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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If Trump Keeps This Up...

the only people who'll be voting for him are the regular fanboys and girls of the Daddy blog and their 3 sock puppets:

Donald Trump, The Whiner:

The Media Has Had Enough Of Donald Trump As The First Amendment Strikes Back 

 At his press conference, Trump said, “I have to tell you. The press is so dishonest and so unfair.” Trump whined, “I sent people checks of a lot of money, and we’re going to give you the names right now, which is what you want, and instead of being like thank you very much, Mr. Trump or Trump, did a good job. Everyone’s saying who got it, who got it, and you make me look vert bad I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job, so I will give you the names if that’s what you want. ”

To recap: Trump said he raised $6 million for veterans. He didn't raise $6 million for veterans. He believes pointing this out is dishonest.

.@DanaBashCNN@KateBolduan, and @JohnBerman, visibly exasperated, are doing a great job pushing back on this Trump lunacy right now.

When asked why he is angry about being asked questions about how much he raised for veterans, Trump replied:

 "I think that it’s bothersome because I love the vets," Trump said, noting that he worked hard to raise money for veterans. "I think when the press portrays it differently, the press is being very dishonest, so I don’t like that. I don’t like dishonesty."

Said the man who has THE HIGHEST DISHONESTY RATING of all the candidates running for the presidential nomination -- even Hillary!

Trump lies even about disliking dishonesty!  

Trump is the most disliked and the most dishonest candidate to ever run for the presidency, and he belongs to the Republican Party.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Pm Carpenter:

"Oh, for the rhetorical elegance of Tricky Dick, circa 1952.

In a press conference this morning, Donald Trump delivered his first Checkers speech — the first, be assured, of many to come; but rather than a smooth shellacking of his critics, Trump's was a characteristically vicious, vastly contradictory, and utterly vertiginous public meltdown.

It was hard to watch, impossible to apprehend, and evocative of almost any clinical paranoid except Tricky Dick, whose self-defensive artistry I now miss.

Trump's Checkers conference was an absolute disaster. Its pitiable gist, in Trump's words, was that Trump would get nothing but good press if the press would just stop giving him bad press, which was a galloping and I daresay downright awesome tautology.

Tom Vorenberg said...

How dare you look into my public promises and report on what you find! The job of the press is to make Donald Trump look good, and when the press fails at that, they should be ashamed of themselves!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hi Tom,

Have you seen this?

NEW YORK (AP) — Under pressure to account for money he claimed to raise for veterans, an irritated Donald Trump lambasted the news media Tuesday for pressing the issue and listed charities he said have now received millions of dollars from a fundraiser he held in January.

Phone calls to all 41 of the groups by The Associated Press brought more than two-dozen responses Tuesday. About half reported checks from Trump within the past week, typically dated May 24, the day The Washington Post published a story questioning whether he had distributed all of the money.

If the media hadn't been on top of this, Trump wouldn't have been forced to make good his boast about raising money for the vets. Thanks to the media, the vets got their money.

Rational Nation USA said...

... the press is being very dishonest, so I don’t like that. I don’t like dishonesty."

Right Donald> You're trying to be a comedian eh?

Anonymous said...

The gathering of evidence and powerful innuendo is likely to be a waste of time, because Klintona the Kackling Krook will never be prosecuted for her many foul misdeeds and flagrant exhibitions of poor judgment.

I think those of us on the Right know why. Is there any point in our continuing to tilt at windmills in pursuit of a truth no one in power cares to acknowledge?

I'm very much afraid our hope that the Klinton Korps of Krime and Korruption may yet be held accountable, and thus brought low is destined to be in vain.

Shaw Kenawe said...

@Anonymous 7:55,

How very much like a Clinton hater to pile on her and totally ignore the odious Trump and his Himalayan Mountains of lies.

The pure of heart in the TeaPublican Party were able to ignore THIS, THIS and forgive THIS and pretend their hero, Reagan never exhibited poor judgment. But these same hypocrites can't say enough about Hillary Clinton's emails. If they had criticized the Bush Administration and the Reagan Administration as ferociously as they have criticized the Clintons, they'd have some credibility. But they didn't, so they don't.

Anon is unhappy because Mrs. Clinton will probably not be prosecuted. I'm surprised Anon didn't suggest, as our favorite troll, skudrunner has, that President Obama would obstruct justice and "put in the fix" for her. They do have strange, strange minds -- believing that one of America's most scandal-free presidents, Barack Hussein Obama, would commit a felony to protect Clinton.

And who is surprised? Right now they are supporting one of the least qualified and most repulsive human beings to ever run for the presidency. As I've stated previously, they have no core beliefs and are, IMO, moral cowards who support a loathsome jackass like Trump just for the sake of party loyalty. IMO, they love their political party more than they love America. And THAT is a worse scandal than any politician has ever wallowed in.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... The anon 7:55 post is a direct copy of FreeThinke at the AOW blog... Or it's him masquerading as one of his sock puppets...

Shaw Kenawe said...


"Klintona The Kackling Krook" I should have known just by reading that atrocious alliteration.

Most of the escapees from the Daddy blog and other rabid right wing blogs come here under the guise of "Anonymous."

They are my most loyal readers. Thanks for the heads-up.