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Friday, August 12, 2016

Conservative Legal Scholars Prefer A Liberal Supreme Court To A President Trump

From HuffPost:

 Conservative Legal Scholars Prefer A Liberal Supreme Court To A President Trump 

“The court is important, to be sure — but not nearly that important.”

So with what argument will the diehard conservative Evangelical Trump supporters counter that statement? We've heard on the radical rabid rightwing blogs that even though they dislike Trump, they HAVE to vote for him because, SCOTUS! But conservative legal experts now say that isn't good enough to put the maniac, Trump, in the White House.

Of course, that's rational, but then the diehard conservative Evangelicals are not rational. No rational person supports Trump.

"Some Republicans have argued that conservatives skeptical of Donald Trump should vote for him anyway, if only to prevent Hillary Clinton from nominating liberals to the Supreme Court. But the right’s leading legal scholars reject that idea: the risks of a President Trump would outweigh his influence on the high court. 

 “The only glimmer of hope in the Trump fiasco” is the list of 11 judges the candidate put forward as suitable Supreme Court nominees, said Richard Epstein, a Hoover Institution Fellow and professor at both New York University School of Law and the University of Chicago Law School. But that is based “on the questionable assumption that a man of his mercurial temperament and intellectual ignorance will keep to his word,” he said. 

 Even if a President Trump did honor that promise, “influence on the courts take time, and foreign affairs and domestic crises come up immediately,” Epstein said. And that’s not a risk the highly respected conservative legal scholar thinks is worth taking. “He is wholly unfit to deal with either of these two areas. In all other matters he is deficient,” Epstein added. Trump has a terrible record on constitutional issues."


Rational Nation USA said...

Simply put, Trump would be a disaster in EVERY respect.

Kevin Robbins said...

It's good to see all the RINO's showing their true colors. They shall all be purged following the election. Then the 2020 convention can be held in a phone booth. You kids can google that to find out what a phone booth is.