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Monday, August 15, 2016


From CNBC:

"The Wall Street Journal is calling on the Republican Party to give up on Donald Trump if the presidential nominee doesn't "change his act by Labor Day." 

In an editorial published Sunday evening, the Journal said that if Trump's backers can't get him to turn things around, the GOP "will have no choice but to write off the nominee as hopeless and focus on salvaging the Senate and House and other down-ballot races." 

Trump himself needs to "stop blaming everyone else and decide if he wants to behave like someone who wants to be president -- or turn the nomination over to [running mate] Mike Pence," the article argued. The paper's biting criticism comes as Trump has escalated his war on the news media, accusing it of putting "false meaning" into his words and "protecting" his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. 

In particular, he blasted a New York Times article that painted a dire picture of his campaign. Related: Donald Trump says media is out to get him But the Journal editorial singles out Trump as the problem, saying reports about difficulties in his campaign "are appearing now because the polls show that Mr. Trump is on the path to losing a winnable race." 

Without addressing the Journal article specifically, Trump tweeted Sunday night that he has remained true to himself."

Trump has been true to himself since the beginning:

It is only his die-hard supporters who've been willfully blind to what Trump truly is and who are willing to place this country in the hands of a maniac because of their crazed hatred of Hillary Clinton.  They hate Clinton more than they love America.


Dave Miller said...

Shaw... and the hits keep coming. Now even GOP supporters are calling on Trump to produce his tax returns. I know he is hiding behind the audit dodge, but he could release his returns that have already been cleared by the IRS.

Of course to do that, he would have to offer a level of transparency his does not wish to disclose.

As all of these things start to add up, as the WSJ [sure to now be called a RINO rag] notes, the sane folks in the GOP are afraid of losing the whole shebang.

Meanwhile, the loonies on the right, unable to divorce themselves from Hillary Hate to do what is best for America, are in full conspiracy more.

DNC officials murdered by the Clintons, plots to steal elections and more. Here's one of my fav's, setting the stage for President Obama to impose martial law and continue as President.

"The surprise I fear is that she wins the election, Trump goes back to his gilded life, and after a brief period of congrats, Obeyme [President Obama] suddenly releases a blizzard of documents he’s been holding that conclusively prove Hillary knowingly and willingly violated numerous provisions of the State Secrets Act while SecState, thus rendering her ineligible for a security clearance and thereby any high public office.

Since another election before the January inauguration is not practical, in the interests of preserving order, preventing chaos, and ensuring that the business of the nation goes on smoothly without things that go “Thud!” in the night, he declares martial law “For the good of the American people and our way of life.”

Then, of course, it’s just one simple step to Mfalme [President Obama] for life. Most terrifying surprise I can imagine short of Shari’a becoming the law of the land and all churches converted to mosques."

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. And these are the people who malign libs as misguided and off the rails.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Wow! That's some serious paranoia. The martial law threat by Mr. Obama has been the loony right's favorite fear mongering meme, and they've been predicting it since Mr. Obama's first term. I'm surprised that they didn't throw in the FEMA camps.

The people who dream up these conspiracy stories are the same type of personality that led a good many Texans, including the governor of Texas, to believe Mr. Obama was going to invade their state during the Jade Helm military simulation.

I read an interesting study the other day about the brains of people who tend to be far right conservatives: They are driven by fear and anxiety, so therefore they are prone to believe any scary scenario the people who manipulate them puts out there. They don't use critical thinking skills to sort out fact from fiction, so they fall for the scary fiction every time.

Negativity, anxiety and fear: A neuroscientist explains conservatives’ fear-driven political attitudes

It's a horrible way of life, and they should be pitied. The paranoia is programmed into their brains.

Dave Miller said...

Here's another example...

Someone mentioned that olympian Gabby Douglas disrespected America by not putting her hand over her heart for the national anthem after winning her gold medal in Rio.

In response, another person posted a picture of the GOP candidates at a debate for the pledge and they all had their hands on their hearts, except one, Donald Trump.

The response? People said the picture had to have been photoshopped.

It is just impossible for some people to believe, even when presented with evidence, that their worldview and understanding of things, is wrong.

And that seems to include one Donald Trump. He believes he can't lose, so if he does, it must have been because the other side cheated.

Think about that for a moment.

What he and others in the GOP and the extremist blogsphere are alleging is a massive conspiracy. Because for that level of fraud to be present, many GOP Secretary's of State, the people who certify elections across the country, will have to be in the tank for Hillary.

That's almost a bigger group of conspirators than the ones who managed to fake President Obama's US birth.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Sometimes people's minds are elsewhere, even when the National Anthem is being played. It means absolutely nothing more than someone's not paying attention. It certainly doesn't mean anything about one's patriotism -- except to those whose idea of patriotism is wearing cheap made-in-China flag pins in one's lapel and hand gestures while a song is being played.

IMO, a true patriot is one who puts country above a political party. Those sort of actions are signs of true love of country, not forgetting to put one's hand over one's heart.

BTW, there's a photo somewhere on the internet of George W. Bush, during his administration, WALKING ON AN IMAGE OF THE AMERICAN FLAG! Can you imagine what would have been said about President Obama had he done that?

So again, this faux outrage is just another load of extreme right b.s. playing their favorite game of one-upmanship on patriotism.

Here's the photo.

Ducky's here said...

Well he's certainly playing on the fears of his base.

Now it's extreme vetting. Just what that means isn't clear but it's going to be great.
He's also going to deny IIS access to social media. How? Who knows.

Myself, I'm interested in his buddy Manafort's grabbing a bunch of off the books cash from Yanukovych's defunct pro-Russian government. It doesn't seem to matter how much Drumpf is exposed as Putin's puppet.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Is extreme vetting anything like extreme dating?

The GOPers had any number of candidates that would have given Hillary a hard time in this election, and so what did they do? The went for the one candidate that was guaranteed to be a disaster and hand the election to Hillary! It's almost as if the Goopers WANT Hillary to be POTUS. Why else would they have run a horse's ass against her? Cuz really when you think about it, give the American people a chance to choose the first female president in American history or a horse's ass. Easy peasy!

Thanks Obama!

PS. The Mother Ship's crew is on suicide watch. As is the Stink Rink.

Is it wrong that I'm smiling????

Dervish Sanders said...

Well, as a guy, I won't have to wear a burka when Obama becomes president for life. So that's a positive.