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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday Tango and Educating Rafael Cruz

President Obama dances the tango, the national dance of Argentina, during a state dinner:

 President Obama educates Sen. Cruz on his harebrained idea of patrolling Muslim neighborhoods.


BlueBull said...

I'm going to miss President Obama and his lovely family. He's the best in my longish lifetime. I only wish he hadn't had to deal with an obstructionist relic of a party of fools the entire time he was in office. No telling what great things he could've accomplished with an actual loyal opposition instead of the ignorant scum he had to deal with at each and every step.

the most obnoctious one said...

I'm not gonna miss him and his wive. And are the ignorant scrum he has with him in is administration. Good Ritalin to them all

Shaw Kenawe said...

BlueBull, President Obama's favorability numbers have been rising as Americans see more of the disaster that is Trump.

the most obnoctious one, very funny parody.

I'm surprised you didn't include a rant on Mr. Obama being in Argentina and not going to Belgium. That's what the knuckleheads on the crazy right are braying about -- as though sending the POTUS (and the security that would require) as a last minute trip would do anything for the people of Belgium. But we're not surprised that the blockheads who support Trump would suggest anything as stupid as that.

President Obama did exactly what a POTUS should have done as a response to an attack on an ally.