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Trump Sides with the Kremlin, Against the U.S. Government.

(If that isn’t sitting in the lap of Treason, I don’t know what is.)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday is Trump Hump Day

America's Evangelicals, who represent "The Moral Majority" and are the base of the TeaPublican Party, are crazy for this guy.  They fervently think that he'd be a great president and the perfect person to represent everything they believe is good, wholesome, Christian, and all-American to the rest of the world.

This is the man they passionately hope will be what the world thinks of when they think of the United States of America.

Think about that.

 BTW, the Trumper is wrong about the U.S. being the highest taxed country in the world. We're not even in the top ten.  But facts never get in the way of his carnival barking.


Anonymous said...

The evangelicals are not moral, they're willing to abandon their so-called values to anyone they think will give them the White House, and that includes a profane, thrice-married (and adulterer while married to the first wife), huckstering, bloviating liar of the first degree.

Trumps lying makes Hillary look like a Sunday school student. But then we have to remember these are the same "evangelicals" who went for Sarah Palin and her "family values" family and her complete ignorance of everything. The GOP has learned nothing ... that's why they support an obvious con man. They've been falling for cons for decades.

Rational Nation USA said...

The last data I saw stated the USA is 17th in taxation.

All one can say to the Trumpalongs is, <<<<Buyer Beware.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, Trump repeats the lie that we're the highest taxed nation on the planet, and his supporters and the pundits don't push back. The people who scream the loudest about Hillary lying need to ask themselves why they're enraged by her lies and not by Trump's.

That may be explained, of course, by the fact that most of his supporters have no moral grounding. I have read on those right wing blogs that brag about their devotion to their Savior how they hate President Obama, who is a faithful and devoted husband and loving father who, as far as I know, never yelled "motherf**ker during a rally. Yet these dedicated Christian people who are offended by Obama have nothing but admiration for the crude and foul mouthed man who will most likely represent them as their chosen nominee. He IS who they are -- a fraud.

Anonymous said...

The posters here have been predicting the demise of Trump since last summer and all were wrong, not just a little wrong but mind numbing wrong. The folks here are in lockstep with the republican mainstream.....they just don't get it.

Donnie Little Hands said...

Trump extremism has flourished because prior to now prior to Obama, he would never have been accepted the way he is today.

“Extreme actions by a reigning political party requires extreme reactions to counter it.”

It's not the GOP's fault Trump is winning, it's Obama's because he is such an extremist president and a secret Muslim who works for the Muslim Brotherhood and probably wasn't even born in America. He's the reason the people are going fro Trump!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous: "The posters here have been predicting the demise of Trump since last summer and all were wrong, not just a little wrong but mind numbing wrong."

Yes, Anon, you're correct. We were wrong because we couldn't believe that a major political party would entertain a vulgar con man for so long. But we weren't thinking clearly enough to understand how far into the gutter the T-GOP was willing to drag itself in its determination to kill itself. That, Anon, is what's "mind numbing."

Anonymous: "The folks here are in lockstep with the republican mainstream.....they just don't get it."

We get it, Anon. It is people like you who think Mussolini-lite is qualified to be president, a man who changes his positions on major issues as often as he changes his wives and lovers. That's "mind numbing."

The Surfer Dude said...

Why should anyone be surprised that the Cons are for a con man? What else to expect from people who call America The Whore of Babylon. They're all depressed beyond help because America ain't what it used to be, so in their minds its not worth saving. Go ahead and wreck the GOP I say its not worth anything anymore. Why? Trump is the best they got.

E. Rosewater said...

taxes are a moving target and a smart person can produce figures supporting almost anything. the details are usually in some footnote in fine print many pages after the statement and we've become a society that focuses on headlines and 20 second sound bites.

income tax with different rates and deductions; federal and state
city property taxes
payroll taxes
mandatory health insurance
social security payments
sales taxes
gasoline taxes
local improvement taxes
fuel surcharge taxes
carbon tax

it goes on ad infinitum.

BlueBull said...

The man and his followers are seriously deranged. I don't blame Drumpf alone, though. The media is just as, if not more, guilty. Drumpf can't pass gas without every network tripping over themselves to cover it wall to wall. He lies constantly but you almost never hear ANY push back from our so-called 'journalists.' Not a peep.

D.K.J. said...

Shaw, this piece from Salon agrees with yournpost:

"The Evangelical brand is so depleted and tainted at this point that Russell Moore, a prominent leader of the Southern Baptist Convention recently said that he will no longer call himself an “Evangelical Christian,” thanks—he implied—to association between Evangelicals and Trump. Instead he is using the term “Gospel Christian”—at least till the 2016 election is over. While Trump has received endorsements from Evangelical icons including Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Pat Robertson, other Evangelical leaders (e.g. here, here) have joined Moore in lamenting the deep and wide Evangelical attraction to Trump, which they say is antithetical to their values.

But how much, really, is the Trump brand antithetical to the Evangelical brand? Humanist commentator James Croft argues that Trump is what Evangelicalism, in the hands of the Religious Right, has become:

“The religious right in America has always been a political philosophy based on bullying, pandering, projecting strength to hide fear and weakness, and proud, aggressive ignorance. That’s what it’s been about from the beginning. Trump has merely distilled those elements into a decoction so deadly that even some evangelicals are starting to recognize the venom they have injected into American culture.”

Shaw Kenawe said...

Just took a look around the 'net and read some right wing news sites and blogs.

Not to anyone's surprise, the Goopers are enraged that President Obama won't be attending Nancy Reagan's funeral. First Lady Michelle Obama is going.

They're furious only because this is something they can use as more reasons to detest President Obama -- something they never run out of. It is not usual for sitting presidents to NOT attend funerals for former First Ladies. But our friends on the rabid right never let history or protocol get in the way of their hissy fits over anything this president does. Here are the facts from PolitiFact:

"You might think Barack Obama decided to forsake a solemn ceremony for Austin's biggest party per this headline posted Tuesday by the conservative Daily Caller: "Obama To Skip Nancy Reagan’s Funeral, Attend Entertainment Festival Instead."

About eight hours later came the New York Post: "Obama picks SXSW over Nancy Reagan’s funeral."

That story noted Obama would be interviewed Friday at Austin's South by Southwest Interactive on how tech companies can help solve the world’s problems.

Unsaid: Obama committed to the SXSW event days before Reagan died.

The Post story further said the first lady, Michelle Obama, would attend Reagan’s funeral.

Not so unusual

"In recent decades," the story also said, "presidents have not attended the funerals of former first ladies."

With an exception, we found, that was the case through the past couple decades.

Former Presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan attended Patricia Nixon’s June 1993 funeral while the sitting president, Bill Clinton, was represented by Vernon Jordan, the Los Angeles Times reported.

But in May 1994, Clinton delivered a eulogy for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis at her 11-minute ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, the New York Times recapped. Hillary Clinton, the first lady, had earlier attended Onassis’s funeral mass in New York, the newspaper said, which a frail Lady Bird Johnson likewise joined.

UPDATE, 12:05 p.m.: After we posted this story, we came across a Facebook post by Jody Seaborn, who writes for the editorial section of the Austin American-Statesman, in which Seaborn suggested it's rare for a sitting president to attend a former first lady's funeral.

From Seaborn's March 8 post: "Only four times in U.S. history has a current president attended a former first lady’s funeral: Zachary Taylor attended Dolley Madison’s funeral in 1849 (and, really, who wouldn’t have gone to Dolley Madison’s funeral? She remains belle of the first lady ball); Teddy Roosevelt attended Julia Grant’s funeral in 1902 and Ida McKinley’s funeral in 1907; and Bill Clinton attended Jackie Kennedy’s funeral in 1994." Seaborn also noted this website on the history of first ladies:

Dave Miller said...

Dang it Shaw... would you stop bringing facts to the table regarding First Lady Funerals!

What right do you have to throw cold water on frustrated extremists for being critical of Pres Obama for not attending a funeral.

You can bet if he had decided to go, the carpers would be calling it political pandering by a rabidly political leftist president.

Regarding Trump and evangelicals, I am amazed. As a Christian missionary serving in Mexico, I have had to make a decision to basically bite my tongue around many true friends who support him. Understand, they in no way consider him a good example of the Christian faith, rather, in him they see a way to send a message to the political classes that enough is enough. Like others in this country, they are fed up with perceived excesses of the federal government, and see no way to express that anger, apart from someone like Trump.

They want incumbents to get the message. Like Sanders' troops, they want higher wages, and more opportunity. And yes, more than a few, want to live their lives as they please, and if that includes racism, exclusion or other extreme views, so be it.

I guess what I am saying is while I do not condone Trump and his methods, I understand the frustration folks have and why they would support him.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I try to understand why anyone would support Trump. But I don't understand how encouraging a person like Trump is going to help these frustrated people. Trump has painfully demonstrated to this country that he has no clue on how to govern or even how to get along with people. And if the people supporting him thought Obama was not a good at getting along, just look at how Trump behaves when confronted with the slightest criticism! He's vengeful and petty. Those are not qualities one wants in a world leader.

Those who are supporting Trump because they're frustrated with Washington and Wall Street will be cutting off their noses to spite their faces if they vote for him. He demonstrates over and over that he is not fit to govern. And if those people think things are bad now, wait till we see a Trump presidency. We have no reason, after watching the awful spectacle of Trump's candidacy, to believe he would be any better than what these people are raging against. He'll certainly be worse.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... just imagine the debacle of a Trump Presidency on the world stage. I am sure he won't have any use for ambassadors as he's going to handle negotiations with foreign powers himself.

I agree 100% he'd be a disaster, but unless people believe government is on their side, and listening to them, more candidates like Trump, loud and angry, are sure to come.

I wonder if these are the cries of a group of, to use Rumsfeld's term, "dead enders" in the last throes of resistance to the ongoing march of modernization and history.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Shaw,if you and the folks posting here are so sure that either Mrs.Clinton or Mr. Sanders would make mince meat out of Trump in the general election why on earth would you be trying your upmost to derail his nomination? Wouldn't it serve your beliefs better to have Trump nominated?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous wrote:

"Ms.Shaw,if you and the folks posting here are so sure that either Mrs.Clinton or Mr. Sanders would make mince meat out of Trump in the general election why on earth would you be trying your upmost to derail his nomination? Wouldn't it serve your beliefs better to have Trump nominated?"

Nowhere on this blog did I, or anyone that I can remember, post what you claim. While it's likely either Sanders or Clinton would clean Trump's clock, it's not likely that anything I or anyone else writes on this blog will derail Trump's ridiculous campaign. Trump has the highest negatives in the history of tracking negatives in a presidential race -- higher than Hillary's!

I am not trying my utmost to derail Trump, with a 65% negativity rating, he's doing a great job himself.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, the media are giving Trump free publicity but it doesn't seem to be helping his favorability numbers, and TAKE A LOOK AT THIS NBC/WALL STREET JOURNAL RECENT POLL

Jerry Critter said...

"They fervently think that he'd be a great president..."

I am not so sure that they think Trump will be a great president. They are voting for him because he is an anti-republican establishment candidate. They are fed up, pissed off, and stupid.

Les Carpenter said...

Many of Trump's supporters are not stupid Jerry. They are pissed off at Washington and the establishment that has, in their view, help to expand the national debt, done little to control illegal immigration, shipped American jobs offshore, and seen their financial security continuing to be threatened. They are voting for him because it is a vote against business as usual in Washington.

I fully understand their angst. As a fiscal conservative I do not understand their support for a demagogue and nationalist who arguably is a bigot. They certainly are very wise.

Shaw Kenawe said...

L.C.: "They are pissed off at Washington and the establishment that has, in their view, help to expand the national debt, done little to control illegal immigration, shipped American jobs offshore, and seen their financial security continuing to be threatened."

This is nothing new in American politics, and yet the people who are expressing their anger by supporting the Trumper are the same people who vote their politician year after year after year so that he or she has a job in the House or the Senate for life. If these people are angry at how government works, they need to look in the mirror to see why it works that way, and why pols become entrenched in their jobs and beholden to lobbyists and corporations. We have the power of the vote to get rid of the scoundrels, yet they are returned year after year to their jobs.

The Wank Files said...

The Trump Express is leaving the station. Get aboard now, and enjoy the train wreck!

Rational Nation USA said...

Correction to my prior comment... I fully understand their angst. As a fiscal conservative I do not understand their support for a demagogue and nationalist who arguably is a bigot. They certainly are not very wise.

Partisanship is truly alive and well in American politics Shaw, and as you said in your response it always has been. But it has not always been this foolish and destructive to our national interests.

Jerry Critter said...

If they are sompissed off and "wise", they should be voting their representatives and senators out of office. That's where the real problem lies.

Rational Nation USA said...

2010 was supposed to accomplish what the TeaPublicans wanted. Didn't happen. Now their more pissed than ever.

Ducky's here said...

Wild times Chez Trump

Asked why he punched the protester, McGraw told Inside Edition, "Number one, we don’t know if he’s ISIS."
"We don’t know who he is, but we know he’s not acting like an American," McGraw went on. "The next time we see him, we might have to kill him."
No word from La Trump. And it's only at Trump rallies.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"...we know he’s not acting like an American..."

And we know he's acting like one of Mussolini's brown shirts.

"McGraw went on. 'The next time we see him, we might have to kill him" --Drumpf's Thugs

This will be great for the GOP!

Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

BEN CARSON IS APPARENTLY GOING TO ENDORSE TRUMP TOMORROW. Would Ben take a deal? If not, why EVER would this man of quiet dignity, true faith and character EVER endorse DONALD TRUMP?

Because Carson is a pandering goofball who used his presidential run as a grift to make more money. His ideas were weird and disconnected from reality. Yeah, he was dignified, but a dignified crackpot who wandered too far away from the O.R. and into political territory where he was horribly uninformed. It's not surprising that he'd endorse a charlatan. In the political arena hes one himself.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon, I still can't figure out why Dr. Carson chose to make a fool of himself as a presidential candidate when he could have sailed through the rest of his life on his accomplishments as a talented surgeon. Maybe it was just plain egotism and the belief that if he was so gifted in one area, that would mean he could excel in everything. A big mistake because he could have kept his goofiness from the public if he just continued to be a nice retired brain surgeon.

Donnie Little Hands said...

The anti-Trump Hysteria is reaching a high-pitched scream now, with the trite fascism memes and accusation falling like a slimy rain. And that's way worse than the Maxist/Commie/Fascist/Kenyan America-hating America/destroyer Incompetent Community Organizer hysteria that the Goops unto this day fart out of their gaping maws as often as Donald Trumps tells the world how great he is.

Ducky's here said...

Trump rally shut down

Unfortunately, I expect this will strengthen him.

Shaw Kenawe said...

It will strengthen him with people who think it's all American to have your goons beat the crap out of people you disagree with. Trump is the leader of The Goon Squad. What disgusting thug behavior from a guy who wants to represent America.

Trump just whined that his freedom of speech was violated. Another ignoramus who doesn't know what the fist amendment is about.

BlueBull said...

Shaw said -----
Another ignoramus who doesn't know what the fist amendment is about.

That has to be the most perfect typo ever! For Drumpf, Fist amendment is far more important than the first amendment. The guy is a fascist.

Les Carpenter said...

I must say a large organized opposition group attending a campaign rally with the intent to disrupt the rally is an attempt to shutdown speech the organizers disagree with.

That sword cuts both ways.

Trump, the xenophobic demagogue that he is does have a right to express his views. Holding signs and talking to media is great. There is the need for respect. Two wrongs a right does not make.

Of course my view will be shutdown out of hand. But I just toss it out there for consideration.

Jerry Critter said...

He s actually complaining about the exercise OF free speech, the prevention of free speech.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Donald Trump could have tamped down the violence at his rallies. He actually ENCOURAGED violence. AFAIC, he reaped what he sowed. He's nothing more than a glorified thug, as such he doesn't get my respect.

Les Carpenter said...

I am not talking about respect for the person. I am talking about respect for a principle. For free speech, which is the principle, to flourish respect for that principle must be observed by all. Something I don't see happening here.

It is what it is and yes, both sides share responsibility.

Jerry Critter said...

There is a reason why Trump has violence at his rallys and no one else does. That reason is Trump's rhetoric and behavior. He has encouraged the violence. You get what you sow. He is a thug and his followers are a mob.

Rational Nation USA said...

Jerry, echoes of Mussolini's fascism. Salon had an excellent article on this.

There can be dignity in protesting. Holding signs and standing quietly and not responding when attacked. What better way to expose these people?

My point stands.

Jerry Critter said...

I don't think being quiet is a requirement, BUT don't name call, insult, or throw punches. That where free speech ends.

Rational Nation USA said...

Thuggish behavior complements no one. Either right or left.