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Saturday, March 13, 2010

PFIZER: Too Corrupt to Fail?

Who profits by getting groups of Americans to stick tea bags on their hats and carry signs showing President Obama looking like Hitler?  ANSWER:  The corporatists who get away with criminal acts, that's who.  With the help of the MSM, they keep the people fighting each other while they continue to use their great wealth and power to get away with breaking US  laws.   Who's going to stop them from continuing their felonious behavior if the MSM keeps the focus on people carrying stupid signs calling Mr. Obama a Marxist?  We're all being played like buffoons by the Banksters and Big Pharma, and our reaction?  Draw a Hitler mustache on President Obama's face.

Watch this:


Arthurstone said...

No kidding.

Right-wingers tie themselves up in knots over the 2010 Census form and willingly roll over and allow big business virtually unimpeded access to every single facet of their lives.

And overpay for the the privilege.

Go figure.

This is interesting:

Privacy? Who needs it when there's stuff to buy?


Sorry to find out that this is news to anyone....

I guess it is what is to be expected when you have spent the last 30 years chasing all around the place rooting out liberalism wherever you find it...

You just give up and will end up doing anything for a discount or free shipping! :)

Z Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TRUTH 101 said...

For the most part, Z's diatribe bored me until near the end with the "No trespassing" thing at the shrine of their naughty stuff.

It IS the right and the lazy who are destroying our Country. Z takes the tried and true method of obsfucation as a defense. The right can't defend the two unending occupations or the tax cuts for the wealthy. The deregulation which led to the financial sector meltdown and bailouts. So he attacks Michelle Obama because she wants our kids to get in better shape.

I took some hell from Rational Nation for not being the "Rational liberal" he thought I was.

I'm a rational liberal. There is no doubt about that. There is also no doubt that I'm a pissed off liberal as well due to the total crap spread by the leaders of the republican party and their minions who parrot their crap on blogs.

40 years of bowing at the alter of Reagan and his economic theory has gotten us 13 trillion in debt and a Country so divided that thrid world status is almost assured within two generations. But the right continues to defend and turn what should be issues so harmless and sweet like getting fat kids to lose weight into "horrors of liberalism" instead of fighting to keep our Nation great.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Why did you delete your comment Z-man? Ashamed of it?

I'll answer part of it:

Z-MAN wrote:

"...of late on the blogs saying that nobody's brought up the need to get the government involved, quite the opposite your bullshit meter's arrow is in the red zone. OF COURSE they do even if they haven't said it yet. Already in New York State there's a proposed or about to be proposed bill to add tax to soda the whole idea being to deter people from drinking the evil carbonated beverage.

Where in that highlighted statement is there evidence that any law has been passed? Proposing one is not the same as passing one. BTW, I'd be all in favor of huge taxes on soda sold in school in NY [I have relatives in NY]. Coke and Pepsi have no place in a healthy diet and certainly NOT in school where young kids don't know any better.

Z-MAN wrote: "Yeah but there has to be something ELSE that bothers us about Michelle Obama. Maybe it's this: how important IS this issue of our nation's chubsters anyway?"

Hmmmm. I wonder what the "something ELSE" about Mrs. Obama could be that bothers you people. I wonder, wonder, wonder...

How important is the health of America's children? You're joking, right? That's the generation that's going to be running the country when we die off--and they're sicker with diet related illnesses than previous generations. Childhood diabetes is serious and awful--but you don't think so, so we shouldn't worry our little conservative heads about it?

Z-MAN wrote: "How do you rank it? For me speaking honestly it's nowhere near the top of my list, the husketeers will always be with us and some of them are kind of charming anyway in an Our Gang sort of way,"

You think huge corporations selling sugary crap to our children that contributes to childhood diabetes, tooth decay, and now they're finding heart disease in younger and younger kids charming? What a guy. If adults don't protect the young and weak against these sort of soulless hucksters, who will--not you apparently.

Conservatives: "We're on the side of charming hucksters, and not children!"

Z-MAN wrote: "...but the long and the short of it is she just plain annoys the hell out of us and we don't know why. I know I'M annoyed, she's put me in a bad mood like when you have skid marks in your drawers at work and just want to call it a day and go home."

Yes, comparing your feelings toward the FLOTUS to finding poop marks in your underwear gives us a a really, really good insight into why you find her annoying. Have the honesty, Z-Man to say what you mean and what we see.

The rest of your comment was pretty sick.

You've got some issues, man. Real deep-seated ones. Whew!

Shaw Kenawe said...


Z-Man's comment automatically gets dropped in my email, so I was able to read it and post part of it here.

When I clicked on his link, it brought me to Z-Man's blog where I discovered his entire comment here is his recent blog post!

A lot of conservative commenters of the Helga Group do this. They write an obnoxious post then come to MY blog and paste it into comments that have nothing to do with their blog post subject!

Z-Man at least had the sense to realize we wouldn't want to read about his comparing poop in his underwear with his feelings toward Mrs. Obama.

No matter what this First Family does, even in Mrs. Obama's campaign to get and keep our kids healthy, the fringe conservatives are going to find fault and go postal on her.

If Z-Man had an argument to make at all, he lost all credibility when he used his poop analogy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, how DARE Michelle Obama make obese kids an issue! We love obese kids...

She should have known better because everyone should remember how up in arms us conservatives got when Laura Bush wanted our kids to READ!

How DARE Laura Bush make dumb kids an issue! We love our dumb kids....