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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This Is What Trump Has Said About Women

Throw his words back in his face:


Dave Miller said...

Shaw... we can post these all day and it will not make a whit of difference to his followers, or apparently, a majority of the GOP.

Go to some of the conservative sites we visit and look at the comments. Moslems, infidels, libturds, satanic angels of death, hellery, and her thighness... when people use these terms, and then complain about the lack of character from liberals, their character is on full display.

Those terms are not the terms educated people use in dialogue. They are terms to denigrate, marginalize and isolate as "other."

The use of terms such as these, speaks volumes as to the character of the users. Even as they long for a return to the values of yesterday, they would've got their mouths washed out with soap and then their hides tanned by their parents for using language like that.

Yessir... character matters. Except to the GOP partisans supporting Trump and his minions.

Infidel753 said...

Charming dude. No wonder he sees Putin as a kindred spirit.

Dave, of course this will not sway the hard-core Trumpolines. Nothing will. They're like rats in thrall to the Pied Piper at this point. But some Republicans (especially women, perhaps) will be repulsed by it. And as for November, the general electorate is very different from the primary electorate.

And this is only the beginning. Trump has said hundreds of ads' worth of offensive crap about practically everyone. By the time Hillary's campaign gets through with him, he'll be lucky to carry a single state.

Anonymous said...

Trump wins bigoted bitch

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, that's a nasty thing to say about Trump's wife.

Ducky's here said...

Well anon, it is looking more and more like a brokered convention.

If La Trump emerges I think that ad will go over big in the general.
What can I say, I just don't think we're ready for a vulgar, bigoted, Fascist misogynist but you might disagree.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, are you as astounded at what the Republican Party has done to itself as I am?

Les Carpenter said...

Rubio showed some class tonight.

Kasich staying above the fray keeping on the high road.

Cruz trying hard to capture Reagan democrats and recreate the Reagan mystique.

Trump, well, I've given up trying to understand how he has managed to bamboozle so many and grow his support to just over 50% among republicans.

Strange indeed.

Ducky's here said...

I think this has been building for some time, Shaw.

The right wing media has kept the bar pretty low.

Now the brokered convention seems inevitable and they'll try to put a human face on the party.
Won't happen.

I wonder if they can put on enough of a fiasco to swing a number of Senate races to the Dems.
That should put the party in complete chaos.

BlueBull said...

I want a two (more even better) party system in our country. I just don't want any of those parties to be the GOP of today. They've more than prove that they are unfit policy-wise and mentally for the job of leading America.

Connie said...

I wonder Shaw, I really do. Every day I hope for the good of all and may it harm none and every day I read about the ugliness that has been spewed the day before.

Perhaps (in looking for a positive light on the here/now) it is important all the ugly is exposed now. I don't want the isms but exposing their corrupting influences to the light of social media is how they are eventually defeated. I base my hypothesis (and hope) on the following axiom - Evil never serves it's own purpose. Said another way Evil sows the seeds of it's own destruction.

Green Eagle gave a very good reason Trump is not Hitler. And in light of The Internet is Forever, Trump can't control the message. He can put out his line of crap but that is easily debunked. Everyone has a camera. Everyone (well most everyone. I'm not) is on Twitter. Back in the day news took days to get from one point to the next. Now it's minutes.

Is there work to be done? Yes. Let's open the eyes of those who hate. Let's find ways to take those who refuse to accept reality and channel their energy into more productive efforts.

Americans can do this. We have to because the data is out on the rising temps. Off the charts I believe was the most conservative statement used. Yeah, when scientists get fussy you know crap is headed your way. I can't prove anything because it's all just a feeling but I believe this summer will change everything.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Connie, I've stopped being surprised by anything the Trumper does and by how much b.s. the base of the TGOP is willing to swallow.