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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Trump Administration's Mike Flynn Scandal

Why was Mike Flynn named Trump's NSA adviser when he was an agent of a foreign government, Turkey?

Trump said he didn't *cough* know *cough.*

Mike Pence said he didn't *cough* "know" *cough* either.

Let that sink in. 

Mike Flynn was working for a foreign government, Turkey, while he was on Trump's transition team and while Mike Pence was THE HEAD of Trump's transition team and then when he was named Trump's NSA adviser.

Ever hear of this in your lifetime? Neither have I.

And it stinks to the Oort Cloud.

After Mike Flynn was fired, he then registered as a foreign agent -- a lobbyist -- for Turkey.

Mike Pence didn't know? Trump didn't know?

You believe that?

Two things: If they didn't know, they're incompetent, and they damn well should have; if they did know, they're liars and should be investigated and their asses kicked out of office for lying about allowing a foreign agent as the head of NSA.


Ahab said...

If they honestly didn't know, it means that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing in the Trump Administration. That lack of coordination is dangerous.

Of course, that depends on whether you believe them when they claim ignorance.

thanatos said...

Liberalism isn't the problem. It is regressivism...AKA the Progressives, AKA the Idiotic Leftist. . There is nothing Progressive or liberal about them. and it is very dangerous because it by its very nature must prop up evil and denigrate good. Because if all things are equal Good must be evil and evil must be good.

Rational Nation USA said...

What babble.

Good is good. Evil is evil. Dicerning which is which requires one has the ability to make sound ethical judgements and have solid morals. Trump has neither. Pence apparently is not far behind.

Over the next who knows how many years expect more scandal from this scandalous administration.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"thanatos," the very definition of "progressive" is:

happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.

synonyms: continuing, continuous, increasing, growing, developing, ongoing, accelerating, escalating;

Without what you mislabel "the idiotic Leftist[s], the American Revolution would not have happened. Our Founding Fathers were Progressives and Liberals.

Your statement is childish, weak, and invalid and nothing more than a pointless attack, backed up by nothing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ahab, I don't believe anything that comes from this Keystone Kops administration. The head of it is a unrepentant liar. And the world knows this, therefore, we believe nothing Trump or his administration says unless it is proved to be true.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From The Palmer Report:

Michael Flynn is absolutely screwing Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and he doesn’t care

When Michael Flynn retroactively registered a foreign agent this week, he set off a bomb within the Trump-Russia scandal. Flynn is now coming clean about the half a million dollars he took from a Turkish government intermediary, and when he took it. In the process he’s indirectly exposed the fact that Donald Trump and Mike Pence both knew Flynn was on the take from a hostile foreign government at the time they made him National Security Adviser.

Worse, Flynn has exposed that Trump and Pence both lied about it to the public.
Even worse than that, it’s blown apart the claim that Flynn was forced out because he lied to Pence about his phone calls with the Russian Ambassador.
Pence can no longer believably paint himself as this put-upon innocent character who had no idea Flynn was a dirty rat until he read about it in the headlines.
If Pence lied to the American public about knowing Flynn was dirty on Turkey, then it’s a reasonable assumption that Pence lied about knowing Flynn was dirty on Russia as well.
Just how much did Mike Pence know about the Russia scandal at the time? And so as bad as this is for Trump, it may be worse for Pence.

It still begs the question of why Michael Flynn is suddenly doing this. By registering now as a foreign agent, he’s admitting he broke the law by not registering while he was on the take. He’s voluntarily implicating himself in a past crime in an attempt to now get himself on the right side of the law. You know who does that? Someone who’s listening to his lawyer. And you know what else lawyers tell their guilty clients? Flip on your bosses and sing like a canary in exchange for leniency or immunity. Flynn is already Trump and Pence’s worst nightmare – and it’s just getting started.

thanatos said...

You’re right, you can continue to go with that if that’s what you believe , and please feel free to add to my thoughts to your list
1. It was it was the media didn’t help her enough,
2. 3rd party candidates cost her (especially those house/senate races)!
3. It was nothing but racism against a black president,
4. Sexism against a women.
5. Needed to hit identity politics even harder!
6. The good old Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
6. The Russians did it!
7. And Hillary Clinton would have won because she was the best candidate ever.

And w hen you have no policies to run on you must think of something. Fortunately simply being on team vagina wasn't enough to overcome the corruption.

And by the way sweetheart, I’m a psychology major and it always fascinates me when major shifts in power happen in politics. Liberals are hysterically funny when they aren't in power. The less power they have the more ridiculous they become. Right now, they have NO political power. They lost the Oval Office, they didn't win the Senate and the House remains staunchly Republican. So they effectively have no political means to advance ANY of their kooky agenda. This hasn't completely sunk in yet, many are still running around spewing campaign rhetoric like it still matters. And it's also kind of funny how many on the right are reacting as if they are still fighting to win power.... none of this junk matters anymore, the elections are over, and just in case you didn’t know it, you lost! .So Relax! There’s always next time.

Jerry Critter said...

I say let's combine the possibilities. They are incompetent liars.

Yew Kaye said...

Did I mention that Rep. King is a disgusting white supremacist pig fart?

Oh I did? Carry on.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanatos: “You’re right, you can continue to go with that if that’s what you believe, and please feel free to add to my thoughts to your list”

S.K.: Thanatos, I gave you the definition of Progressive, right from the dictionary. That’s not a “belief,” it’s a fact. And not an “alternative fact” either. Do you know the difference? Also, your comments have nothing to do with my post. So you're a troll.

As for your troll thoughts, I’m not interested in your warmed-over right-wing talking points on why Hillary lost the Electoral College vote.

What IS interesting though are the various investigations into the Mike Flynn scandal, the Trump-Russia connection, Trump’s lying about Mr. Obama’s “wire-tapp” and Trump’s manic behavior while playing “president.” Trump is still languishing in the bottom 40s in approval by the American people. IOW, a considerably large majority dislike the Liar-in-Chief and his dystopian administration

Thanatos: “And by the way sweetheart, I’m a psychology major…”

S.K. I wouldn’t care even if you were a drum major, (maybe a bit more impressed, though) but finding it necessary to point that out as part of your comment seems a wee bit desperate in your hope that I or anyone would take you seriously. OTOH, thanks for letting all of us know that you at least graduated from high school.

Finally, you appropriated an apt name for yourself.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry They are incompetent liars, since their lies are so transparent.

Yew Kay Rep. King is a Tea Party Wacko. I never expect anything sane out of his maw.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, Not even two months into the Trump regime, and I've lost count of all the scandals.

Clearwater, Florida said...

Shaw y'all know it's not nice to pick on stupid people.

Ducky's here said...

They've done a pretty good job getting of the front page.

Big news is the unsubstantiated Obama wiretap story. Kellyanne Conwayhas everyone wrapping their microwaves with black tape.

‘I’m not in the job of having evidence,’ - Kellyanne Conway

What a sideshow.

Shaw Kenawe said...

‘I’m not in the job of having evidence,’ - Kellyanne Conway

Apparently no one in the Trump administration is "in the job of having evidence." They just throw out accusations and lies, hoping enough of it sticks to their victims.

I've never seen such a sorry group of dissemblers and deceivers.