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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trump ISIS Speech a Dud -- The Clinton Foundation Rumors Smashed!

Donald Trump's speech on confronting ISIS and other international problems was considered a hot mess by every expert who listened to it: Disjointed, nonsensical, anti-Constitutional, and naive.

Retired Admiral James Stavridis:  "Trump’s ISIS speech: His only strategic communication was hating Muslims."

On another subject:

A number of radical rabid right wing blogs have been spreading a rumor about the Clinton Foundation. One Trump spokesperson tried to do the same thing on CNN the other day, only to be silenced by facts. 

The fact-checking came from Pulitzer Prize winning fact-check organization, PolitiFact, and the other from Both of those sources are not respected by the radical rabid right wingers because the fact-checking doesn't comport with their rumors so, therefore, both organizations are "obviously" Commie organization led by George Soros. 

Remember, those same people who don't believe in fact-checking are the same people who support Donald Trump. 



Dervish Sanders said...

That's strange... I heard the Clinton foundation was a slush fund the Clintons used to personally enrich themselves. It's all documented in the book "Clinton Cash". The graphic novel version is a best seller on Amazon right now. Although, a "novel" is defined as being a "a fictitious prose narrative". Still, the Clintons being fictitiously corrupt isn't NOT corrupt.

Shaw Kenawe said...


They're professional Clinton haters.