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Friday, March 18, 2016

"We are the goon squad and we're coming to town beep beep."

Violence and Arrests At Trump Rallies Are Way More Common Than You May Think

‘Lion’s Guard’ Group Forms to Bust Heads for Trump, Then Disbands 

For a few hours, cowardly lion Donald Trump had a "Lion's Guard" to defend his supporters from "“violent far-left agitators.”


Ducky's here said...

Look for them to spice up the Republican convention.

What a fiasco.

Ahab said...

I hope this is just a flash in the pan, and not a lasting development. News of the Lion's Guard makes me nervous.

Rational Nation USA said...

These things sometimes take time to develop. I think this one was the test run. It will depend on the strength of the response to the test run as to when the maiden voyage will be launched.

Anticipate more to come for sure. trump is using his dog whistle and his dogs will respond.

Frank Jakowski said...

Erik Erikson of Red State: "I find Donald Trump to be a man of low moral character and low integrity. Essentially, Donald Trump is gold plated sleaze and I have no use for him at all ever. If that means Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States, Donald Trump’s supporters can carry that burden. Everyone saw it coming except for them."

Republicans eating their own. Couldn't happen to a sleazier party and their delusional followers!

Anonymous said...

News flash one pays any attention to Erik Erikson or Rich Lowry or Jonah Goldberg or Steven Hayes.or Medved for that matter. You have a front seat as the new Republican Party emerges.

BlueBull said...

The American right has devolved into something truly sick and perverted. They refuse to accept verifiable facts, instead relying on internet hoaxes and chain emails touting every absurd bit of nonsense imaginable. They've become so enamored of the manufactured 'scandal' that there's not much left of their actual 'platform.' I look forward to them totally imploding under the weight of Donald Drumpfs massive ego and equally massive negative numbers. When people like Eric Erikson are openly saying that they will never vote for Drumpf, then you know there's a major problem on the right. Expect the inane, insane Drumpf supporters to become even more dangerous and crazy as the election nears and as they see that their messiah will NEVER be POTUS.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @11:37 PM 3/17, please see BlueBull's comment. It pretty much sums up what the "new" Republican Party is -- it's being led by a narcissistic baboon who is loathed by a majority of Americans and certainly world leaders. Good luck with that "new" party as it slides into chaos and irrelevance.

Dave Miller said...

Thanks Soda King for posting Silverfiddles comments as your own. Do you have any original thoughts?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, thanks for the heads-up. Sofa King is gone. If he has something original or intersting to say, he can come back, but I don't like people copying and pasting other people's comments. Too many right wing bloggers do that and a lot of my posts and comments (as well as yours and RN USA's and many of my commenters) are spread all over their blogs under fake names. I haven't time to go hunting these commenters down to find out who they really are.

Thanks again.

BlueBull said...

Shaw Kenawe said...
Too many right wing bloggers do that and a lot of my posts and comments (as well as yours and RN USA's and many of my commenters) are spread all over their blogs under fake names.

That's because they only can spout the drivel that's been fed to them in their right wing bubble. Not an independent thought to be found anywhere on the right, sadly. It's basically repeating the nonsense Limbaugh drones on about interspersed with cries of "Benghazi", "Emails", and the various 'crimes' President Obama has supposedly committed.

Anonymous said...

A question for you lefties.... if you are so certain Donald Trump is indeed the devil and either Hillary or Sanders would bury him in the general election why on earth do you expend so much time and energy demonizing him here preaching to the choir? Couldn't your time be better spent extolling the benefits of Hillary Clinton?

Shaw Kenawe said...

To Anonymous,

I'm not just "preaching to the choir," because many TeaPublican bloggers and their friends come here on a daily basis, read my blog and commenters, then copy, cut, and paste them into rightwing blogs under fake names, so what is written here gets broadcast to right wingers.

Second, we liberals, libertarians and sane conservatives understand that Trump is a proto-fascist and a threat to everything we Americans believe in. It astonishes us that the extremists in the GOP and even once sane Americans see anything of value in him. We don't believe destroying a political party and electing a narcissistic baboon will solve the problems America faces. So I and other bloggers will continue to publish all the unAmerican, unConstitutional, dehumanizing blather, insults, and threats that flow from Trump's disgusting mouth.

But thanks for your concern.

Ray Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymouse!

Opposing the divisive, destructive, racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, un-American “values” of the GOP is easy to do when you haven’t pledged, in the name of St. Reagan, to uphold them. So Hillz and Feel The Bern! are doing fine.