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Friday, March 5, 2010


As part of her "Let's Move!" campaign to get American kids active and to fight childhood obesity, Mrs. Obama took part in a free fitness clinic today in Washington DC. 

I've never seen such an athletically fit FLOTUS in my lifetime.  She is really enjoying herself, and it all looks so effortless.

I'm going off now to do a quick 3-mile fast walk--which is exactly the response most of us should have after seeing these photos.

Go Michelle!



tnlib said...

No doubt the righties will come out with something nasty about her athletic skills.

Shaw Kenawe said...

They already have. Some commenter on Pam's blog claimed that Mrs. Obama was going to redecorate the Green Room in the White House and change it into the "Zulu Room."

And of course there are the usual racists and haters who do nothing but criticize Mrs. Obama, not matter what she does.

Those who do so probably wouldn't be able to keep up with the FLOTUS as she does her exercises.

TAO said...

Just remember, to the folks that will comment about a "Zulu Room" they think Elvis Presley is God...

He put green shag carpeting on the ceilings of his "jungle room' and he thought plastic plants were awesome...

Let them poke all the fun they want...just remember their roots go back to the Kings Jungle Room...

Oso said...

dang she's fine.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love her. How anyone can criticize her is beyond me.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's the comment from Pam's blog [of course, it goes without saying that Pam had nothing to do with this nasty comment]:

Cynthia said...

Now if I may, I'd like to address Ms. Michelle Obama who has recent said that:that her year as first lady has allowed people to finally get to know her after the combat of a bruising campaign turned her into a “caricature” to some voters.
Michelle can do no wrong in the eyes of the "Liberal Fools" media. Just be happy you don't have to wake up and listen to her negativity 24/7. I've been in the White House twice-years ago, once Reagan and Bush 41, and I can't wait to see the "green room" (Jefferson's favorite) transformed into the Zulu Room!

I confronted this "Cynthia" and asked her what exactly she meant by that "Zulu" remark, but, of course, like most cowardly racists, she [or whomever "Cynthia" is] did not reply.

TRUTH 101 said...

Great irony. I redid my basement for the third time. This time I went with an African motif. This was before the "Shawka Zulu" craze which I now take credit for.

Professor Chaos said...

Dang! Is it possible for her to ever not look stunning? The prez is one lucky guy.

Oso said...

I'm going with a White motif in my basement. Scattered LL Bean catalogs across small formica tables, lounge chairs and an entertainment center stocked with "Mad About You" and "Friends" DVD's.

Shaw Kenawe said...



Sue said...

Mrs. Obama IS a beautiful and gracious woman! Aren't we lucky to have this wonderful young family in the White House? To HELL with the haters, they are simply jealous and it's friggin killing them!! YAY!!!

Pamela D. Hart said...

Shaw: I felt that Cynthia’s comment, and 2 others, were a bit irrational and you may all visit my blog to see how I addressed them. Suffice to say that Cynthia wasn’t too happy with my reply as she came back and left 2 other comments, both were deleted as I felt she could’ve used more decorum in addressing her grievances with the Obama’s. Plus she dragged a fellow blogger into the mix which is in direct violation to my blogging policy.

I’m sure there will be some Conservatives out there who will label me a “traitor” and a “kiss ass liberal”, but criticizing the First Lady’s appearance is irrational and totally counterproductive to any political discussion.

Now onto your topic! I commend Mrs. Obama’s efforts in “Let’s Move”. I hope it encourages others to do the same. Exercise is good for the mind and the body and everyone can benefit from it! I can’t see anything wrong in wanting to promote healthy eating habits or exercise. I’m all for educating people. Although once they have that information it’s then up to them to do with it as they see fit [no pun!].

Shaw Kenawe said...

Agreed, Pam. And it's not kissing anyone's anything when you stick to your principles.

What is the point in trashing the First Lady? She's encouraging good habits in young people.

I thought Laura Bush was a gracious and very likable First Lady, and her campaign to encourage kids to read was a postive thing.

There's a reason Les invited you to blog at his place. You are able to get your position understood without calling people names and being angry.

You raise the level of discourse while sticking to your conservative beliefs.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Shaw: I’m definitely not a “butt kisser”! Some of the Righties—and THEY know who THEY are—would do well to keep that in mind. I just throw out their little “pet” names for me every once in awhile for kicks and giggles. Oh a new one is “dingbat”! LOL! Never been called that one before!

There is NO point in trashing any First Lady and that’s why I don’t engage in that type of silly behavior. It serves no purpose and achieves nothing. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t disagree with something a First Lady might do, but there are plenty of people that I might disagree with at some point in time. We can’t all agree, but we can disagree with dignity.

I think that many people trash Mrs. Obama because she’s Barack Obama’s wife and that’s really sad. I will judge her own her own merits, not her husband’s. Just like I judged Laura Bush on her merits, not GW’s. In my opinion, that’s the sensible way. Ah, but therein lies the conundrum, doesn’t it? Very few people, it seems, are sensible.

Thank you again for your kind words about my “blogoship” with Les @ Rational Nation. I am quite humbled and proud---is it possible to feel both at the SAME time? Yes, I do believe it is!

Arthurstone said...

Of course a person could feel both humble and proud joining Les " in the final stages of Marxist indocrination of American society" Carpenter III on his 'Rational Nation' blog.

My responses were amusement leavened by fear at his willful misrepresentation and ignorance of, among others, Democrats, academics, labor unions, OSHA, the media and all the other institutions who scare the bejabbers out of 'Conservatives'.

libhom said...

She should whip her husband into shape and get him to stop governing like a Republican.

Grandma J said... said...

I think Michelle should focus on her husbands smoking, and drinking , and eating junk food before she tries to tell parents what to feed their kids

rockync said...

She is in such great shape and has re-inspired me to get back on my diet and to the gym.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Arthurstone: Rest assured that no one has ever succeeded in “indoctrinating” me and I’m quite sure no one ever will.

One great aspect about RN is that Les hasn’t placed any restrictions or rules on me or what I can post.

We all have opinions and everyone interprets everything differently and I suppose sometimes it’s all in the way we CHOOSE to interpret, consequently, I choose to be optimistic and, of course, respectful.

Grandma J: As a smoker myself I know for a fact that smoking is a very DIFFICULT habit to break. From what I understand, the President has been trying for over a year now. And no one, not even one’s spouse can MAKE you quit. It’s something one must do by one’s self.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I don't know who the real "Le Jimbo" commenter is, but he is NOT the person his name links to, since I visited the site on facebook and it is a site that deals with Asian women. I did send the "Le Jimbo" on facebook a note to tell him that a fraud was using his name and site to post here.

Whomever you really are, "Le Jimbo" you're a phoney and a creep--using someone else's name to spread your lies and slander.

These are the typical commenters who come here and rail against liberals, while they cheat and hide behind someone else's name.

Nevermind Mrs. Obama's or anyone's posterior, we got a really good look into the workings of your very limited brain.

You've embarrassed yourself by exposing to us all how miniscule your intellect is--in addition to your conservative value of cheating and lying.

Thank you for showing us all what some on the right stoop to when they have no facts, no ideas and no intelligence.

You are a deceitful little hack.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Shaw: That's just pitiful. People like this "fraud" [le jimbo] or whomever he/she/it is gives us REAL Conservatives a bad name and it makes me angry because I do my best, like many others, to be honest and it's unfair to those of us, Liberals and Conservatives alike, when trolls/liars/cheats/frauds, defame us good folks!

TRUTH 101 said...

You're darn tootin Pamela! And if joining the deluded, backward thinking, blind right wing fool Les at Rational Nation helps bring civility and a higher level of discourse, then by golly I support you 100%!

You know I'm just kidding, right? Well, Les is all those things of course but I still think he's a good guy who just hasn't read enough of my writings to see the error of his thinking.

Arthurstone said...

Pamela typed:

'Arthurstone: Rest assured that no one has ever succeeded in “indoctrinating” me and I’m quite sure no one ever will.'

The quote regarding indoctrination is Carpenters and refers to America's final 'decline into Marxism'.

Im not worried about you. It's Les who is problematic with the nonsense he spouts.

tnlib said...

Did you mean to leave a link on my blog?

tnlib said...

Entertainment at the WH is mostly on Wed. nights - probably because the Obamas spend time with their children, at least when duty permits. Unlike a certain ditz who is too busy running around the country promoting herself and bringing out the kids only when it's politically expedient.

Not that I give a rat's ass, but Bush had a serious drinking problem and didn't the twins get into a little trouble?

John Adams had beer for breakfast. Martin van Buren was a heavy drinker; Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan were alcoholics.

People are built with what they were born with. To comment on Michelle's physical attributes, or anyone else's, is shallow and cruel, and in this case racist.

She is (((NOT))) telling people/ kids how to eat. She's trying to teach good nutrition. Childhood obesity is a very serious epidemic in this county. You're obviously so ignorant you don't realize what a life-long impact this has on them - diabetes, heart problems, lack of socialization, bad jobs, low self-esteem, unsatisfactory sex/married lives, etc.

I know several registered nutritionist who think this is a great program.

You people are enough to make me vomit - needless to say I'd love to do it in your faces. To constantly criticize the current first family for doing EVERYTHING all the other first families have done previously (that means historically, dumb shits) is the height of ignorance and hypocrisy and demonstrates how racist, under God, you are.

tnlib said...

Eek. I see the link. With my gray background, sometimes it's hard to catch them.

Anonymous said...

I think that when Michelle said, “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country,” She was correct.
What did she have to be "proud" of? Slavery? The Indian Removal Act? The Trail of Tears? The New York Draft Riots? The internment of Japanese-American citizens during WWII? The lynching of the Chinese? Segregation? How about Alabama an South Carolina finally removing prohibitions on interracial marriage from their state 1999 and 2001?
I think that the First lady and President are dam if they do and dam if they don't. They are never going to do anything right in some people eyes. The situation that this country is in didn't get like this in one year. and it won't get fixed in one year. But for all that think they could do a better job want you run for president.

A Friend Without a Blog said...

That first anonymous is racist. Period.

It's the result of being undereducated and envious of anypne who's a minority who is smarter, better looking, and better liked than those who made the racial slur.

That first Anon is aa classic example of an insecure underachiever.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To the sick "Anonymous" who continues to return to post its sewerage:

Racists are not welcome here.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To the coward who hides behind "Anonymous," and whom I will continue to delete:

You're wasting your time coming here and posting your stupid racist comments.

And I don't give a cheney about what you think of me or the Obamas.

A Friend from SoCal said...

shaw, your anonymous pest apparently can't get Mrs. Obama out of his mind. He probably can't get a date as hot as she is.