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Monday, August 8, 2016

Trump's Big Economic Speech: Like What? "Right Here in Detroit?"

AP fact check: How does Donald Trump’s economic plan hold up?

Donnie said it while using a teleprompter!


Jerry Critter said...

I'm waiting to hear his answers to questions about what he said. He probably has no idea what he just said.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry, we know he didn't write any of what he mouthed because he doesn't know economics from "titties." LOL!

Jerry Critter said...

I suspect he knows more about "titties" than he does economics.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From Trump's speech today:

"Write it down: Rich, old, white guy = new history. First woman candidate: candidate of the past.

Even as pundits are telling you just how great it was that Trump was not screaming about immigrants or go to war with a child, note that Trump was able to stay on topic, because much of the day’s topic was’t so much economics as simply ‘How Great is Donald Trump?"

Mr. Know it All said...

I love Trump

Ducky's here said...

Hope you've returned relaxed, Shaw.

I have to hand it to Drumpf and his new tax plan:

Cut the business tax rate.
Elimante the estate tax.
Cut the highest marginal tax rate.
He really is an outsider. I've never heard such a radical plan.
We need to get capital in the hands of the people who can create asset bubbles rather
than invest in growth.

That sure is an outsider plan.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mr. Know it All said...
I love Trump

Of course you do. I'll bet you love the taste of paste too.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, Trump's "economic" policies were taken directly from tired old trickle-down failures from the Reagan/Bush eras. Trump's ideas are as new as last Sunday's newspapers.'

Shaw Kenawe said...


Donald Trump Reveals His Economic Plan for the Really Rich

Anonymous said...

Why dont you libs just stop lying.....Trumps economic plan puts money into the hands of the people who earned it, not into the hands of political hacks to hand out freebies to those with their hands out.

Flying Junior said...

Maybe he needs glasses. You would think just about anybody his age would know that titties has two Ts.

Living just enough for the titty?

Conway Twitty?

Nitty-gritty? Flitty? Ditty? Pity? Shitty? Walter Mitty? Here Kitty-kitty? Clitty? Smitty? Itty-bitty?

Anonymous said...

Hillary is called mentally unstable based on her behavior that has been visible to all or written about by eyewitnesses over the past 25 years. While people always speculate about the health of candidates, the prize for mental health speculation goes wholly to left wing Democrats. My word, even professionals who should have known better - and without a shred of evidence - pronounced darkly on Richard Nixon's mental health when they really 'meant' to say 'I disagree with him.' Which I did, too. We heard it long and hard about Reagan, Bush and now Trump. But never about Carter or Obama and rarely Bill Clinton. Just seems to be a favorite leftie swipe so they don't have to stand up arguments and defend positions rationally.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @733 wrote: "Hillary is called mentally unstable based on her behavior that has been visible to all or written about by eyewitnesses over the past 25 years."

Anonymous, being "called" mentally unstable and actually BEING mentally unstable are two different things: One is a smear (posted here, for example with not a bit of evidence to back it up); the other is a medical diagnosis, which has never been made public vis-a-vis Hillary Clinton.

You are obviously unaware of the fact that a leading conservative pundit, Charles Krauthammer, has diagnosed, in his column, Mr. Obama and claimed HE suffers from some mental malady, so your claim that only Democrats do this is not valid. I've read many, many right wing blogs that call into question Mr. Obama's mental acuity and health.

Essentially you have come here with gossip and a smear and nothing else. If you have access to Hillary's medical records that show she is mentally unstable, please share that evidence with us. Were these so-called eyewitnesses medical professionals or political operatives with an agenda? Do you have proof of any kind to back up your claims? If you don't (and we're absolutely sure you don't) please don't return with more of the same slander.

Thanks. And have a nice day.

NOTE: Anonymous will not return because he/she has NO evidence. Just stupid gossip.

PS. It is a medical fact that Alzheimer's disease, which Mr. Reagan suffered from, is manifest in the victim's brain well before symptoms become evident in daily life. I know this for a fact because relatives of mine have suffered and died from this disease. So yes, Mr. Reagan DID have a mental disease while he was president. NOt gossip, but facts supplied by the Alzheimer's Association and the medical community.

Jerry Critter said...

Not only is anon's comment crap, it looks like a cut and paste of a comment posted "<a href="”>here </a>.

Anonymous said...

Obsma's approval ratings are lower than ever, and Americans throughout the country are fed up with him acting more like royalty than a leader.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @3:21.

Barack Obama's job approval numbers are on a par with what Ronald Reagan's were at the same point in his presidency. Mr. Obama is riding high in approval with the American people.

"CNN last month timidly suggested, “there's some evidence that the public is viewing Obama … more fondly.” The first clue? Obama’s approval rating hit a three-year high of 53 percent, according to Gallup. (He boasts a staggering 66 percent approval rating today among voters 18-29.)

Obama’s strong showing has remained steady since March: Gallup on Monday pegged his approval rating at 52 percent."

You need to stay in the Stench Trench where they welcome anti-Obama trolls who don't know a poll from a pisspot.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's the link to where that Anonymous got that comment that it obviously copied and pasted here.

It appears those radical rabid right wingers are on a "Hillary's mentally ill" kick, and they think that'll stop her from being president because Breitbart says so? LOL! Poor things. They're not very smart if they take their info from that place.

Ms. Pennyworth said...

Actually shaw, I'm the troll who cut and paste that comment about Hillary and placed it here.

Your welcome.

Howard Brazee said...

A different camera showed that he really said "cities". A bad recording was amusing.

A couple of days ago, the Republicans were passing around a recording where it appeared that Clinton was promising to raise taxes on the middle class. Again, it was the recording at fault.

It's easy enough to go after Trump for what he really says.

Shaw Kenawe said...

You're correct, Howard, but sometimes I just need to laugh at Trump instead of recoil from him.