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Sunday, March 21, 2010


James O'Keefe, the darling of FOX News and the Right. who was recently arrested for breaking into a US Senator's office to tap her phones, has additionally been exposed as a huckster who faked a video of himself dressed as a pimp and a woman dressed as a hooker in order to entrap ACORN workers into giving them advice.

Brad Blog has been on this story for months and has asked the New York Times to admit its error in reporting the story that wrongly accused ACORN.

As in most of these scams, it is James O'Keefe who cheated and lied, and not ACORN, and finally, after much pressure, the New York Times admits its folly in reporting the story without checking the facts.

Your "Liberal" media at work.

How quickly people believed O'Keefe's dishonest video and how quickly ACORN was vilified, when the truth was completely ignored.

O'Keefe is the scammer, and ACORN, though it has problems as any large organization does, did not break any laws.  O'Keefe, however, is facing felony charges for his recent break-in of Senator Landrieu's(D-LA) office.

In the world we live in FOX News and its followers truly do believe up is down, black is white, and any other deception they think they can get away with.

Here's the link for BRADBLOG and the complete story.

"Clark Hoyt says in Sunday column 'editors considering correction'

Also concedes paper 'should have' covered former MA AG's early-December report finding no criminality in 'heavily edited' sting videos 
Even as the New York Times once again misreported the ACORN "Pimp" Hoax on its pages in a report on the community organization's possible declaration of bankruptcy in Saturday's paper, their Public Editor (ombudsman) Clark Hoyt finally admits in his column tonight, for tomorrow's paper, that both he and the paper were "wrong" in their reports about rightwing dirty trickster James O'Keefe's "pimp" costume, adding that "editors say they are considering a correction."

NY Times Public Editor writes:

"Here is what I found: O'Keefe almost certainly did not go into the Acorn offices in the outlandish costume - fur coat, goggle-like sunglasses, walking stick and broad-brimmed hat - in which he appeared at the beginning and end of most of his videos. It is easy to see why The Times and other news organizations got a different impression. At one point, as the videos were being released, O'Keefe wore the get-up on Fox News, and a host said he was "dressed exactly in the same outfit he wore to these Acorn offices." He did not argue.

The Times was wrong on this point, and I have been wrong in defending the paper's phrasing. Editors say they are considering a correction."

As the New York Daily News noted recently, but not the New York Times, quoting a law enforcement official involved in the Brooklyn D.A.'s investigation: "They edited the tape to meet their agenda." The NYTimes should have noted that "agenda" immediately, and taken precautions not to have been hoaxed by it. They didn't.


tnlib said...

The really, really sad thing is that an organization with mostly well-intentioned volunteers has been so maligned because of the antics of O'Keefe and the MSM which has blindly reported his behavior in a positive light, is going bankrupt.

Oso said...

Thanks for keeping up on this. As tnlib stated, ACORN'a a good group.They work towards living wages for the poor as well as protecting the poor from predatory lenders and creditors-all of which are anathema to the Right.

I'd known about the editing of the tapes, but the fact that they lied about the outlandish outfits was a new one on me. I hadn't seen the tapes at all so guess I just didn't think it thru far enough.