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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thanks Obama!

Here's a reality check for those who spend their lives in "Obama Is Doing Nothing About ISIS And Is A Weakling!" land:

"In the wake of this week’s terrorist attack in Brussels, President Obama’s critics raised familiar and predictable complaints. 

Why isn’t the Obama administration going after ISIS? When is the White House going to get tough on terror? We were reminded again this morning, however, that the gap between perceptions and reality is often significant. 

 ISIS’ second in command, Haji Imam, was killed during a raid this month, U.S. defense officials announced Friday. Imam was a finance minister who oversaw all the funding for ISIS’ operations, said Defense Secretary Ash Carter. 

 Imam’s death comes on the heels of a U.S. airstrike in Syria that reportedly killed another top ISIS commander, Omar al-Shishani. 

The combination of the two, NBC News reported, “are major scores for U.S.-led coalition forces in taking out the biggest names on the U.S.’s terror hit list.” --Steve Benen


Dave Miller said...

As ISIS continues to be degraded, I'm guessing all were gonna hear is a lot of crickets from the chattering classes.

I'm surprised at some in the GOP... If and when they ever regain the WH, I'll assume they'll be critical at their Pres when he doesn't return to the WH for every world event.

Dave Miller said...

Actually Shaw...

I am thinking that once we get to Monday and a regular news cycle, we will start hearing how the media is once again in the tank for Obama with their rosy reporting on ISIS. I am sure we will be treated to the same usual skepticism of Sec Def Ash's words, being so much lying government BS, as we are everytime any government metric is released that supports Pres Obama and flies directly in the face of the GOP cave of ideology...

Think Obamacare, unemployment numbers, economic upticks, basically, you name it, and conservatives have resorted to outright derision.

Certainly government has been less that truthful in the past, but never in my lifetime have I seen such a concerted effort to delegitimize the feds as I have the last 8 years. And this is before we even get to SCOTUS...

big is not always better said...

Someone once told me the USA should have evolved in to several smaller individual state entities similar to Europe. Maybe they were right.

Anonymous said...

The Cruz mistress scandal is growing:


Dave Miller said...

Should any of this surprise us? A casual look at some of the extremist conservative blog reveals a group of people that have spent the better part of the last 8 years making racist, misogynist comments about the First Lady, with no GOP leaders calling that out of bounds.

The GOP and conservatives are getting a taste of their own medicine from their candidates for president.

If they donor approve of a campaign like like this, Ted Cruz included, maybe they should have stepped up before and defended the Pres Obamas wife and kids when their fellow politicians attacked.

They are a disgusting lot who are only offended because it is now happening to them.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The extremist Tea Party bloggers are angry, unhappy, vindictive people who cannot reconcile the changes that have occurred in their lifetimes in this country. From mourning the loss of being the majority political ideology to seeing cultural and religious changes, they have been traumatized even further by having a bi-racial president and his family in the White House.

What is the most puzzling is their acceptance of a fraud -- Donald Trump -- as a viable candidate for the presidency. Their anger at the GOP for not delivering them the promises of repealing the ACA, overturning Roe v. Wade, and having to treat LGBT citizens as equals is being fueled by all of these changes and disappointments, so they've decided to support one of the worst candidates in American history to lead this country.

Their narcissism is matched only by Trump's in their determination to destroy everything America stands for as they continue their temper tantrum because they cannot accept reality.

Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

Dave and Shaw,

Go read their blogs and find out how their minds work, theyre saying that Pope Francis is a Communist and the Anti-Christ and President Obama is the Anti-Christ too. Then these hypocrites wish each other a Holy Easter? A comedy writer couldn't make them look more foolsih and crazy than they make themselves. Because Pope Francis call people like them out on their hatred and hypocrisy, they blame him as being Communist? None of them come close to the Christianity of Christ, not a one, and yes, I'm a Christian, I can smell a hypocrite by the words they use to defame a holy man and by the hatred that's written on all of their blogs.