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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Fellow blogger, Sue, over at "Helloooooo.....Mr. President are you listening?" has this up as a post.  It nicely illustrates the difference between Liberals and Conservatives.  John Boehner, still enraged that Mr. Obama and his party won the last election and actually passed legislation that was promised in the campaign, screams "No you can't!" and in doing so, embodies what the minority fringe on the Right represents:  Anger, obstructionism, and a large helping of hate. 

Democratic Congress members have been targed with vandalism and death threats for passing this legislation, for exercising their Constitutional right.  I've often said that certain elements of the Right truly believe only they have the right to govern this country, and that when the opposition party is in power, they dedicate themselves to delegitimizing and demonizing it.  Then they blame Mr. Obama for polarizing the country. 

Listen to Rep. Boehner and decide if it is his party that represents the best of America:

Matthew Yglecias at ThinkProgress has more on the health care bill.  It is wrong for Mr. Boehner and other opponents of the bill to claim that the American people don't want this.  It simply is NOT true.  And these people need to stop repeating that lie.


Anonymous said...

thugs and vandals and crooks. Oh MY!

Arthurstone said...

What a statesman!

Nothing like a glimpse of weepy John Boehner (R-Waaaah) in high dudgeon to make one thankful there are still a few reasonable persons in high office.

Of course unlike Boehner they're Democrats.

tnlib said...

And right up to the end they keep lying! This is a terrific video.