vote for the least disgusting, dishonest and crooked among the candidates. The donald is way over the top for his antics and -H- has admitted to lying about a number of things she presented to the American People. Character doesn't matter and both of them are slime so have a field day.
The winner for military service goes to -H- when she had to duck to avoid sniper fire and as she supported her soldier husband.

Vote The Bern!! You to could live in sunny Venezuela

Ducky's here said...

While he manages the veterans donation story with one hand he's doing a news dump of the Trump University story with the other.

Careful what you wish for, skud.
... Drumpf my not be the way out of this predicament.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Venezuela? Why don't you point to other democratic socialist countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark? Denmark, BTW, is a very successful democratic socialist country and has one of the best business environments in Europe. You can google that fact that shows you only look at the bad examples and not the best. Most European countries, as well as the good ole USofA have some form of socialism.

Hillary has her problems, but they pale in comparison with the fraud and con man Trump.

The Wank Files said...

Hillary's emails? Meh! Trump has 3,500 law suits against him. He's making history as the most sued presidential candidate:

Trump involved in 3,500 lawsuits: report

Donald the Fraud and Donald the Con Man.

Shaw Kenawe said...

TWF and everyone,

Check out Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson's running mate, Bill Weld's assessment of Hillary and the emails:

From Digby's blog:

"This Libertarian ticket of former Republican Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld is going to be very interesting. Take this moment with Chuck Todd when Weld, who was the head of the Reagan Department's Criminal Justice Division, blows Chuck Todd's mind:

“I will give you one news tip,” he began. “All this stuff about Secretary Clinton’s use of email accounts and the report that came out, how she might get indicted, I’m not buying it.”

“I’m not buying it,” Weld said. “You can’t indict somebody if there’s no evidence of criminal intent, and I don’t see any evidence of criminal intent.”

What's your take on this RN?

Anonymous said...

You vote for your slob, the slobs will vote for Trump, and I'll vote for a third party candidate. Then you slobs will blame me for Hillary loss, just like they dishonestly blamed us third party voters for Gore's loss. But I did enjoy all the slobs telling me his loss was my fault. Proving how little they know about politics.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @9:38 PM, what makes you believe your candidate isn't a "slob" as well?

You seem to have a victim complex, thinking you're going to be blamed for everything.

You actually sound like an Angry TRUMP Supporter.

The Voice of Reason said...

Liberals like Some that post here are relentless denouncing, demonizing, boycotting, attacking, picketing, prosecuting, suing, fining, and even threatening to jail people who disagree with them on whatever the subject may be , like same-sex marriage, for example or people who may want to speak out against any thing that she disagrees with, like maybe entittments to Illeagles,

Rational Nation USA said...

Frankly I think Weld is correct. But I'm no legal expert.

Did you see Johnson said he agrees with 73% of what Sanders is saying. Hmm. As long as it is voluntary.

A possible Sanders Johnson alliance? Now THAT would be interesting.

No doubt about it, American politics has taken some crazy turn Shaw.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Voice of Reason,

No one is more against "entittments" for sick eagles than I.

Why sick eagles are asking the government for breast implants is a mystery to me.

Perhaps you can enlighten us?

(I'm sure this is another escapee from the Daddy blog, but the comment was at least funny.)

Shaw Kenawe said...


A Sanders/Johnson alliance? Interesting. Some of my relatives who are strong Sanders supporters are saying the same thing.

A Proud Progressive said...

Shaw, the right wingers are having a mental breakdown. They're supporting the maniac Trump because they do hate this country. I though they blame liberals for America hating but no one hates this country like they do and they do because they're still supporting this scabby creep Trump. I agree Shaw, they have no core values or moral center if they suipport Trump the Fraud.

Republican Slayer said...

Trump is an opportunistic blow-hard who'll say what his easily fooled supporters want to hear. Right now his base are trying to talk themselves into liking the jerk by looking at his children, all of them by different women (imagine if he was black! what they'd say about that!), To his low-intelligence base, his children prove he's a terrific guy and so he would make a wonderful president because his kids are nice people?

These are the same stupid people who call President Obama the most disgusting racist names and yet Mr. Obama is exactly the type of husband and father that the conservative religious base worships. The very same bunch of uninformed, low information imbeciles that get their kicks from posting and reading the porn-queens blog where they can get laughs form their fellow morons.

Obama is a faithful, loving husband, and his children are respectful, accomplished young woman who would make any parent proud. But you won't hear the disgusting phonies on the right say anything good about Obama or his Christian family values, but they're tripping all over their hypocritical selves trying to fall in love with what everyone with half a brain sees as a vulgar, intemperate jackass who's s serial adulterer and is contra everything these phony conservatives say they believe in. Trump isn't even a church goer -- but they've criticized Obama and questioned his Christianity?

They would try to find something good in him if Satan himself were running for president as long as he had an "R" after his name. They're trying very hard to find something of value in a guy who is everything they've been against forever.

The GOP is in a death spiral. And it can thank Trump for that."A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Republican Slayer, thank you for re-posting a comment from my blog by one of my commenters.

I agree with everything NEVER TRUMP wrote. Thanks for reminding us of his comments.

Republican Slayer said...

Mon Pleasure

Republican Slayer said...

You are absolutely correct Shaw. Although I am guilty of occasionally degrading my self to the lowest form of blog commenters, there are everyday commenters like every body else who gors from blog to blog with the only purpose to only take a cheap shot at someone.
I guess I should be ashamed of myself but I'm not. In fact I am proud.
Take it it leave it, I am what I am, and what I am is a proud American.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear Proud American Republican Slayer,

Just a friendly heads-up, but "Mon Pleasure" is not French, and the better correct form (there are more than one) would be “Je vous en prie," not "Mon plaisir."

French is a beautiful language.

BTW, the real "Republican Slayer" is Donald Trump. He's killing the Republican brand as well as his own. The PGA just changed their venue from one of his golf courses in Miami to one in Mexico City. I've heard and read of reports that say bookings at his hotels are down 60%. It appears that lots of Americans don't want to be associated with the repulsive jackass, Trump.

Republican Slayer said...

Dear Shaw
Kiss my white American (non French) Ass.

Donnie Little Hands said...

Once you realize tRUMP is a racist, anti-American, white supremacist activist POS, the rest of it all falls right into place.

skudrunner said...

Another election of vote for the lesser of the two evils and they both are evil.
From what I read the PGA is considering moving from Doral, not has, so your information may be premature.
Your comparing the US to Denmark, Sweden and Norway is laughable. Fewer people in the entire countries than NYC. They are clean, low unemployment and tough on crime. Denmark is actually a constitutional monarchy.
Venezuela and Greece are more in line. High unemployment, high crime but in Greece's case highly educated. More unemployed PHD's than any country.
Nothing will come of -H- email even though she went against policy by having her own server and deleting emails generate while she was SS. The clintons set their own policies and have always gotten away with it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Republican Slayer said...
Dear Shaw
Kiss my white American (non French) Ass."

Oh dear. No thank you. I haven't been vaccinated against the bacteria that resides there.

tRump's supporters are experiencing what is aptly called "butt hurt" today, because they've been coming here and posting angry, filthy diatribes in support of the repulsive jackass.

The allegations againse him and his fraudulent Trump University scam are getting to them.

But they continue to defend the indefensible.

Shaw Kenawe said...

DLH, but there will always be those who are blind to reality.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shaw, in case you missed this, I'd like to make you aware of this Story that may have been burned in the Liberal Massachusetts newspapers.

During a radio interview, Paula Jones, the former Arkansas state employee who notoriously sued President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, demanded Hillary Clinton personally apologize for “allowing” her husband to “abuse” and “sexually harass” women.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, you need to tell CNN they're premature, not me. Where do you get your information?:

CNN: PGA Tour to move tournament from Trump's Miami course -- to Mexico

Now go back and read my comment, re: Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It does NOT compare those countries to the U.S. My comment states that those are successful democratic socialist countries, and your comment on Venezuela uses the worst example. India is one of the biggest democracies in the East, but it has major problems. See what I mean? All democracies are not successful either.

The rest of your comment isn't worth mentioning; it's just more warmed-over Clinton hate.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Paula Jones, the former Arkansas state employee who notoriously sued President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, demanded Hillary Clinton personally apologize for “allowing” her husband to “abuse” and “sexually harass” women."

So Paula Jones believes a wife is responsible for her husband's rotten behavior? Is this what many conservatives believe is taking personal responsibility for one's actions?

What rubbish. Should we blame Ivana Trump for her husband's infidelities and for getting his mistress pregnant while still married to her? Rubbish.