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Monday, June 20, 2016

Interesting History on the Assault Rifle

Light posting this week.

Here's a article that caught my eye.


Mitch Albom at the Detroit Free Press writes—

Citing forefathers is misplaced in gun debate: 

"The assault rifle traces back to Nazi Germany. Did you know that? The Germans were trying to develop a more effective weapon for their soldiers, one that rivaled the firepower of a submachine gun but had better accuracy in more confined spaces. 

 Kill faster, closer in. That was the idea. Adolf Hitler, according to some accounts, even named the weapon: Sturmgewehr. It means “storm rifle.” 

Tuck that somewhere in the back of your mind. The first people to really utilize this weapon were Nazis. Not our forefathers. Not Thomas Jefferson. Not George Washington. 

No matter where we stand on the volatile gun control issue, we might think twice about that before boldly embracing assault rifles as part of our American heritage."

h/t dailykos


Amend The Second Amendment said...

But the gun lovers will work to keep them in circulation because of their misplaced idea of the 2nd Amendment. "Well regulated militia," does not mean every bone-headed nut should own an AR-15. We have the most guns than any other western civilization and we have the most gun deaths. It doesn't matter if they're suicide, accidental, homicide, mass murders, its death and we're in love with it.

Ducky's here said...

The loons who think "well regulated" means allowing anyone to buy a weapon designed on a military platform so they can dream of "doing a Bundy" must be terribly upset by SCOTUS allowing the Connecticut and New York ban to remain.

The NRA is not omnipotent.